‘A Bloody Lucky Day’ Season 2 Theories: What To Expect Next From K-Drama?


On the surface level, there isn’t much left to be explored in A Bloody Lucky Day through a second season. The first one was comprehensive enough; nevertheless, there were still a lot of unanswered questions left over that would make for an interesting sequel. It is just a matter of wanting to elaborate on them.

One possibility is that A Bloody Lucky Day season 2 may be centered around completely different characters, using the same concept of a lucky day gone wrong. It could be a spiritual sequel of sorts, with Oh Taek’s son finding a serial killer of his own to deal with. But if the story of the present characters is to be continued, then the writers can start by addressing questions about their past. 

Geum Hyuksoo and Lee Byeongmin shared a similar kind of troubled past. Hyuksoo’s father was absent from his life, but his grandmother had said that he was a bad man, and Hyuksoo had inherited his eyes. Perhaps Hyuksoo’s father was abusive towards his family, or maybe Hyuksoo’s fondness for murder started with his father. Hyuksoo’s past was never clarified, and it would be interesting to see the origin of this serial killer. Similarly, what was Byeongmin’s problem with his father? If it was just the fact that he never got validation from him, then that would make him similar to every other Asian kid. Was he physically abusive, as he seemed to tell Yoon Sena? In that case, what was Byeongmin’s mother doing? She seemed aware of her son’s murderous tendencies. Is it possible that she encouraged them in some capacity or simply tried to hide them for the benefit of her own career? Byeongmin’s derision for familial bonds or for any perceived ‘goodness’ in the world indicates that these are alien concepts to him, which must have started in his house. Additionally, Byeongmin was very insistent that his wife have a male child. Is it possible that he was trying to make up for the gaps in his own upbringing through the child he was going to have? A Bloody Lucky Day season 2 could just be an analysis of the minds and pasts of Geum Hyuksoo and Lee Byeongmin, and it would be extremely entertaining.

On the other hand, did Byeongmin really turn over a new leaf after his massacre during the taxi ride? He was killing people for the adrenaline hits he craved so much. Had he really started getting them from a life as a family man, or was his next pursuit the approval of his father? Maybe there is more evidence of his murderous nature hidden away somewhere? It seemed too easy for his wife, Hyunji, to accept that her perfect husband was a murderer. Had there been hints throughout their marriage that she had picked up? It is impossible to imagine a wife saying that a dream about killing relatives means good luck is on the way. It would be interesting to see a second season of the show from Hyunji’s perspective about her suspicions regarding her husband and how and why she managed her marriage the way she did.

Another possibility is to see a plot develop around Hyuksoo and Byeongmin’s past relationship. Was it really, as Oh Taek said, that Hyuksoo was the boss and Byeongmin was the follower? There seem to have been many people over the years who discovered the true nature of these two killers. A look at whether their partnership was actually helpful or just more damaging would be very insightful.

Finally, there may be a true sequel to this series. Perhaps Lee Byeongmin never died in jail. Either his mother was able to get him out, or he escaped with the help of some other elaborate plan, like the one he executed in the first half of the series. Lee Byeongmin would be completely blind, and his madness would likely not be hidden behind the facade of normalcy anymore. That makes him more dangerous than he has ever been. Byeongmin would undoubtedly want revenge, and a huge part of that would include proving his assumptions about Oh Taek. Throughout the series, Byeongmin has alternated between calling Oh Taek weak or saying that he has the capacity for evil, so he is no better than him. Maybe this stems from his need to prove himself worthy as he is, but Oh Taek is the wrong target. If Byeongmin is indeed alive and he gets out of jail, he wouldn’t just want to kill Oh Taek’s family. He would try to do everything he could to push Oh Taek off the edge of sanity. His test of character is what Byeongmin requires to get that rush of adrenaline.

Additionally, Oh Taek may undergo a change of heart himself. He severely neglected the family he had in the pursuit of the killer of the family that had died. Oh Taek was very happy and peaceful after his release from jail, but will that continue if his arch-enemy returns? Is Oh Taek’s happiness dependent on the people alive or on the murderer, who should be dead?

The common theme in all the possible scenarios for A Bloody Lucky Day season 2 is that they are going to center their plots around the study of Oh Taek or Byeongmin’s character. After all, the questions left behind by season 1 are about them. It is about Byeongmin thinking that his father did not care about him and that his mother supposedly wanted to kill him. The same is the case with Hyuksoo. As for Oh Taek, he is a repentant father who is risking his life for the sake of his children. I don’t know the correct psychological term for it, but some sort of pseudo-toxic parent-child relationship may form between Oh Taek and Byeongmin in the future. There could be nothing more unhinged than that.

A Bloody Lucky Day season 2 has not been announced yet, but it would be met with suitable excitement. Season 1 had the audience on the edge of their seats, and if the expectations for season 2 are anything to go by, it would be a truly mind-bending experience that cannot be missed. I hope the creators pick up on that.

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Divya Malladi
Divya Malladi
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