‘The Afterparty’ Season 2 Episodes 1 And 2 Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Grace Murder Edgar?


The Afterparty is back with another season of murder, confusion, and comedy. In the first season, we were introduced to Detective Danner and her elaborate interrogation process. Stylistically, The Afterparty is an intriguing watch and memorable for its ‘each character gets their own genre’ idea. The prime suspect, Aniq Adjaye, applied his investigative knowledge acquired from building escape rooms to solving the murder case of the famous pop star, who was also his batchmate, Xavier. Aniq and Danner join forces once again to solve another murder mystery, but this time the case involves his would-be family members. So, what happened to Aniq and Zoe after the high school reunion? And who was murdered this time?

Spoilers Ahead

Are Aniq And Zoe Still Together?

The high school reunion was far from the celebratory goodness that the attendees expected it to be, but for Aniq and Zoe, it somehow turned out to be the perfect stage for their romance to bloom. Aniq pretty much made a fool out of himself at the party, thanks to his many questionable decisions. But at the end of season 1, he proved to be a genuinely good person, and his deductive skills were an added bonus. The morning after the reunion, Aniq finally made a move on Zoe, and the couple have been together since then. Everything had been going great until Zoe introduced Aniq to her family at the event of her sister’s wedding in The Afterparty, season 2, episode 1. Aniq tried his best to impress Zoe’s family, but as usual, he went overboard with it and ruined all his chances to win over her parents. Aniq also had an unexpected competitor in the room—the groom’s business partner. Sebastian was a charming young man who impressed Zoe’s parents at the cost of Aniq. His witty, fun personality, as well as his sense of responsibility, made him an instant favorite. Nothing was working in Aniq’s favor, but to his surprise, the groom and his lizard took a liking for him. A Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur with a booming business, Edgar was a reserved and straightforward man who loved his lizard, Roxanna, more than anything else. He sensed Aniq’s eagerness and knew that he wanted Zoe’s parents’ approval before proposing to her. Edgar was willing to help Aniq, and finally, there was some ray of hope in the otherwise doomed weekend.

Why Was Grace The Prime Suspect?

The last time Aniq saw Edgar was at the afterparty. He was drunk, his hair was scruffy, and his behavior was unusual. Before retiring to bed, Edgar addressed everyone as a demon and left the room ill-tempered. The next morning, Edgar’s body was found on the bed. He was lying on his face with his eyes open. When Grace woke up, she found Edgar’s stiff body and screamed out of disbelief. Since Grace was the one who had spent the entire night with Edgar, she was assumed to be the murderer. Edgar’s mother, Isabel, disliked Grace from the moment she met her and obviously blamed her for Edgar’s death. She decided to call the local sheriff to investigate the case, and that was when Aniq decided to call Detective Danner for help. Danner was no longer a detective; she had left the police force and was on her way to author her first book. While the idea of becoming a celebrity excited her, nothing could replace the satisfaction of solving a murder mystery. So, when she received Aniq’s call, she readily hopped in her car and was on her way to the vineyard.

Solving the murder mystery was, in a way, Aniq’s chance to prove his loyalty to Zoe’s family, and he had no intentions of blaming Grace for the murder. But there were certain things that he had seen that made him wonder what Grace was up to. At the end of episode 1 of The Afterparty season 2, Aniq revealed that he saw Grace and Edgar argue during the photo session; Edgar left Grace in the middle of their first dance together; and on the way to the afterparty, Aniq saw Grace adding drugs to Edgar’s drink. Edgar died of poisoning, and Grace crushing a tablet right before the afterparty raised further suspicion. Aniq did not believe Grace had murdered Edgar, but at the same time, he could not overlook the doubtful instances he had witnessed.

Why Was Grace Questioning Her Decision Before The Wedding?

Grace loved all things romantic and vintage, so it was not surprising to see her imagine her life in the form of a period romantic drama. Grace worked at a vintage store, and she met Edgar when he came to collect a typewriter. There were sparks as soon as their eyes met. She had no idea who Edgar was, but she was immediately attracted to him. Even though they were quite different, Grace admired how Edgar always tried to accommodate her. Their romance was nothing short of a fairy tale, to begin with, and when he proposed to her, it was an immediate yes. But gradually, Edgar’s absence started to affect Grace. He was mostly busy with work, and Hannah kept her company when he was away.

