‘Tokyo Vice’ Season 2 Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained: What Was Tozawa’s Plan Of Action?


The third episode of Tokyo Vice season 2 ended on a shocking cliffhanger, where we got to know that Tozawa was back. It meant that the power dynamics were going to change very soon. On the other side, there was the unpredictable Hayama, who had taken many territories that belonged to Tozawa’s gang under his control. Yabuki, who was leading the gang in Tozawa’s absence, wanted peaceful relationships to exist, but Tozawa was not like that. So, let’s find out what Tozawa’s plan of action is and if the Chihara Kai gang is able to stop him.

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Did Hayama and Sato get ammunition? 

At the beginning of Tokyo Vice season 2, episode 4, Tozawa surprised the entire crime syndicate by paying them a surprise visit. He announced in front of everybody that now that he was back, he wanted to settle some scores. He told Ishida that the Chihara-kai gang had taken his territory, and now he wanted revenge. Ishida, before Tozawa came and disrupted the meeting, was telling the leaders of other clans to work together as Nagata and her team were targeting them one by one. Ishida met Katagari the day before, and the latter told him to be cautious as Nagata had made it her mission in life to put each and every criminal in jail. Katagari respected Ishida, and that is why he had come to warn him. Ishida might have been the head of a crime syndicate, but he was an honorable man, and he had certain ideals, which is what Katagari liked about him. If Ishida said something, then he made sure that he lived up to his word.

Ishida wanted to convince everybody to set aside their personal grudges and once again work together as a unit. But Tozawa came with a very different mindset, and he made it very clear that he didn’t care what the police did, as first he wanted to destroy the Chihara Kai gang. Ishida had a conversation with Sato and Hayama, and he told them that though he was against the use of weapons, this time, they would need some to protect themselves. Hayama had a very aggressive approach, and he had been telling Ishida for a long time that they should keep guns. So Ishida told Sato and Hayama to go and meet a man named Ota in Nagano. Hayama knew that man from before, and Sato had no clue about that fact. Ota was an unpredictable human being, and for most of the day, he was not in his senses. Ota and Hayama started drinking at night as the former informed Sato that the weapons would arrive the next day. Sato was not comfortable spending the night, but he was left with no choice. In the night, one thing led to another, and Hayama ended up killing Ota. They were both drunk, and they didn’t know what they were doing. In the end, Hayama burned the entire house down, and together with Sato, he escaped from there. Sato was very annoyed at the unnecessary ruckus Hayama ended up creating everywhere he went. I believe that in the subsequent episodes of Tokyo Vice season 2, there will come a time when Sato will go against Hayama, as the latter’s behavior will get to him sooner rather than later. 

Was Misaki deceiving Jake? 

At the end of the previous episode, we saw that Misaki was with Tozawa, and it felt like she was tricking Jake all along. But in Tokyo Vice episode 4, we came to know that it was not so, and she was as surprised as everybody else at the return of Tozawa. Misaki came to meet Jake, and she told him that Tozawa was not dead and said that she wouldn’t be able to meet him for a few days now. Jake was shocked, and he immediately gave a call to Katagiri to inform him about it. Katagari told Jake to be patient and that they would strike when the time was right. Jake didn’t know what to do, as he feared that Tozawa would come after him. He started keeping track of Tozawa’s movements as he wanted to decipher what he was up to. He was told by Misaki that Tozawa was suffering from some illness, but after he returned, he seemed absolutely healthy. Tozawa was probably able to go to the US, and now that he had recovered he wanted to assert his authority. 

Was Samantha able to get information from Ohno-san? 

Samantha went to Ohno-san’s house, and Sato told her to be really careful. Samantha had gotten to know that Sato was seeing Erika, and she told the latter to be cautious as Sato could break her heart. Samatha spent a beautiful evening with Ohno-san, and it seemed like he was a very nice person. Samantha went to his study secretly and took pictures of the documents that Ishida needed. She heard his footsteps, and in haste, she came out of the study without keeping the bag from where she had picked it up. At the end of Tokyo Vice Episode 4, when she was about to leave, Ohno-san, by chance, went to his study, and he realized that she had checked his bag. The episode left us on a cliffhanger, and we don’t know what Ohno-san would do with her. Considering the kind of man he was, maybe he would understand her dilemma and help her come out of the situation. 

What was Tozawa’s plan of action? 

At the end of Tokyo Vice episode 4, we saw that Jake followed Tozawa, and the latter entered inside a building to have a conversation with Nakahara-kaiso, the chairman of the crime syndicate. Nakahara didn’t like the way Tozawa was asserting his authority, and he told him to fall in line if he didn’t want to face the consequences of his actions. But we got to know that Nakahara’s men had pledged their allegiance to Tozawa, and they were not going to do anything to him. So basically, Tozawa had orchestrated a coup, and now he was the chairman of the organization. From the likes of it, Tozawa has some big plans, which he will unleash in the subsequent episodes. Tozawa is not going to stop before he wipes off every other gang that tries to go against him. It will be interesting to see how Ishida and others tackle him and if they are able to stop him.

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