‘War: Wrath And Revenge’ Ending Explained & Series Summary: Is Binta Dead Or Alive?


Directed by Dimbo Atiya, War: Wrath and Revenge is a political drama in which a few key players fight for power in a city called Kowa and resort to all kinds of dirty tactics to overpower each other. The elections for the post of Governor were around the corner, and a candidate named Nuhu Bula wanted to seize the opportunity and bring about a change in how things were done. But soon, he found himself entangled in the web of corruption and greed, and he didn’t know if he was walking on the right path or not.

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Who was behind the plane crash?

Kama Aviation’s plane crashed, and Alicia got very tense as she knew that it was not good for the reputation of her company. Neither the investigative authorities nor any of her contacts were able to find the reason behind the crash, and that was when Alicia hired Boston Bobby Brown, an aviation accident investigator. Bobby was said to be the best in the business, and after a few days of research, he actually did the impossible and found a breakthrough. Bobby discovered that on the day of the crash, a man named Hakeem Bayero, disguised as maintenance staff, had used adulterated fuel for the plane, which eventually led to the crash. Alicia was shocked when she heard that it was not an accident, but somebody was trying to sabotage her airline. Bobby was of the opinion that the crash was not aimed at harming the airlines; it was meant to kill somebody who was on board that day. Bobby decided to track the account from where Hakeem was paid, and that’s when he found out that there was a company called BK Oil behind it.

Alicia didn’t know how to process the information when she found out that BK Oil belonged to Buba Koda, the love of her life, with whom she wanted to spend her life. Buba, together with Binta Kutigi Bula, had planned the entire crash as they wanted to kill Khalifa. Governor Sanusi and Khalifa both didn’t want Nuhu Bula to withdraw from the race for Governor and later, it was found out by a few influential people from the president’s office that they wanted to take possession of the diamond mines that were located in the Nanji community. So, some ministers from the president’s office contacted Binta and Buba and asked them to remove Khalifa. Boston asked Alicia not to go and confront her love about the entire thing since he was a dangerous man, but Alicia was not able to control her impulses. Buba Koda told Alicia that he was the one who had sent mercenaries to attack the villagers so that he could scare the people of the community and take possession of the land. Buba realized that Alicia’s conscience wouldn’t allow her to come on board, and so he imprisoned her.

Did Dikko give the evidence to Binta?

We got to know in War: Wrath and Revenge—that back in the day, Dikko, Khalifa, and Nuhu had accidentally killed Binta’s father. They were involved in a hit-and-run case, and what triggered Binta even more was that none of them had the courtesy to stop and help the man whom they had hit. After the incident, Dikko was disowned by his own father, who was the general of the army, and he had to struggle to even earn his own livelihood. Binta planned to kill Dikko, but the latter was able to fake his death with the help of his wife, Nafisa. Binta believed that Dikko wasn’t alive, but the man lurking in the shadows to take revenge on Binta was destroying his life. Governor Sanusi contacted Dikko and gave him an offer where he had to make sure that Nuhu withdrew his name from the upcoming election, and in turn, he was promised a percentage of the proceeds from the diamond mines. Dikko agreed, but things went haywire for him when Binta got to know that he was alive, and after that, she took Nafisa and her newborn child into custody. She told him to hand over all the evidence he had, and only then would she release his family.

ASP Miriam Katung was conducting her own investigation as she got suspicious of the Bulas, and she found out where Nafisa and her child were being held hostage. It was around the same time when Dikko had gone to meet Binta and get his family back. Dikko asked his father for help, who contacted the police force and asked them to help his son’s cause and bring the truth to light. Dikko was not in favor of going to the authorities, but his father believed that it was the best option. Now, when Dikko went to meet Binta under the pretext of handing over the evidence, the police officers were around, and they were waiting for an opportunity to come and arrest Binta and her people. Binta asked her men to go and bring Nafisa and her child. ASP Miriam Katung had already reached the hideout by then and was escaping with the mother and the daughter. Binta’s man shot Nafisa, and the poor woman died on the spot. Binta was taken into custody, and even Nuhu was called in for interrogation as Miriam knew that he had accidentally killed Amal, the woman whom he was going to take as his second wife.

Did Koba and Binta get exposed?

Nuhu didn’t know from the beginning of War: Wrath and Revenge what his friend and wife were up to. He was shocked when he got to know that, from the plane crash to the attack on the innocent villagers, everything was the doing of his own people. Nuhu realized that his wife was friends with very influential people when, after being taken into arrest, the Commissioner himself came and asked Miriam to release them immediately. No case was filed against them, and the Commissioner himself apologized to them. ASP Miriam Katung was even suspended from her job, and she took a vow that she would never again work in the system. When Alicia did not respond to Boston Boy Brown’s calls, he realized that something bad had happened to her. He came in touch with ASP. Miriam, and together, they found out where Alicia was being held captive. Boston was a man of many talents, and he took down the mercenary named Sambisa, who was sent by Koba to kill him. Alicia escaped, and she didn’t know what she should do to bring the perpetrators to light. Buba Koda took ASP Miriam’s son into custody, and she had to surrender herself as she had no other option. There was a CCTV camera at Buba Koda’s mansion, through which he got to know that Boston and ASP Miriam had trespassed on his premises to save Alice. Now that Buba Koda and BInta were backed up by such influential people, nothing could be done to them. The police put ASP Miriam behind bars, and it was the cost she paid for being honest in a system where everybody was corrupt.

In the end, it became quite evident that Nuhu was going to win the elections, but a twist happened that changed the entire course of things. Alicia contacted Khalifa’s brother and told him the entire story. She said that Koda wanted to become the emir of the royal family, which was why he had orchestrated the entire thing. Then Alicia went to a news channel and, in front of the whole nation, told the truth. Binta and Buba Koda would have still managed to evade conviction, but Nuhu confessed to his crimes as the guilt was too much to handle for him.

Is Binta dead or alive?

General Umar Loko, Dikko’s father, had killed Governor Sinusa as he was after his son and probably, he would have killed him. He did it in cold blood, and we got to know to what extent the man could go to save his own family. Binta was taken into custody as the truth was out in the open, and she probably would have found a way out, too, if Umar Loko hadn’t reached her.

During War: Wrath and Revenge‘s ending, we found out that Umar Loko went to meet Binta, and he gave her the impression that he was there to help her. During his visit, Umar Loko gave Binta the same thing to eat that he had given to Sinusa, which led to him choking and dying on the spot. It could be possible that General Loko had gone there with the intention of killing Binta, as he would have known that if left out of the legal system, she would find some loophole, use her contacts, and come out of prison. If there is a second season of War: Wrath and Revenge, we would come to know if it was right to speculate that Loko was after Binta’s life or if he actually had some other plan in mind and wanted to take her out of prison.

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