‘True Lies’ Episode 4: Recap & Ending, Explained – Do Wolf And Harry Catch The Assassins? 


In “True Lies” Episode 4, an international summit was taking place in Brussels, Belgium, when the place was attacked by a group of terrorists. Nobody knew where they had come from or who had sent them. The incident caused a furore in the international media, and that’s when Omega Sector was looped in, to look into the matter and find the perpetrators. An important Albanian right-wing politician, who was the guest speaker at the conference, was killed by the terrorists, and the Albanian government believed that Serbia was behind the attack. A few hours after the incidents, the Albanians started gathering their military troops on the Serbian border. 

The Serbian regime, on the other hand, believed that it was a ploy by the Albanians to show the rest of the world that they had a justified reason to attack their country, and so, they too started preparing to defend their country against a likely invasion. The Omega sector knew that the hostile situation needed to be resolved before the nuclear powers became interested in conflict and caused further damage. Susan Trilby, the head of Omega Sector, was of the opinion that to handle such a delicate matter where the lives of thousands of citizens of both countries and even the hundreds of refugees staying there were at stake, they needed somebody with expertise in the area. Trilby had decided that a legendary assassin, who went by the codename Wolf, would come on board and be a part of the mission. Where Luther, Gib and Maria were excited to get an opportunity to work with the world’s greatest assassin, whose stories they had only heard up until then, the look on Harry’s face told us that he had his doubts about the man.

Harry had crossed paths with the Wolf once in Athens when he ran a clean op for his mission, and he didn’t have a very good feeling about the man. Harry couldn’t meet the Wolf because, just after he had completed his mission, he had gone to a restaurant to eat gyros. Harry believed the Wolf to be a demon who was emotionally hollow. Harry told the others that the witnesses present on the scene told him that Wolf’s eyes looked like a bottomless pit of darkness. The man walked up like he was going to take a stroll in the park, casually massacred people, and went about his business pretending as if nothing had happened. Harry had come to the conclusion that the Wolf was a heartless psychopath and that they were making a mistake by calling him to work with them. Harry had already assumed the worst, but that didn’t stop the others from thinking how great it would be to be on a mission with the man.

 Helen And The Wolf Become Friends

Helen wasn’t able to cope with all that was happening in her life. She was having a hard time being the only trainee in the Omega sector. She didn’t have any friends in the organization like Harry did, and even back home, Harry was so immersed in his work that she couldn’t confide in him. Helen was not the kind of person who didn’t like staying quiet or being by herself. She loved to interact with people and talk to them, but after she joined the Omega Sector, she felt that there was nobody out there to lend her an ear and listen to her rant about her life. 

One day after her classes, she met this guy in the canteen who was sitting alone and eating his tuna sandwich. He was the only person who welcomed Helen to sit with him, and they thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company. Helen told him how she had to face a lot of trouble back in the day as she didn’t know how to speak English, and even the guy told her how he was considered to be the weirdest kid as he had this habit of smiling at the wrong time. The guy told Helen that he used to study other kids his age so that he could copy their behavior and pretend to be normal. While leaving, he told Helen that his name was Wolf and that the Omega sector had hired him for a new mission. Helen asked him his real name, and it was probably the first time that somebody had asked that. 

The Wolf, a.k.a. Nathan was nothing like anyone had perceived him to be. When a person is such a great assassin whose professional accomplishments seem to be out of a folktale, then you believe him to have a menacing exterior and an aura that demands authority. But in reality, the Wolf was this overly sweet and warm guy who knew how to make others feel special, probably because nobody had taken that effort with him. Even Harry, who had been troubled by the thought of working with Wolf, got taken aback when he finally met him in “True Lies” Episode 4.

‘True Lies’ Episode 4: Ending Explained – Do Wolf And Harry Catch The Assassins? 

Wolf had done his research before coming to meet the members of the Omega sector. He knew everything about the mission, and he had his theories about who the assassin could be. Harry was of the opinion that the attack could have been carried out by the Albanians, but Wolf interrupted him and told him that generally, the Albanians used Dragunov SVD rifles for all their attacks and the Serbians used m91s, and since neither was used in the conference in Brussels, there could be a third party involved in the matter. Wolf came to the conclusion that these attackers could be weapons dealers who wanted the authorities to find out who was behind the attack. The agenda was quite clear: assassinate a big-shot politician, start a war between two countries, and then seize the opportunity to earn billions of dollars by selling weapons to both parties.

Wolf arrived at Harry’s home unannounced late in the night to check if everything was alright between them, and that’s where Harry got to know that he and Helen had met before. Wolf volunteered to help Helen with her training, as she was finding it really hard to understand the nitty-gritty of what she was being taught. Harry was very uncomfortable with his wife being trained and spending time with a man who he believed was no less than a sociopath, but he was helpless as he couldn’t make the others understand what he was feeling.

Wolf kept on doing his research and finally narrowed it down to a guy named Ulrich Muller, whom he believed to be behind the assassination. Ulrich was spotted at Dulles Airport recently, and Gib and Harry knew that he was planning his next attack in the D.C. area. The entire Omega Sector team reached where the Wolf thought the next attack could be. Wolf had speculated that the assassins would want to kill the Serbian ambassador and make it look like the Albanians had taken their revenge. They were busy discussing theories when an unmanned truck passed by them, and they realized that it was filled with explosives. Harry jumped onto the truck and managed to turn the steering and the truck still went astray and hit a tree.

Though the Serbian ambassador was saved, their government was enraged. They launched a missile strike the next morning against Albania, which worsened the situation. Helen was brought on board for the mission because the Wolf believed that she could be a great asset to the team. Harry told Helen, time and again, that Wolf was a dangerous guy, but Helen refused to listen to Harry as she had a soft corner for the poor guy as he had been nothing but sweet to her. Gib had hacked the mainframe of the chemical plant where the explosives had been made, and he had traced a purchase order to a warehouse in Arlington. Gib and others believed that the assassins were working out of the warehouse, so they went to check it out for themselves.

Though the warehouse looked abandoned, Gib wanted Harry, Wolf, and others to conduct a thorough search. Just then, Helen realized that the chemical plant might be the front and that the main intention of the assassins, that is, the weapons dealers, could be to lure the Omega Sector into their trap so that they could remove the only ones who could stop the attack. So now, Gib had no clue how many assassins were waiting inside the warehouse, and that is why he thought that it was not a good idea to breach the premises. Harry improvised at that moment, and he took Gib’s tactical van and sent it inside the warehouse so that the assassins believed that the entire Omega Sector team was in it. But there was no one inside the van, and Harry and Wolf entered from the other side of the building. Harry and Wolf were able to kill the assassins and accomplish the mission.

Helen was promoted as she moved from the position of an intern to that of an agent. Wolf was the only person who had made her feel included, and Harry realized that towards the end of “True Lies” Episode 4. Helen also agreed that Nathan, aka Wolf, was a unique man with some complex sensibilities. Harry reconciled with the Wolf, and he realized that, though he might not have liked him instantly, the Wolf was not a bad guy, though he still didn’t understand how he could even think about food after killing people mercilessly.

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