‘The Girl In The Mirror’ Ending, Explained – Did The Shadows Summon Therion? What Happened To Alma?


From the reincarnation of a mythical demon to love triangles and betrayals, the Netflix Spanish thriller “The Girl in the Mirror” or “Alma,” is filled with thrilling twists and turns. There are so many events happening all at once that it will probably leave your mind completely twisted, and hence we will try our best to connect the missing dots to explain all the important events, creatures, and the ending of Season 1. The first installment of “The Girl in the Mirror” ends on a cliffhanger, thereby suggesting a season 2, and hence we will also try to speculate on what we can expect in the next season. So without any further ado, let’s dive deep into the world created by Sergio G. Sanchez.

Spoilers Ahead

What Is The Series About?

As a part of their final graduation trip, a group of students visits the mountains in Asturias, Spain, before finally parting their ways and moving ahead in life. They spend a night at a lodge called Nuberu, where the narrative introduces the major characters of the series. A young girl named Alma has recently lost her identical sister, Lara, who died of a brain tumor. Alma has a best friend, Deva, who is secretly in love with her, but Alma also likes a fellow classmate named Tomas “Tom,” who used to date Deva. Other than this complex love triangle, there are two more prominent characters present. One is Bruno, who runs the Nuberu lodge and lives there with his younger brother, Alex, and his grandfather, Efren, who has Alzheimer’s. A student, Martin Monteagudo, is infatuated with Bruno, and the romantic tension between them is quite evident.

The next morning, the students leave the lodge, probably to return back to their homes, when suddenly a thick mist/fog covers the mountain roads, turning the visibility to zero. The bus driver, Carlos, steps out of the vehicle to check the roads when suddenly he spots mysterious red and black shadows. Out of fear, Carlos returns to the bus and tries to drive slowly when the shadow creatures run in front of the bus, and Carlos loses control of the vehicle. The bus falls down from the cliff, and many of the students lose their lives in the accident. However, those who survived are scarred forever. Some of them acquire physical injuries, while some are hit with life-long mental trauma. But that’s not the end of it. The survivors are also haunted by supernatural beings and fail to understand their eerie presence.

Alma survived the accident but suffered many physical injuries, including a broken ankle, two ribs, a vertebra, and a nasal septum. A contusion also leads to vertical diplopia in her vision, which is why she has to wear an eye patch for clear visibility. And above all, the accident has triggered her amnesia, because of which she doesn’t remember anything about her past life. Along with a few others, Tom, too, survives the accident but has lost a part of his leg, because of which he will never be able to swim again. Before the accident, Tom used to be a professional athlete and was hoping for a sports scholarship at a prestigious college in the US, but after the injury, all his future plans came to a halt.

After spending months in the hospital, Alma’s parents, Pilar and Roman, bring her home so that she can regain her lost memory and speed her recovery. While trying to remember who she is, Alma’s soul feels like an alien inside her body. She feels that the memories she is getting back don’t belong to her. Alma is curious about herself, and her pursuit leads her deeper into the past. On the other hand, Bruno finds out that the rescue team hasn’t recovered Martin’s body and, hence, he surmises that he has fallen down in one of those caves in the mountains. Bruno and Martin’s sister, Diana, conduct a secret rescue operation to bring back Martin.

The series further follows Alma’s exploration of the answers where, through her journey, the viewers get to know more about Alma’s sister, Lara, and her obsession with mythical legends. Lara didn’t want to die so young, and so she had found out about the White Sisterhood and their magical “hexaspeculum” that could change a person’s destiny. Diana, on the other hand, tells Bruno that her family has been collecting rare artifacts from archeological sites for hundreds of years. The most prized possession of her family is a book that prophesied the reincarnation of a demon called Therion. Alma’s curiosity to find out about her past life and Diana’s pursuit to find out more about the legend of Therion are the two most prominent conflicts which are explored further in “The Girl in the Mirror” Season 1.

Who was Therion? How Was He Incarnated?

Bruno’s grandfather, Efren, was the only narrator through whom the legend of Therion and his five spirits, or servants, was revealed to the viewers. According to him, some places in the world act as gateways to another realm from which the creatures of those realms wait patiently for an opportunity to walk into the human world. The mountains of the Asturias, where Efren lived with his grandchildren, were a hiding place for a demon named Therion and his five shadows, who had been living there since prehistoric times. Therion was a demon from the depths of the earth who had the power to control nature and its creatures. He could only be summoned by gathering the five carvings that represent the attributes of his different spirit animals, which were the cunning of the wolf, the wisdom of the bear, the freedom of the eagle, the strength of the lion, and the snake’s ability to shed its own skin. Based on these details, it could be thought that Therion was a reference to the “Beast from the Sea” or the “False Prophet” from the Bible’s “Book of Revelation.”

