‘Truth Be Told’ Season 3, Episode 1: Recap And Ending Explained: Does Poppy Find Drea Spivey?


There are lots of jokes to be made about the audience’s obsession with true crime. We have always wondered why the macabre is so fascinating to us. Is it a lesson in the precautions to be taken? Is it a way of knowing what goes on in this world, or is it just a voyeuristic tendency for sensationalism at the cost of others? Regardless of why we watch true crime, it cannot be denied that the stories they cover are the ones that need to be told. There is something about grief; it lessens when it is shared, and the victims of crime can find great solace in their stories reaching millions. That is the side of it that we know. But there is another side, one that we got to know through “Truth Be Told,” that covers the consequences of discussing a crime in public. We were not fully on board with the results of the investigations as we saw them in the previous seasons. But we cannot deny that a public spectacle of an investigation has a human cost, though we are on the fence about how much of it is the podcast’s fault. As we start “Truth Be Told” Season 3, let us take a look at the events of Episode 1.

Spoilers Ahead

The Case Of Drea Spivey

The first episode of “Truth Be Told” Season 3 starts with Poppy recording her podcast about the recent cases of missing girls. But she points out that while their cases are being investigated with due procedure, there is also a missing black girl by the name of Drea Spivey who hasn’t received any attention. She had gone missing a year ago, but the efforts of her parents and her community had found her. She had given her interview to the podcast but has disappeared again. She is one of the 11 girls who have gone missing in Oakland in the last 4 years, and it is a case of classic racism that her disappearance is not being investigated the same way the rest of the girls’ is. As Poppy ponders over this, she replays Drea’s interview tapes, where the girl speaks about staying off drugs even when she was offered the “High Hunter Hookup” (drugs) by a girl she knew. Elsewhere, a PTA meeting is being organized by the Oakland school, whose principal is Eva Pierre. She wants to talk about the safety of the kids. While some parents believe that Drea went missing because of her drug habits, Eva makes it clear that none of the students are exempt from the scope of danger, and they must all be careful. 

Meanwhile, Zarina, Markus’ wife, takes heed of Eva’s advice and tells her daughter to be safe. Later, it is Trini who tells Poppy that Drea had been talking to an older man who had been very controlling of her, which leads Poppy to deduce that Drea was probably being trafficked. But before that happened, Poppy brought a rally of sorts to a school meeting, where she told people about the negligence and apathy exhibited by the authorities towards Drea’s case. It is, of course, an embarrassing experience for the people on the stage, who were walking about their commitment to making Oakland a better place. Having their hypocrisy exposed was certainly unpleasant, especially when Eva, a person in a position of authority, loudly vocalized her support for Poppy. The two women bond, though Eva is considering how much she should trust Poppy. Meanwhile, Poppy gets a call from Drea, asking her to stop looking for her. She confirms Poppy’s suspicions about her being trafficked by telling her that she owes a man something and she is paying off her debt. We can clearly see a young girl who has been brainwashed, probably with the aid of drugs, while capitalizing on her existing depression. In her fragile mental state, she is easily led by the man.

Season 3, Episode 1: Ending Explained – Does Poppy Find Drew Spivey?

Poppy asks Drea’s parents for permission to talk about her being trafficked. Such news, when revealed, can have rather detrimental effects on a girl’s future. She makes the parents aware that it would be different from Drea talking about her disappearance and her drug addiction. The parents agree, in the hope that this could lead to some clues about their daughter. But they are not as privy to the world of true crime as Noa, the producer of Poppy’s podcast. She is worried about them not having enough information to handle the matter sensitively and believes that their company would try to sensationalize the case, which could lead to disastrous consequences. While Poppy does not deny anything Noa says, she is impatient and wants to move fast. She promises Noa that she will take care of everything. We know that Poppy’s intentions are good; that can’t be denied, but she keeps forgetting that restlessness comes with a price. In the argument that follows, Noa tells her that she plans on leaving her job as she is not able to get on board with the way Boisterous is functioning.

After Poppy records her podcast, revealing Drea’s trafficking, Noa leaves. The two obviously part on good terms, but right then, Poppy receives a call. Drea’s body has been found. Poppy goes to the scene and learns that she has been found in a motel on High Street, which gives her a clue as to what “High Hunter” could mean. Drea’s death was speculated to be a result of the podcast. She was killed to silence her and avoid trouble. Eva is also at the scene, and she seems to blame Poppy, as she leaves immediately after making eye contact with her.

What Should We Expect From Episode 2 of ‘Truth Be Told’ Season 3?

There are going to be some issues of trust between Eva and Poppy. We also think that Drea’s mother, Charise, who is Poppy’s friend, might blame her for her daughter’s death. Looking at all this, Poppy might possibly go to Noa for advice, as she had predicted that something like this might happen. It is time for Poppy to start looking at the consequences of her actions instead of just defending herself with her intentions. Her personal life is also a little dicey right now, with her trying to find her feet without Ingram and her father going through an identity crisis. We did feel that the first episode of “Truth Be Told” Season 3 was a little haphazard, but most pilots are about setting the stage for what’s to come next. We just wish they would introduce it gradually instead of trying to force it all together in the first episode itself. The pacing will certainly be better from Episode 2 onwards, and we look forward to that.

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