‘Wonderful World’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained: Who Is the Other Woman?


It’s almost as if my terribly harsh feedback from episode 3 was suddenly taken into consideration before they made episode 4 of Wonderful World. This is obviously not true, but I’m glad that we didn’t have to revisit any scenes shown earlier in the same episode. Episode 3 ended with Soo-Hyun finding out that her husband cheated on her. We don’t know who the woman is or when it happened, but we do know who sent Soo-Hyun the scandalous image that showed her husband with said other woman. In the meantime, it appears as if everything is going back to normal (as normal as it can get when one’s lost their own child), and Soo-Hyun seems to be gaining some confidence and assimilating back into regular society. However, this is immediately shattered when she receives that photo. On the other hand, Seon-Yul seems to be warming up to her, and it’s quite obvious the two are going to team up soon enough.

Spoiler Alert

How Does Soo-Hyun Deal With the News? 

Soo-Hyun’s first instinct after finding out that her dedicated husband cheated on her is to figure out who the other woman is. She’s hurt, though she was the one who told him to move on and find another woman. It’s a little bit strange that she wouldn’t just go ask him about it directly, but maybe she just needs some time to process her feelings. I guess, even though she told him she was okay with him moving on, it’s still painful, especially since he came back to her. She suspects that it might actually be her sister in the photo (yikes). Yu-Ri’s now successful and has never been with anybody of significance, so did she perhaps go for it with her brother-in-law (disgusting)? Soo-Hyun can’t even pretend to be normal in the house, and she feels nauseous from the weight of it all. The next day, she tries to clear her mind by volunteering, but one of the old women in the old age home gets harassed by a young gangster-looking man. Fortunately, Seon-Yul is there too, so he blocks the flying pot aimed at Soo-Hyun and the old woman on his broad back (oof, these shows). In anger, he assaults the gangster-looking guy, and they both get caught. Soo-Hyun pretends to be Seon-Yul’s guardian, pays a settlement to the other guy, and frees him. She explains to him how the settlement is simply an investment for his life, because if it wasn’t done, he’d be considered a criminal for the rest of his life, even if he did the right thing. 

Seon-Yul glanced at the photo in Soo-Hyun’s hand when he first arrived, and after they’d had dinner together and she’d handed him the apology from Hyung-Ja in the form of a journal, he told her that the picture had been taken by a professional. They basically volunteer to help each other before parting ways, “I’m his guardian,” leaving a deep impression on Seon-Yul. On her way home, Soo-Hyun meets Hee-Jae’s mother, the neighbor who lives opposite them. She takes Soo-Hyun home for a cup of tea, though this would make her look bad in front of everyone in the area. Soo-Hyun wonders why she’s okay with it, and Hee-Jae’s mother tells her that when Hee-Jae was young and no one played with him, it was Gun-Woo who agreed to do so because Soo-Hyun told him that Hee-Jae was the best soccer player. She also tells Soo-Hyun that she is a wonderful mother. This leaves Soo-Hyun feeling better, and she decides to confront her husband regarding the adultery. 

She shows Soo-Ho the picture, and he immediately panics. However, he tells her that it was a meaningless affair and that he knew he’d come back to her after all of that. Strangely, Soo-Hyun’s reaction is very mild, and she says that perhaps that’s exactly what she wanted to hear from him. 

Is Yu-Ri the other woman? 

The reception for the interview broadcast is really good, and this leaves Kim Joon irritated. Soo-Ho is basically a celebrity beloved by everybody at this point. On the other hand, Soo-Hyun meets Yu-Ri and tells her about her dilemma with Soo-Ho. She tells her that, though it was when they broke up, she couldn’t help but wonder who the other woman was. This is simply a test to get Yu-Ri to break under the pressure if she’s actually the other woman. Fortunately, Yu-Ri’s reaction gives no such signs (though it’s shot in such a way that we’re meant to suspect her, but the joke’s on them because I always knew who it was). After Yu-Ri’s gone, Soo-Hyun decides to call her mother, who is overjoyed to hear that her daughter wants to come over. However, she has also received the brown envelope with Soo-Ho’s picture in it, and as it goes with drama, she drops everything and disappears off the face of the earth. 

Just kidding, but she’s not at home when Soo-Hyun arrives, and the groceries are on the floor along with the crushed-up photo. Fortunately, Soo-Hyun finds her at a nearby bus stop. Soo-Hyun’s mother weeps for her daughter, who has gone through so much in the last several years. She says she wanted to go give him an earful but knew it would hurt Soo-Hyun if she did. But Soo-Hyun already knew about the cheating. Soo-Hyun’s mother tells her that she will do anything to protect her daughter from hurt. It seems she has forgotten that her daughter did murder somebody, but sure, we’ll let that pass. On the other hand, Seon-Yul has somehow figured out who sent the pictures to Soo-Hyun and her mother. He goes to the orphanage the boy grew up in and finds out more details about him. Supposedly, he’s been so lowkey that there aren’t even medical records. 

At the end of Wonderful World episode 4, Soo-Ho tries to figure out who sent the picture. First, he calls up the woman and asks if it was her doing. Then he looks up the CCTV footage of the day and sees that it’s a delivery boy with his helmet on. Finally, he decides to meet up with that woman to try and solve the problem; however, he lies about it to Soo-Hyun and tells him he has late meetings at work. Unfortunately for him, she’s in front of the office, and when she sees him head out, she follows him in a cab all the way to the hotel the woman has called him to. In a reflection in the hotel, Soo-Hyun sees her husband knock at a room door, and when it’s opened, she’s shocked (yeah, we already knew) to see it’s Hee-Jae’s mother. I’ve said this probably more than enough times, but it’s obvious that she’s the one, not only from the picture but also from the fact that that video is still on her phone somewhere! 

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