‘Wolf Pack’ Episode 5: Recap And Ending, Explained: Why Does The Werewolf Come To The Pool Party?


We were surprised to find that we liked this episode. The complaint we have had with the previous episodes of “Wolf Pack” is that there was very little story in them. While that hasn’t changed with Episode 5, we can safely say that it was far more engaging than the previous ones. We also feel strangely happy that a prediction we made in Episode 4 came out to be partly true. Overall, this is just an easy-breezy “restaurantry” fun episode that proves that the series doesn’t take itself too seriously, and neither should we. That is not an excuse for being so slow-paced, but if Episode 5 is anything to go by, we can say that what is to come might be sufficiently good to salvage what has already happened. These are the events of “Wolf Pack” Episode 5.

Spoilers Ahead

Harlan, Luna, Blake, And Everett’s Investigation

After saving Danny in “Wolf Pack” Episode 4, the four teenagers try to figure out what the werewolf wants from them. They begin to understand that it is trying to protect them by catching on to what they are feeling. That is why it killed the police inspector, and that is why it tried to attack Danny, because he had hit Blake. The four of them are talking when Blake gets another phone call from an unknown number, but she doesn’t pick it up. He calls Harlan next, though he has never called the twins before. When Harlan picks up, he hears an ear-splitting screech before the person starts talking. He rants off some poetry, which Luna identifies as having been written by Ovid, a Roman poet. It was for a king named Lycan, who was the first werewolf after having been cursed by Zeus to be so. He tells them that the werewolf kills every night for them and that only they can stop him by being together.

The four of them had previously discussed why Conner did not turn into a werewolf when he was also bitten, and they came up with the answer that he was the weakest of them due to his broken leg, so the werewolf killed him. This means that the creature is protecting them for a purpose. The caller sends a location, which is where the next victim of the werewolf presumably is. The four of them go there and witness an overturned car with a nurse inside. Just as they are about to rescue her, the wolf drags her away. The four of them leave immediately and decide to protect the next person the wolf targets.

The Arson Investigation

Meanwhile, for the arson investigation, Kristin goes to the kids’ school with Garrett. She tells them that the reason she suspected that the fire was started by someone from the school was that the object used bore the imprint of the institution and was clearly made by the 3D printer there. They also speak with Cyrus, whose father was a firefighter and had passed away in a similar fire 17 years ago, a few months after he was born. Cyrus was the one who had taken a few of his classmates to the abandoned building, saying that the view of the entire fire was amazing from there.

The officers get nothing much from the questioning, but they make their way to the building nonetheless. Kristin asks Garrett how he found the twins in the fire and whether it was connected to Cyrus’ father’s disappearance. He tells her that he knows nothing of the latter but that he found the twins abandoned and adopted them. Kristin reveals that her son was killed in a fire. The two officers deduce that the fire was ignited from the building itself by sending a drone with ammunition. Whoever set the fire had never been in the forest and had acted with malice and a purpose. Despite progress in the case, what was most interesting to us was that Garrett was flirting with Kirstin. A romance we are not sure we are ready for because Garrett is too hot for us to see him with someone who is clearly turning villainous and probably with no redemption arc. We hope we are wrong about the latter.

‘Wolf Pack’ Episode 5: Ending Explained: Why Does The Werewolf Come To The Pool Party?

The pack gets another message from the unknown caller. It is the location of Tia Patterson’s house, and the next target of the werewolf is clearly going to be there. Harlan assures them that he will get them there. He goes to the gym to meet Cody and score some mushrooms for his agenda. However, he runs into Everett, and what follows can only be described as a thirst trap of a scene, with both of them working out and flexing to see who can lift more weights. Turns out, they are able to tap into their werewolf strength, and we don’t understand why guys are like this, but that was clearly a bonding moment for them. When Harlan tells him about the wolf he saw in his childhood that he recognized as his father, Everett suggests that if an ordinary wolf could change into a 7-foot monster, maybe there was a way for him to change back and even change into a human.

Later that night, the four of them get into the party and go on to have fun with some mushrooms and lots of flirting. Harlan gives his number to Cyrus, Luna plays the piano with Austin, and Blake and Everett finally kiss. We must say that of the four of them, Harlan’s flirting skills are the best, Luna’s are a bit cringe, and Blake and Everett’s are sweet. However, there is trouble in paradise when Phoebe makes a scene and wants Blake to leave. There is some long-standing grudge there, but it is exacerbated when Harlan plays the voice note of Phoebe saying that Blake slashed her tires, so she wants to ruin her life now. Austin plays the voice note on the speakers, and to stop them, Blake throws his phone in the pool. Austin is furious because this is the second time his phone has been thrown by Blake. The first was in “Wolf Pack” Episode 1, when she threw it out off the bus. Austin dives into the pool to get it back and sees the werewolf there. He comes out in a panic, and the rest of the people also spot the creature. They lock themselves inside the house, and as the episode ends, we see his hand coming out of the pool. The werewolf might be here to attack either Phoebe or Austin, both of whom tried to harm Blake.

Elsewhere, Kristin kills and pushes a security officer down the building when they spot the place where the werewolf has been collecting the bodies. Kristin is clearly in cahoots with the creature. We also believe that she is directly linked to the twins and might be their mother.

What To Expect From ‘Wolf Pack’ Episode 6?

We have said before that this is a show meant more for 2012–13 than 2023. While that has been the reason we have disliked “Wolf Pack” so far, strangely, that is why we liked this episode. It was reminiscent of the teen vampire/werewolf series of that time but in a nicer way. We don’t know if it can keep up with that in the next episodes. Kristin is a mystery, and we want to know more about her. “Wolf Pack” Episode 6 might see a direct confrontation between the werewolf and the pack, but as we saw previously, they act according to it, so they might find themselves helpless or perhaps, unlock a way for them to bypass its hold over them. As long as it stays engaging in some manner, we will keep looking forward to the coming episodes.

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