‘Tokyo Vice’ Season 2 Episode 1 Recap & Ending Explained: Who Killed Detective Miyamoto?


In the first season of Tokyo Vice, we saw the kind of discrimination Jake had to face because he was a foreigner trying to work for a Japanese newspaper. Everybody doubted his ability, but he got leads that nobody else could. He got really close to people like Sato, who were influential members of the Chihara-kai gang. Jake became good friends with Katagiri, too, and both of them put their hearts and souls into finding evidence against the Tozawa gang. Katagiri believed that he was very close to catching Tozawa, but the shrewd gang leader got the better of him in the end. Sato was stabbed, and nobody knew if he would survive or not. Samantha decided that she would open her new club, though Polina’s absence worried her, and she had a feeling that her best friend was in trouble. At the end of season 1, Jake made a breakthrough, and he got to know that Polina was taken to a yacht that was owned by Tozawa. Jake took all the evidence to Katagiri’s house, as he knew that he would need his help in finding Polina, whom they presumed to be dead by now. So let’s find out what happened in Tokyo Vice Season 2, episode 1, and if Jake and Katagiri were able to do anything with the newfound evidence that they believed would change the course of events.

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How Did Sato Survive?

The previous season of Tokyo Vice left us on a cliffhanger where we didn’t know if Sato was dead or alive. We speculated on the fact that it could be possible that one of his group members tried to kill him, and rightly so. In Tokyo Vice Season 2, episode 1, we found out that it was actually Sato’s colleague, Gen, who tried to kill him. Gen felt humiliated when he was beaten nearly to death by Sato in the previous season, and soon, he decided that he would take revenge on Sato. He went there with the intention of killing him, but Sato was extremely fortunate as the knife didn’t pierce any vital organ. When Gen got to know that Sato had survived, he got really anxious. He knew that Sato had seen his face, and the moment he came back to his senses, he would get him killed. Gen kept asking his bosses about the possibility of Sato fully recovering, and when he realized that he was going to come back to his senses soon, he decided to go to the Tozawa gang and ask them for help. Gen met Yabuki, the second in command, and asked him to give him protection. Yabuki, after Tozawa had left, took charge of the daily affairs, and he desperately wanted to change how things were done. Yabuki took Gen back to Hitoshi Ishida and told the Chihara Kai leader all about him. Yabuki wanted a truce between both groups, and he accepted the fact that Tozawa had not done the right thing by capturing the Chihara Kai territory. Ishida told Yabuki that he would think about the proposal and let him know. Ishida still didn’t trust the Tozawa gang completely, but he knew deep down that it was good if they wanted peace, as he had been trying to do that for many years now.

Who killed Detective Miyamoto?

In the first episode of Tokyo Vice Season 2, Katagiri got a message delivered to him to come and collect something from a specific hotel. He went there to find out that Miyamoto’s dead body was lying there. In the previous season, we saw that Tozawa had come to know that Miyamoto was conspiring with Katagiri. So, he took Miyamoto into his custody and told Katagiri to leave the case immediately and stop chasing him and his men if he wanted his family to stay alive. Katagiri didn’t have any other option but to do that, and he hoped that Miyamoto was safe. But that didn’t happen, and though the Tozawa gang made it look like a suicide, Katagiri knew what had happened. Katagiri’s boss was extremely annoyed and angry at the fact that he had gone behind his back, not told his superiors anything, and tried to go after a Tozawa when he knew what the consequences of his actions could be. Katagiri’s boss told him not to talk about their deeds publicly, and he asked him to tell everybody that Miyamoto had died due to heart failure. Katagiri didn’t want that to happen, but he had no choice. He had to take the blame for his colleague’s death, though luckily, he was not asked to resign from the force and instead shifted to a new position where he was bound to his desk and not allowed to go to the field.

Did Jake make Polina’s death public?

At the end of the last season of Tokyo Vice, we saw that someone had dropped a package at Jake’s doorstep, and he found a tape there, which made him aware of Polina’s whereabouts. He realized that Yoshino was not a place but a yacht that was owned by Tozawa.  He saw Polina being beaten in the CCTV camera footage when she didn’t agree to get intimate with an elderly man. Jake took that piece of evidence directly to Katagiri’s house, where both of them saw it together. They were filled with hope, as they knew that they could use it to pin down Tozawa and initiate formal proceedings against them. Katagiri told Jake that the old man in the picture was Jotaro Shigematsu, the vice president of foreign affairs. He was an influential man, and Katagiri knew that they had struck gold. He told Jake to publish an article and make the entire scandal public. Jake and Katagiri found out that Tozawa had very intelligently registered the boat in his mistress’s name. Misaki Taniguchi had no clue about that fact, and when Jake informed her about it, she got scared, as she knew what the consequences could be.

Jake went and told Emi Maruyama about what he had found, and a meeting was called immediately to decide the course of action. Everything was set in motion, but then a tragedy occurred that nobody had foreseen. Jake and Maruyama had gone to meet the foreign affairs minister, Jotaro Shigematsu, in case he wanted to make some comments. The minister refused to say anything, and both the journalists thought that now they would print the report and put the truth in front of everybody.

At the end of Tokyo Vice season 2, episode 1, Jake was called by Maruyama to the office as something urgent came up. He went to find out that a fire had broken out in the office, and all the evidence was burned to ashes. Jake knew that it was not an accident, but now he had no story, as Maruyama told him that without any solid evidence to support their claim, they couldn’t publish anything. Jake was disheartened, and he went to Katagiri’s house to inform him about the incident. Katagiri also advised him not to act in haste and to wait for his time and then go after Tozawa once again. It was not that Katagiri was not angry, but he knew how to channel his anger and not commit a mistake that he would repent later. He went to the foreign affairs minister’s house and threatened to tell him what Tozawa was blackmailing him for. Katagiri knew that the video was recorded on purpose, as Tozawa wanted some leverage. Jotaro Shigematsu told Katagiri that Tozawa wanted him to remove his name from the no-fly list as he wanted to enter the United States of America. Tozawa was suffering from a serious illness and probably wanted to go there for treatment. In the subsequent episodes of Tokyo Vice, we will get to know what Jake does and if he is able to play his cards well and find and pin down the underworld boss.

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