‘Twenty Five Twenty One’ Episode 9 & 10: Recap & Ending – Are Hee Do & Yi Jin in Love?


Episode 8 of “Twenty Five Twenty One” ended with Hee Do mistaking Yi Jin to be Injeolmi. Yi Jin played along initially for fun but excited Hee Do acted like it was a scene out of her favorite comic book. Hee Do believed that she and Yi Jin were destined to meet and be together. But what does Yi Jin think about it? Will he bring Hee Do out of her fantasy? Let’s find out. 

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Are Hee Do & Yu Rim No More Rivals?

Ko Yu Rim ran away after seeing Hee Do, who was supposed to be her internet friend. She handed the yellow rose to Yi Jin, and Hee Do mistook him for Injeolmi. However, Yi Jin clears up her misunderstanding when she starts talking about fate and destiny. Yu Rim requests Yi Jin to not tell the truth, so he lies to Hee Do that it is a coincidence and he is carrying the yellow rose for an interview. Yi Jin hates lying to her, and Hee Do runs away from him out of embarrassment. She had indirectly confessed her feelings for him but now she is out of her fantasy.

Yu Rim feels bad for mistreating Hee Do when she finds out that she is her internet friend. She is afraid to face her. Her internet friend gave her comfort whenever she was sad and lonely, but that friend suffered in real life because of her. Yu Rim feels guilty but does not know how to talk to Hee Do about it. To make up for what she has done to Hee Do before, Yu Rim starts behaving nicely towards her. Hee Do has always treated Yu Rim like a respectable human, unlike Yu Rim. Even after the controversy at the Asian Games, Hee Do defends Yu Rim when she hears girls gossiping about her in the restroom. Yu Rim sees it and breaks down in tears. She admits to Hee Do that she is Injeolmi and she is embarrassed by the way she treated her. Hee Do forgives her, and though awkward, their new real-life friendship begins.

Yi Jin is in charge of making the documentary about all the Asian Games winners. This comes as a surprise to Hee Do because she has been avoiding Yi Jin, his calls, and his texts as well. Now, she cannot avoid him anymore as they will be shooting the documentary together for the next few days. Owing to this, Yi Jin makes Hee Do reveal why she had been avoiding him. Hee Do tells him everything going on inside her mind, as if she is thinking out loud. She is confused about her feelings towards Yi Jin, but he finds it cute how honest and innocent she is.

Why Does Yi Jin Fight With His Senior?

Yi Jin has to make an urgent call to report the news so Hee Do lets him use her house phone. For him, it is just Hee Do’s home, but he is taken by shock and surprise when her mom enters. Yi Jin didn’t know that his senior journalist is Hee Do’s mom. He doesn’t know whether to treat her like his senior or as Hee Do’s mom, which gets him into a hilarious situation. Her mom asks him whether he is dating Hee Do. When he denies it, she still tells him to transfer from the sports team because a reporter and the subject shouldn’t be close. She also orders him to not reveal her and Hee Do’s relationship for the same reason.

The producers of the documentary and Yi Jin, as well, were expecting to see the rivalry between Yu Rim and Hee Do. Ever since they got to know each other as their internet friends, Hee Do and Yu Rim have been trying to act like real friends. Because of their fencing schedule, neither of them had really made friends before. It’s their first time, and they are acting more like a couple in love than friends. Yi Jin thinks that they are overacting in order to hide their bitter relationship, but only later does he find out that their fight is over and they have become real friends.

The documentary shoot has been going well. Yi Jin, as a beginner, wants to keep the documentary away from the Asian Games Controversy which specifically puts Hee Do in a bad light. However, his senior producer thinks otherwise. He wants the documentary to be entertaining and, hence, wants to bring the controversy back. Yi Jin has been denying it from the beginning, not realizing that he is being rude to his seniors and that it could get him in their bad books. While Yi Jin is editing Hee Do and Yu Rim’s interviews, the producer is shooting with Yu Rim and Hee Do. He shoots a basic fencing shot as decided before but later asks both of them to recreate the controversial bout of the Asian Games. Yu Rim and Hee Do both agree and do it, but the producer is not satisfied and asks them to play again and again. He asks them to be more fierce instead of playing cautiously.

In every bout, Hee Do is playing faster and getting the point. The producer seems to want to get the shot where Yu Rim is faster so that he can put that exact shot in the documentary and dig out the controversy again. However, while doing this, he has been neglecting the players’ safety. Physical fitness is important for an athlete, and any injury is a big injury for them. After getting tired of doing the same attack again and again, Yu Rim accidentally steps on Hee Do’s foot, and Hee Do falls down. Yi Jin is informed about it as he is in charge, and he comes running to check on Hee Do. Yi Jin shouts at his senior and insults him in front of everyone. He lifts Hee Do up and carries her to his car to go to the hospital. Yi Jin thinks he acted like this because it was their responsibility to keep the athletes safe, but the truth is, he would not have reacted the same if it weren’t for Hee Do. He cares for her a little more, and for that, he has done something that could get him in trouble, without thinking about the consequences.

‘Twenty Five Twenty One’ Episode 10: Ending – Is it Love?

Hee Do has been feeling something for Yi Jin but she cannot get hold of what exactly it is. She thinks that her and Yi Jin’s relationship is something that cannot be labeled by any word. The vocabulary for their relationship has yet to be invented. She says to Yi Jin that if a word does not exist, they can name their relationship anything, Sun, Sky, or a Cup. Yi Jin replies that he would call it a Rainbow but before he could explain why Hee Do’s mom shows up.

When Hee Do gets injured while shooting the documentary, while on their way to the hospital, Hee Do sees a rainbow that reminds her of their discontinued conversation. She makes Yi Jin stop the car and watch the rainbow. If he was alone, Yi Jin would not notice the rainbow and stop just to look at it. But being with Hee Do always leads him to a good place, a place where he enjoys the little things in life. She makes his life better, more colorful like a rainbow. While Hee Do looks at the rainbow in the sky, Yi Jin looks at the rainbow next to him. He confesses to Hee Do that he will not call their relationship a rainbow but rather love. He confesses that he is in love with her. However, Hee Do tells him that she still doesn’t have that deep feeling towards him. He knows Hee Do’s confused state of mind and doesn’t care about it. He has comforted himself by accepting his own feelings. He accepts that everything he has done as a reporter was because of Hee Do and not just because he was a reporter. Hee Do can have her time sorting out her own feelings, while Yi Jin just wants to be by her side.

Both Yu Rim and Hee Do said in their interviews that they could never go on a school trip because they always trained in the gym preparing for competitions and that’s what they wanted to do the most. Success does come with a price and a sacrifice indeed. Yi Jin is close to both of them, and to surprise them, he plans a beach trip as a part of the documentary. Seung Wan and Ji Woong join the three of them on the trip to Pohang. As they enjoy their final days as teenagers and as high schoolers, Hee Do feels as if this moment should last forever. She has got friends and she has got someone who loves her, for the first time. She doesn’t know if she loves Yi Jin yet, but for her, it is a relationship that cannot be labeled.

Hee Do and Yi Jin look like they were made for each other and make you root for them to become a couple. However, that seems not to be the case. Hee Do has a daughter in the future whose father is not Yi Jin, and her mom has been seen asking her if she still keeps in touch with Yi Jin. Hee Do’s daughter has been reading her diary and looking into her photo albums. When she asks Hee Do about the trip, Hee Do says that she doesn’t remember any such trip. This creates a mystery around their relationship, which we can hope to be revealed in the upcoming episode of “Twenty Five Twenty One.”

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