Summoning Therion was a complex and risky ritual. To come to the human world, Therion required a vessel. However, before he could possess a human body, that particular vessel had to be brought to the verge of death so that its own spirit or ghost could leave the body and Therion could take its place. After a body was sacrificed to Therion, it was his decision whether to invade that person’s body and save them or turn them into one of his servants forever. These five shadows or the servants of Therion had been hunting for vessels in order to summon their master in a human form, which means that he had died and been reborn several times throughout the centuries. Therion was immortal, but these vessels weren’t. He always needed young, healthy human bodies so that he could use their life forces to control nature and its creatures. If his servants failed to find a suitable vessel for him, then Therion’s spirit would return to the depths of the earth, i.e., to the red chamber. In the meantime, his servants would hunt for another vessel for their master.

Was The Bus Accident Pre-Planned?

Martin’s sister, Diana, mentioned a book in her grandfather’s rare artifact collection that prophesied a series of violent deaths throughout history. Through this book, Diana discovered Martin’s accident, which was an inevitable tragedy, and she knew that after the crash, Martin would fall down into the red stone caves, which was the resting place of Therion. At first, she probably didn’t believe in these tragedies, but the bus accident compelled her to believe in the impossible. Thus, it was explained that Therion’s servants would cause a tragedy in order to possess new bodies with the help of which they could reunite and carry out the ritual to bring their master to the human world. As soon as the bus hit the ground, the shadows ran towards the bodies (swinging between life and death) so that they could invade them. They successfully possessed Rogue and Laura, who later helped other shadows in capturing the bodies of Bruno, Nico, and Rogue’s sister, thus completing the reunion as prophesied.

Who Was The Scribe, Or Nico?

While narrating his stories, Efren once mentioned the existence of anomalies or seers that, throughout history, had taken advantage of the planned entrance of Therion’s servants in order to swap bodies and become immortal. In a flashback sequence, we saw one such rogue anomaly named the Scribe, who had the Roman numeral three inscribed on his arm. The anomaly had swapped three times before now. Every time the servants of Therion would cause a tragedy like the bus accident, the anomaly would take advantage of the situation in order to replace his/her own body. At the present time, Nico was his/her eighth vessel who had been running away from Therion’s servants as they required the anomaly to finish the reincarnation ritual. Along with Nico, there was one more anomaly whose purpose was revealed at the end of “The Girl in the Mirror” Season 1 and is probably going to play an important role in Season 2. The protagonist, Alma, was an anomaly too, and she would probably open the door for Therion in the upcoming season.

What Was The White Sisterhood? What Was The Purpose Of “Hexaspeculum”?

If Therion and his servants were the dark spirits of the series, then the White Sisterhood was the opposing force that was trying to stop his incarnation. The White Sisterhood was a sect of young seers or anomalies, managed by their teacher, Enora. They had a rare “Hexaspeculum,” an esoteric navigational instrument made up of six mirrors. It was believed that “Hexaspeculum” had magical properties which would reveal to the seers the tragedies that were going to be caused by Therion’s servants. The “Hexaspeculum” would also give the seer the power to transfer their spirit or ghost into another body, allowing them to achieve immortality or fulfill their destiny. In a flashback scene, a young seer or an anomaly called Aurora visits Enora’s castle, following her voice in her sub-consciousness. She entered the “Hexaspeculum,” where the mirrors revealed to her two identical sisters, Lara and Alma, with a symbol on their wrists.

Through the “Hexaspeculum,” Aurora discovered her destiny, which was to guide and protect Lara and Alma in the future. These two identical sisters with a symbol on their wrists were going to play an important role in the coming of Therion, and hence they had to be found before his servants could possess their bodies. With the help of the magical mirror, Aurora got the power to swap bodies, which was the reason why she had survived for so many years. Later, she met Lara and Alma in the present time and revealed to them the powers of the “Hexaspeculum.”

When Lara met Aurora, Lara already knew about her brain tumor, but she didn’t want to die so young, and hence she decided to change her destiny through “Hexaspeculum.” She requested Aurora to tell her its whereabouts and later planned a trip with Deva, Alma, and Tomas to the ruins. Lara had found the magical mirror and even used it, but she was devastated by the vision she saw inside it. She later changed her decision to swap bodies. However, her spirit roamed around as she was remembered by her family and friends. According to Aurora, the spirit or ghost of a human being would exist on the face of the earth only if he or she is remembered by the ones they have left behind, which is probably why Lara placed so much emphasis on memories. Nevertheless, it wasn’t just Lara who entered the “Hexaspeculum,” but Deva and Alma visited it too, as seen by young Aurora inside the chamber in the past.

