‘The Afterparty’ Season 2 Episode 7 Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Ulysses Poison Edgar?


After a slight detour in episode 6, Danner and Aniq agreed on interviewing Zoe and Grace’s “funcle” (fun uncle) in episode 7 of The Afterparty Season 2. But what made them suspicious of Ulysses? In episode 5, Sebastian mentioned that the wanderer was busy fidgeting with a glass in hand. Danner and Aniq doubted if Ulysses was the one who added the poison to Edgar’s drink, but then again, they had yet to figure out his motive. Zoe was not happy with the direction in which Danner and Aniq’s investigation was going. She had asked Aniq to solve the case in the hopes of taking the blame away from her sister, but she was not getting any assurance from Aniq and the ex-police detective. Zoe warned her parents not to participate in the investigation, but as soon as they readily agreed to it and added that they had no intentions of participating in the first place, Zoe could not help but wonder if her family was hiding any secrets.

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Why Did Ulysses Become A Wanderer?

After surviving a land mine explosion in Kuwait while traveling in a US convoy as a member of the USO, Ulysses returned to San Francisco. The tour was canceled, and adapting to civilian life had become a struggle. During the worst phase of his life, Ulysses found comfort in his half-brother, Feng. Feng wanted Ulysses to win back his confidence, and he proposed that he compete in a ballroom dance competition. He believed it would give Ulysses a purpose, and he would once again feel the joy of dancing. Vivian agreed to be Ulysses’ partner for the competition. She was a professional dancer, and she, too, looked forward to getting on the dance floor once again. Ulysses was surprised by how talented Vivian was. She helped him find the spark that was missing from his life after the incident. They eventually competed in several competitions and won numerous awards. It was before the regional competition in Tampa that Ulysses and Vivian expressed their feelings for each other. Their circumstances made it extremely difficult for them to be together, but Ulysses could not imagine his life without Vivian. Every time they were at home with Feng, Ulysses suffered from immense guilt. Feng had helped him get his life back, and to think how disappointed and cheated he would be upon finding out the truth killed Ulysses.

One night, Vivian decided to end her relationship with Ulysses. Being with two men who were related to one another had gotten to her. It was not easy for Ulysses to get over the passionate affair he and Vivian shared, but gradually he started to enjoy his role as the uncle to Vivian’s elder daughter, Zoe. Ulysses lived with Vivian and Feng for six years after their breakup, and even after all these years, his love for Vivian did not die. One day, Vivian joined Ulysses and the girls while they were dancing in the living room. The spark between Vivian and Ulysses was ignited once again as they held each other, but they were soon interrupted by the kids. That day, Ulysses realized he was chasing something he would never be able to hold onto. He decided it was time to leave, and after sharing a tender moment with Vivian, Ulysses walked out of the room. He realized Feng had overheard the entire conversation, and he was disgusted. He warned Ulysses to never return to their lives. Ulysses traveled all around the world, but no matter where he went, he always thought about Vivian. It was after reaching Patagonia that he finally felt settled. He established a connection with the locals, and his knowledge of herbal medicine helped him be of use to the villagers. His peaceful life was interrupted one morning when he was informed about a helicopter that had landed on a nearby land stretch.

Is Ulysses Responsible For Poisoning Edgar? Who Is The Next Suspect?

Edgar heard stories about Grace’s uncle, and he wanted to surprise Grace by inviting Ulysses to their wedding. Edgar figured out that Ulysses and Vivian were once together, and he also came to the conclusion that Grace was Ulysses’ daughter. The timeline matched, and Edgar did not wish for Ulysses to miss his own daughter’s wedding. While Ulysses was determined never to cross paths with Feng and Vivian again, the thought of Grace being his daughter changed his mind. Aniq jumped out of his seat after the shocking revelation, and the fact that Zoe and Grace were completely unaware of it made Aniq feel all the more guilty.

Ulysses was a little disheartened when Vivian confirmed that Grace was not his daughter. She apparently conducted a paternity test to clear up all the confusion. When Edgar left abruptly during the wedding dance, Ulysses stepped in to help Grace overcome her awkwardness. While dancing with her, he realized that Grace was a terrific dancer. Even though they had never practiced before, they were completely in sync. He starts to doubt Vivian, and at the end of episode 7 of The Afterparty Season 2, Ulysses decides to conduct a paternity test. But to do the test, he needed to get a hold of the glass Grace was drinking from. He could not get hold of her glass during dinner, and that was the reason why he announced the afterparty.

At the party, Ulysses offered to fill Grace’s glass with another drink, and in the meantime, he swabbed it. When he realized that Sebastian had seen him fidgeting with the glass, he somehow managed to shift the topic. As proof, he showed Danner and Aniq the swab he was carrying. He did not wish to break Feng’s family apart, but it was a truth that he believed he deserved to know. While Ulysses’ story seemed genuine, Danner and Aniq now had their doubts about Feng.

At the afterparty, when Feng and Ulysses shared a drink, Ulysses remembered that his half-brother was visibly tense. He had a shaved ice dessert, Bingsu, in his hand that was meant for Edgar to consume, but why was he worried about it? Feng could have added the poison in the desert, but what could have motivated him to do so? Was he so afraid of Grace finding out the truth about her mother and her uncle that Feng decided to deal with Edgar once and for all? While Aniq was worried about Zoe finding out that their next suspect was her father, Zoe stormed into the room and announced that she had contacted the wedding videographer. She believed that once they had the videos, the truth would surface. Aniq could already sense the catastrophe that would be unleashed if the videographer captured secrets that, up until now, only Danner and Aniq knew. The Afterparty episode 8, will surely be a messy affair!

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