‘The Surrogacy’ Ending, Explained: What Happens To Nora? Does Luciano Inherit The Huizar Empire?


We believe that the ending of The Surrogacy was very karmic in nature. Everyone who had come together to harm Yeni, Julia, and Carlos suffered due to their very actions coming back full circle. We do wish that the episodes with the payoff had been more, as in that the structuring of the series had focused more on how everything came together rather than how everything fell apart. The Surrogacy dedicated close to 14-15 episodes to the mess created by Nora and Arturo and then a slow process of revelations and confrontations, only for all of it to be resolved in a single stroke in the final two episodes. While it did feel satisfying, we believe some of the drama should have been reserved for the end. After all, Nora and Arturo had inflicted great suffering on countless people. They did not deserve such an easy exit. But on the other hand, maybe the point was to see Yeni and the others leading a happy life, which is what she struggled for so long and which was also her deceased father’s dream. Here is how it unfolds through the recap.

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What Was Nora’s Plan?

Since Nora had met Luciano, she couldn’t stop thinking about how he possessed the traits of Huizars, something she had desperately wanted to see in the future heir of her company. But that was just a temporary feeling since she still saw him as the imperfect child with the clubfoot. However, when she came to know that Tessa was the daughter of Yeni and Carlos, her racist side reared its ugly head. She probably thought that an “abnormal” child would be better than an indigenous one, and she started making plans to push out Tessa and bring Luciano into the family. She knew that Luciano loved Yeni and knew the truth about what had happened to him—at least, some part of it. That is why she knew it wouldn’t be as simple as just asking him to come back and hand him the reins of the Huizar empire. Additionally, she had been grooming Tessa for that very role for years. There was no telling what she would do if pushed out so immediately. There was the danger of her going to the press as well. Therefore, Nora had to act with caution. She decided to have Yeni and Tessa killed and then make it look like they had fled, leaving behind Luciano, who would then be taken in by the Huizar family. 

When Tessa goes to meet Yeni at the park, Nora finds it an appropriate chance to execute her plan. Arturo is in on it, and their job is to kill the two. But things go haywire when Nico, Arturo’s son, is caught in the crossfire and dies by gunshot. A devastated Arturo commits suicide in jail, unable to deal with the loss and the guilt that this is the result of his own actions. Fernanda has lost her whole family, and this is especially tragic because she was trying to right her wrongs. However, her case is one of the reasons we called the justice of The Surrogacy karmic. She had induced her own abortion when she was carrying the child of Julia and Carlos, and in fact, she was the one who had persuaded Julia to take the pills, knowing the harm they could cause. Her actions had taken and destroyed lives. As for Arturo, he was the one to force her hand in all of this, and he ended up losing the person who was most precious to him. Nico’s death was a tragedy. He was a young boy who wanted to be a good person, but the actions of his parents caught up with him.

When Nora comes to know this, in her typical style, she starts assessing the next step for her company. Her callous attitude makes Tessa realize that she cannot idolize her anymore. When Nora realizes that her family has turned against her and her truth means that she cannot manipulate them anymore, she turns to her last resort, Luciano. She wants to declare him the heir to the company and control his assets on the condition that he gives her some great-grandchildren. But when Luciano reveals that he is gay and when he has children in the future, they will be through a surrogate, this is more than what Nora’s bigoted mind can take, and she goes into a vegetative state due to shock.

‘The Surrogacy’ Ending Explained: What Happens To Nora?

Since Nora is in a vegetative state, she can see and hear everything but cannot react to it. Therefore, she can do nothing when Luciano delivers the biggest blow of all. He tells her that he doesn’t care for the Huizar empire. His mother, Yeni, taught him not to be limited by anything, and using that as his motivation, he wants to pursue his dream of playing soccer. His sister, Tessa, is the one interested in business, and she would take over Huizar Pharmaceuticals when the time came. This had to eat up Nora from the inside to know that a woman of native blood would run her company one day.

Honestly, her desire for her company is being followed according to the law. She had named Luciano as her heir, and when he came of age, he could give it to whoever he wanted. Until then, since Yeni was his legal guardian, she would hold Huizar in her hands while Carlos was free to run and advise the company. Again, it is karmic justice that Yeni became the boss of everyone who had discriminated against her, but we cannot rule out the question of ability. That is, however, answered by the sweeping changes she brings to the administration to make it more inclusive and also by adequately compensating the victims of Huizar.

At the end of The Surrogacy, the family starts coming together once again, with Francesco and Sonia starting a relationship with the blessing of Francisca and even Julia finding a happy place with Keyus. Yeni and Carlos finally start to move on with each other after having wanted to be together for years. Tessa is also learning to get over her prejudices and start accepting Yeni as her mother. Things return to where they belong, and everyone leads a happy life thereon.

Final Thoughts

We definitely like the ending of The Surrogacy. It was a great way to wrap up the cluttered narrative that was all over the place. The only fault of the series, at the root of it all, is that it was the aforementioned “cluttered”. It’s been a long watch, and we have complained enough, so we would just like some sort of respite or palate cleanser after it all. We cannot recommend The Surrogacy to anyone, so excuse us while we look for something healing for ourselves.

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