Why Did Deva Steal Alma’s Body? Who Was The Ghost?

The prophecy was about the identical sisters, Lara and Alma, who would become instrumental in Therion’s return. However, when Aurora saw the third one in her vision, she knew something worse was going to happen in the future, which brings us to the hurdles created by Deva. Deva was in love with Alma but was dating Tom because he seemed like a nice guy to her. However, Tom was secretly in love with Alma, and Alma, too, had feelings for him but never confessed it because she didn’t want to break Deva’s heart. During the trip that Lara had planned, Deva saw Tom and Alma kissing each other on the beach. At this point, Deva was completely heartbroken, yet she didn’t confront Alma because she didn’t want to lose her best friend. Later, it was revealed that it was Deva who gave Lara an extra dose of morphine so that she could die peacefully without any pain. After Lara died, both Deva and Alma were devastated. While they were in Nuberu, Alma, who was having trouble dealing with her feelings, decided to tell Tom how she felt and kissed him in front of Deva, which made Deva even more upset. 

On that night, Deva decided to enter the “Hexaspeculum” to change her destiny as she wasn’t completely happy with the life she was living. A point to add: Deva was molested by her mother’s boyfriend, Ricardo. When Deva told her mother, Lucia, about it, Lucia accused her of manipulating her in order to get her attention. Soon after her visit to the “Hexaspeculum,” Deva had attained the power to swap bodies, and after the tragic bus accident, her spirit left her body. At the same time, Alma was struggling between life and death, and her spirit left her body momentarily. While Therion’s servants were looking for bodies to take over, Lara’s spirit showed up and asked Deva not to give in to her own greed. It could be speculated that at one point, Lara was greedy to swap bodies with a healthy person, but she understood that time is not the measure of one’s life, and she wanted to preach the same to Deva. If she had listened, it would have saved a lot of twists and turns, but she didn’t.

At the accident spot, Deva’s spirit invaded Alma’s body to steal her life/identity, while Alma’s spirit was left to wander the landscape of her memories and the world of the people close to her. In the landscape of memories, Alma’s spirit found a portal through which she was able to travel to the past, present, and future. According to Aurora, time doesn’t exist in this realm, and thus it was explained to the viewers that the ghost Lara saw throughout her life was no one else but her own sister, Alma, who was stuck in the landscape of memories. Even the ghost that Deva in Alma’s body saw in the hospital (and many times more) belonged to Alma, who was trying to scare Deva so that she would return Alma’s body back to her. Ironically, Alma’s body had lost all its memories, which was why Deva’s spirit in Alma’s body failed to understand those warnings. She believed that it was Lara’s ghost (as the sisters looked identical) who was trying to communicate with her, but it was Alma all along. So in “The Girl in the Mirror,” Season 1, three people used the “Hexaspeculum” and attained the possibility to swap bodies, which created a ton of misunderstandings and twisted plot lines.

How Did Alma Get Her Body Back?

Aurora told Tom that the spirit inside Alma’s body belonged to Deva, and in order to bring the real Alma back, he had to kill Alma temporarily so that Alma’s spirit could return to her body. However, Tom couldn’t gather enough strength to poison her and parted ways with Deva in Alma’s body. Later, another anomaly, Nico, met Deva in Alma’s body and gave her the opportunity to flee with her. Nico wanted to run away because the servants of Therion needed her and Alma’s bodies to finish the incarnation ritual. But before running away, Deva wanted to finish one last task, which was to expose Ricardo. In Alma’s body, Deva found her phone near the “Hexaspeculum,” and inside the cell phone, she had a video in which Ricardo tried to molest her. Deva sent the video to her mother, Lucia, and asked her to leave Ricardo. As soon as Lucia saw the video, she grabbed a pair of scissors and attacked Ricardo under the roof. However, it could be surmised that Ricardo overpowered Lucia and killed her or severely wounded her, as her fate wasn’t revealed until the end.

Afraid that his crimes would become public, Ricardo came to Alma’s house in order to stop her from spreading the video. He tried to attack her and eventually suffocated her, which pushed Deva’s spirit out of Alma’s body. Alma’s spirit appeared and pushed Ricardo before he could completely kill Alma. Finally, to take her revenge, Deva’s spirit pushed Ricardo out of the tree house, which probably killed him. At this point, Alma’s spirit had lost all its energy as she had made contact with a living being and was about to disappear when Deva had a change of heart. She told Alma that she always wanted to protect her and was in love with her. Lara’s spirit appeared too, and the two helped Alma’s spirit get back into her body. Even though Alma’s spirit finally returned to her body, the fate of Deva and Lara’s spirits wasn’t revealed at the end of “The Girl in the Mirror” Season 1, but it could be speculated that the two would disappear after breaking the rules of the spirit world, i.e., making contact with a living human being.