At her bachelorette party, when Zoe heard about how often Edgar was away, she wondered if her sister had found her perfect match. She was worried that Grace was romanticizing her entire relationship simply because she loved the idea of being in love. Zoe’s harsh comments left Grace heartbroken. She wanted the world to believe that she was happy, and perhaps she had convinced herself that she was content, but when Zoe pointed out the flaws, she could not overlook them. Throughout the wedding preparation period, Edgar was away. She finally met him on their wedding weekend. Grace wanted an intimate wedding, but since the guests had already started arriving, Edgar stated that it was not possible. Instead of a grand romantic gesture, Grace was handed a prenuptial agreement to sign. Grace could not believe how unromantic and less dreamy everything was starting to get, but according to Edgar, signing a prenup would help them stay away from financial concerns. Grace wanted her wedding to be a dreamy affair, and a prenup would bring her back to reality, so she decided to sign it on Monday.

Things kept getting worse for Grace; the pre-wedding dinner party was chaotic, and she started to question her decision all the more. On the morning of the wedding, when Grace and Zoe were together, Zoe discussed why she did not believe Edgar was the right man for her sister to marry. Well, the timing was awfully bad, but as a sister, Zoe’s concerns made sense. She wanted to make sure that Grace was making the right decision, especially because she and Edgar were vastly different. She was all the more concerned because Grace shut down her antique store, something that she so dearly loved once. While Grace was adjusting to her life, according to Edgar, he had stopped doing the same for her. Her conversation with Zoe left her wondering if she was making the right decision after all. She loved him, but she realized they needed more than love to make their marriage work.

Did Grace Murder Edgar?

Grace decided to come clean about her doubts during the wedding vows, and even though Edgar’s response did not make her doubts disappear, she felt heard. After the wedding ceremony, she saw how Edgar was making an effort to accommodate her requests, and she became all the more hopeful about their future. During their first dance together as a married couple, Edgar suddenly left. He had a business to take care of, and Grace once again felt neglected. When he returned, he announced that according to the health regulations he followed, it was already bedtime. Grace wanted them to spend the wedding night together, and she convinced him to stay for another drink. When the afterparty was announced, Edgar agreed to stay there for a short while. Grace was carrying his drink to the party, and when he was busy, she crushed Adderall and poured it into his drink. He was prescribed Adderall once, and Grace thought it was worth using on the night of their wedding. Edgar ended up staying longer than he intended to at the party, and he got sloshed. He was in a peculiar mood when he left. As soon as they entered their room, Edgar crashed on the bed. He expressed his love for Roxanna before falling asleep, and Grace was once again left feeling hurt and lonely. She had hoped to spend the night with him, but he did not seem to care as much. She went to sleep in her wedding dress, and when she woke up, she found Edgar lying dead beside her.

By the end of The Afterparty season 2, episode 2, we know that Grace is the only one who had access to Edgar’s drink, and it would have been easy for her to poison him. But according to her story, she had crushed an Adderall, and it can only be verified by Isabel, who had seen the little box of Adderall Grace mentioned and had gulped down the blue pill as well. Though what Grace truly crushed and poured into the drink remains an area of doubt; it also seemed strange that Isabel was suddenly behaving well with Grace at the afterparty. Maybe she had already planned a way to destroy Grace, but then again, is she capable of murdering her son simply because the woman she loved was not to her liking? Sebastian was Edgar’s business partner, and he had his eyes on Edgar’s crypto. So, did Sebastian kill Edgar for money? Grace’s ex-boyfriend, Travis, seems to know something about Edgar, particularly related to his business. Was he a caring ex-lover or an obsessive one who poisoned Edgar out of jealousy? Grace cannot be completely struck off the suspect list. She was not happy with Edgar; her dreamy romance had come to an end, giving her the perfect motive to act out. Grace did not sign the prenup, she had the time and access to carry out a murder, but she must have also known the risk of being an obvious suspect. Also, she could have lied about her relationship being perfect, but since she chose to be honest about her conflicts, it is possible that she does not have anything to hide. The Afterparty season 2 feels repetitive and unnecessary, but we hope the mystery angle is not disappointing.

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