‘Tokyo Vice’ Season 2 Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Ishida Dead?


We witnessed in the previous episode of Tokyo Vice season 2 that Tozawa was back, and probably he had undergone a liver transplant, as he was looking quite healthy. He wanted to go to the US for that purpose, but when he was not granted permission, he probably went to Thailand and got some kind of treatment done. Katagiri, Jake, and others didn’t know if he had fully recovered or if he had done some temporary treatment. Tozawa had a plan in mind and he knew what he would have to do to remove all obstacles from his way and become the uncrowned emperor of the mafia world. So, let’s recap the events of Tokyo Vice season 2, episode 5, and find out who died at the end of it.

Spoiler Alert

What did Ohno-san and Samantha plan to do? 

In the previous episode of Tokyo Vice, we saw that Ohno-san realized that Samantha had entered his study room and checked his bag. He stopped her when she was just about to leave and asked her what she was looking for. Ohno-san was a genuine man, and he had made it very evident to her that he was smitten by her and that he liked spending time in her company. He was deeply hurt when he found out that all this while Samantha was deceiving him, and he told her to spend the night at his place as he wanted to have a chat with her the next day. He couldn’t comprehend why Samantha betrayed his trust when he had treated her so nicely. Samantha told him that Ishida wanted the blueprints of the government-owned property where they were going to build a commercial complex. Ishida wanted to buy it before the government made any announcements because he was aware that the price of real estate would spike after that. Ohno-san told Samantha that his entire career would be spoiled if he gave her the information, but having said that, he also understood the predicament she was in.

Samantha wanted freedom from the Chihara Kai gang, and she knew that if she provided the information to Ishida, she would become the sole owner of her club. So Ohno-san came up with a plan, and he told her that instead of that government property, he would provide her with information about another project that was under his control. He said that since there was no government involvement in the second project, his career wouldn’t be sabotaged even if the information got leaked. But Samantha knew that Ishida was a smart man, and he would not take the other project if he knew that the government one was more profitable for him. So, Samantha came up with a plan, and she said that, in addition to offering Ishida the private project, she would make sure that the government told the public about the railway station project. She knew that she could feign ignorance and tell Ishida that before she could bring the information to him, the word was already out and the prices had increased. But to do that, she needed to put pressure on the concerned authorities so that they could feel threatened by the prospect of a gang buying their real estate at a much lower price. She had a plan in mind, and she knew that if everything went right then she would be able to get what she wanted. 

How did Samantha use Jake? 

Samantha contacted Jake in Tokyo Vice episode 5, and she told him that she had a scoop for him. Samantha had used Jake earlier for her own vested interests, and she knew that he would help her at every cost. Jake was happy about it, and at that moment, he felt like doing something for his friends. So he told Maruyama that he wanted to give his scoop to Kurihira, aka Tintin. Kurihira was overwhelmed, and he went to take a comment from the concerned official. He wrote an article about it, and it got published in the newspaper, but the very next day, the government made an announcement, and they made the tender public. Baku scolded Kurihira for hampering the newspaper’s reputation, and the latter blamed Jake for tricking him into something that he knew was not going to go down well. Jake tried to tell his friend that he believed the scoop to be right because it came from a credible source, but Kurihira was hurt, and he wasn’t ready to listen to any excuse. Jake would have surely felt used, and probably in Tokyo Vice episode 6, he would want to confront her and ask her why she did what she did. 

Did the yakuza accept Tozawa’s proposal?

In the previous episode of Tokyo Vice, we saw that Tozawa had killed Nakahara, and everybody believed that he would assume the position of Kaicho, but the shrewd man had something else altogether in his mind. He called every yakuza, and he gave them a proposition. He said that he didn’t want to hold the position of Oyabun, but he wanted to create a new legitimate organization and enter into legal businesses. He said that he was done taking commission from bars, pimping, and doing other small-scale businesses, and now he wanted the world to see them as leaders and businessmen instead of calling them criminals. The gang leaders loved this idea, and they wholeheartedly accepted him as the president of the organization. So obviously, Chihara Kai Gang was not a part of this, and even a lot of members of the association were not happy with this decision. But Tozawa had the majority in his favor, and he was adamant about changing how things were done in the crime syndicate.

Is Ishida dead or alive?

Ohno-san and Samantha asked Ishida to come and meet them so that they could propose the plan to him. Ishida agreed, and he went there with Sato to see what they were offering. Ishida trusted Sato, and he knew that in the future he would be the one who would lead the Chihara Kai gang. Earlier in Tokyo Vice episode 5, we saw that Sato and Naoki Hayama decided that they would lie to Ishida and use the stash of guns that Sato had been hiding in Samantha’s club. The gun dealer had been killed by Hayama, and he didn’t know how to explain his reckless behavior to Ishida. Sato came up with a solution, but Ishida still knew that Hayama was lying to him. Sato was left with no choice, and he told Ishida how he had started collecting guns even when strict orders were given not to do so. Ishida heard the offer that Ohno-san made, and though he had doubts about their motives, he agreed to the proposal. Just then, two armed men arrived at the club, and they started firing shots at Ishida and his men.

Ohno-san died at the spot, and Ishida too got shot several times. Ishida had realized that he wouldn’t be able to make it out of there alive. He told Sato to be safe, as he wanted him to lead the Chihara Kai gang after he was gone. Ishida got up and tackled the gunman, but in the end, he got hurt and fell down on the ground. I don’t think Ishida is going to survive this time, and Sato will need to take charge of things. Samantha noticed that the man firing shots had a tattoo on his wrist, and probably in the subsequent episodes, that clue would help them solve the mystery about who ordered the kill. It could be Tozawa who did that, but there is a huge probability that it could also be someone from the Chihara Kai gang. Nonetheless, the power dynamics are going to shift, and the field is wide open for someone to come and seize the opportunity. 

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