‘A Murder At The End Of The World’ Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained: What Was In The CCTV Footage?


In the first episode of A Murder at the End of the World, we saw that Darby Hart was invited by Andy Ronson to attend the conference in Fljot Valley, Iceland. Darby felt honored, as not only Andy and his wife, Lee, were her heroes, but she also looked up to the people who were called in to be a part of the retreat, and she greatly admired their body of work. Darby had no clue that she would meet Bill Farray at the retreat, and when she did, she couldn’t understand if it was happening in real life or if she was hallucinating. At the end of the first episode, Darby saw Bill dying in front of her own eyes, and she knew from the start that there was some foul play involved in the scheme of things. She knew Bill more than anybody else, even if she hadn’t seen the man for the last six years. She knew that he was not the kind of man who would take his own life. Darby was adamant about finding evidence that would reveal the mystery behind Bill’s death, and she was also well aware of the fact that there would be people who wouldn’t want her to investigate the matter. So let’s see what Darby ends up finding in the second episode of A Murder at the End of the World and if she got closer to solving the mystery.

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Why did Darby find out about Bill’s death?

Darby didn’t agree with Andy’s viewpoint, and she knew that Bill had not taken his life. Bill had died in front of her eyes and Andy was telling everyone that he had overdosed on drugs. Not even for a moment did Darby believe in his narrative because she knew that, for some reason, Andy and others were trying to hide the truth. She knew that even if she hadn’t met Bill for the longest time, he could never do that to himself. Bill might have been dealing with a lot of problems, but he wasn’t depressed, and he never felt like it was the end of the road for him. 

At the beginning of A Murder at the End of the World Episode 2, Andy informed everybody during the breakfast that Bill died due to overdosing. Darby wanted to see him one last time, but he told her that the law enforcement authorities of Iceland were taking the matter into their own hands and that she was not allowed to go inside his room. Andy made it very clear that he wanted to continue with the retreat, as it had taken approximately 2 years to gather everybody in one location. Andy wasn’t close to Bill, and the tragedy hadn’t affected him one bit. He was more concerned about what he had envisioned they would all achieve together, and so he told everyone that, though he wouldn’t stop anyone who didn’t want to be a part of the conference, personally, he wanted them to make the most of it. His wife, Lee, also backed him up and said that in such times, she felt that being around like-minded people was the only thing that could keep her sane.

Darby knew that she had to go inside Bill’s room and try to find any sort of evidence that could lead her to the truth. She clogged the toilet intentionally and then went and told the receptionist about the issue. As soon as he left his desktop unattended, Darby encoded her ring and used it to enter Bill’s room. Finally, she found out that the needle mark was on Bill’s right hand, and she found it highly unlikely that a right-handed man would inject himself using his less dominant arm. Also, there were no fingerprints on the syringe, which meant that if Bill had injected himself, he would have worn gloves, which was highly unlikely. Just when Darby was figuring out everything, Lee Anderson came to the room, and the former hid in the washroom. She saw that Lee was trying to find something, but she wasn’t able to and she left the room as she was scared that someone would spot her there. Later, in A Murder at the End of the World Episode 2, Darby told Lee that she had seen her inside Bill’s room. Lee told her that she was trying to find some evidence that could prove that Bill had not died of an overdose. She told Darby to look into the doorbell camera if she wanted to figure out who was behind the murder, considering they both believed that Bill hadn’t died of an overdose.

Was Darby able to access the doorbell camera?

The second episode made us privy to how Bill and Darby had met in the first place and how they had started investigating the unidentified dead bodies, specifically the one where Darby and her father had found the silver earrings. When Darby confronted Lee, the latter told her that she needed to find the SSID, i.e., the service set identifier, which was a sequence of unique characters that named a wi-fi network, if she wanted to get her hands on the footage that was there on the doorbell cam. Darby had no clue how to find it, but she was as stubborn as a mule, and she knew that she would figure out a way. She was thinking about how Bill had made her birthday special in the past, when he wished her in his own unique manner, and it gave her an unexpected lead that she knew could help her to find the truth. She remembered how Bill had hacked into the software of the streetlights in her area and made it flicker to wish her birthday by using Morse code. It suddenly struck Darby that she could find out about the SSID code through the smart lights if they were installed in her room. Darby asked her AI assistant, and she got to know which light in her room was a smart light. She unbolted that light, and through it, she was able to find the SSID code. She then needed to find the password, and seeing the coding at the backend, she realized that Andy had kept the birthday of his kid as the password for the entire system. She logged into the system and got her hands on the doorbell camera footage. Darby got to know that, apart from David and Ziba, there was a masked man who had visited Bill just before he had died.

At the end of A Murder at the End of the World Episode 2, one thing became very clear: Bill had not committed suicide, as there was enough evidence present to prove the fact that some foul play had happened. In the subsequent episodes, Darby will find out who had a vendetta against Bill and why he was killed in the first place.

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