Did The Shadows Summon Therion?

To fully summon Therion, his servants had to incarnate first, and for that, they needed human vessels, which was their hunt from the beginning of the series. After the bus accident, the two servants of Therion invaded Rogue and Laura’s bodies while the other three hunted for other vessels. One of the shadows tried to possess Martin’s body, but it was very much alive, which was why the shadow failed to invade Martin’s body. However, while stuck inside the red stone caves, Martin was struggling between life and death. He had a strong will that protected him from the evil spirits and was fortunately saved by Bruno and Diana. On the other hand, Rogue and Laura were taken to the hospital and put on a ventilator, which is why their spirits were still inside their bodies, and hence Therion’s servant failed to seize control of the vessel. When Rogue’s family decided to turn off the ventilator to give their son a peaceful death, Rogue’s spirit was expelled from his body, and Therion’s servant quickly took control of Rogue’s body.

As soon as one of the servants was incarnated, he decided to help his fellow brothers. Rogue successfully expelled Carlos’s spirit from his body, which was immediately possessed by the shadow. However, Carlos was soon killed by a hired assassin named Felix, who worked for Martin’s father. Later, Felix tried to kill Rogue, but Rogue’s sister attacked him from behind and killed him. To speed up the incarnation ritual, Rogue went to the hospital and expelled Laura’s spirit from her body to turn her into a monster like him. The other two servants of Therion attacked Bruno’s family in the mountains. One of them successfully captured Efren’s body, which was on the verge of dying due to his old age. The evil spirit in Efren’s body attacked Bruno in order to incarnate into a youthful body. The shadow had invaded Bruno’s body, but the fact was revealed at the end of “The Girl in the Mirror” Season 1.

In the meantime, Rogue and his sister attacked Nico, the anomaly, and one of the shadows captured its body too. As soon as all the shadows possessed human bodies, they gathered at Nuberu, where they surrounded Therion’s vessel. The closing shot of “The Girl in the Mirror” Season 1 had the scene designed exactly like the vision of the priest. In the past, the priest had told the Scribe that some 220 years later, three males and two females would surround the next vessel of Therion on the sixth full moon night of 2021. According to the book of prophecies, Martin Monteagudo was the next vessel of Therion, which is why the Monteagudo family played such an important role in building the events. The priest also saw a sixth person in his vision who had a symbol like the one on Alma’s wrist, and according to him, the person with the symbol would be their leader who would open the door for Therion’s arrival.

Until now, everything had happened in accordance with the prophecies mentioned in the book. The book had also informed Diana that a member of the vessel’s own family would send the chosen one to be captured by the shadows. She suspected that it was her father who was trying to sacrifice Martin to the demon, but ironically, it was Diana who gave the keys to the car to Martin so that he could express his feelings to Bruno, unaware of the fact that Bruno’s body had already been captured by the evil spirits. The shadows had already stolen the carvings from Diana’s father’s house earlier, so the spirits had everything they needed for the incarnation ritual except for one thing: Alma.

What to Expect From Season 2?

After Alma gets her body back, she visits Aurora’s library, feeling a bit lost and distant. Aurora tells her that her journey has just begun and gives her a flower of water pendant, thereby declaring her as her heir who will protect the world from the coming of Therion. According to the book of prophecies, Alma, an anomaly that bears the symbol, will open the door for the final coming of Therion, and thus, Alma is certainly going to play an integral part in “The Girl in the Mirror” Season 2.

Additionally, the shadows may have gathered all the items required for the ritual, but there is still a long and complex process ahead of them. They have to take Martin to the red chamber, where they will prepare his body to be sacrificed so that Therion’s spirit can take over the vessel. However, to bring Therion’s spirit to the human world, they need Alma, which is going to be a difficult task for them. Season 2 will be about how the shadows conspire to kidnap and possess Alma. On the other hand, Alma, with the help of Aurora and other seers, will form an alliance to fight against the evil forces. So, will the events unfold as predicted in the book, or is there another possible outcome? During her walk on the landscape of memories, Alma meets Rogue’s spirit, who tells Alma that he has seen many possible futures. In the future that he has witnessed, it is Alma who brings Rogue’s spirit back to his body. Rogue can probably have that future only if Alma successfully combats the evil and stops the coming of Therion, but if not, then it will probably be the end of these five bodies captured by the shadows along with a million other creatures who will be controlled by Therion. Season 2 will tell us better.

“The Girl in the Mirror” is a 2022 Drama Supernatural series created by Sergio G. Sanchez.

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