‘Blood Free’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained: How Is Chae-Woon Okay?


As Blood Free progresses, it becomes more of a futuristic sci-fi. What I mean by that is that in every episode, the things that happen at Ja-Yu’s company seem further away from the reality of today. I suppose I was expecting it to be more of a political drama based on the first four episodes, but episode 5 proves that it has more to offer than simple verbal jabs or physical violence. No, the characters of this show are fighting to solve world problems; some for selfish reasons like becoming immortal, whereas others are doing it for real scientific progression. Blood Free episode 5 begins with a different side of the incident that occurred at the end of episode 4. Before the armed men got to Ja-Yu, an alarm went off in the lab. San immediately tries to figure out what’s happening, and with the help of the AI Youngshil, he sees Ja-Yu and the group get attacked. By this point, it’s too late, and nobody can actually do anything to help them.

Spoiler Alert

How does Ja-Yu save Chae-Woon? 

We then move forward to the bit where Chae-Woon gets shot in the chest and starts bleeding profusely. Things escalate, and it looks like Seo is going to get shot before backup arrives and saves them all. Five of the perpetrators are killed, while others are captured. The PM knows everything that’s gone down in what seems like real time. He also knows exactly what kind of information is going to be spread by the media. Apparently, those men were offered drugs in return for killing a CEO. Obviously, this could mean some huge drug deal involving politicians, surely not simply for personal use. But additionally, they’re so unafraid that they used police equipment for the deed. San is with the backup team, and Chae-Woon is in critical condition and bleeding out. They take him to a secret location in the lab that only a few people know of. I suppose we can imagine that Ja-Yu desperately wanted Chae-Woon to stay alive because she wanted to test her special equipment on him. 

Hong, Seo, San, and Ja-Yu are present when Chae-Woon is put in a bed that looks more like a coffin. This bed is fully equipped to save a person’s life after scanning them for vitals and figuring out what needs to be done for them. The machine removes the bullets, and miraculously, Chae-Woon’s chest closes up like it’s an old wound. Additionally, at first, it appears as if whatever procedure they want to try on him isn’t going to work because his body is rejecting it, but it ends up working. What’s more, it detects another wound in Chae-Woon’s body that has been untreated for a long time. His ear was damaged during the incident with the ex-president, and he never got it “fixed.” 

We see Ja-Yu suffer from PTSD alone in a room where the only “person” with her is Yongshil. But in front of the others, she looks completely fine. She spends the night monitoring Chae-Woon while the PM convinces his father that he is not the man behind the attack. I still can’t tell if he actually cares about the country or not. We know his father wants what Ja-Yu has and will go to any extent to get it, but the son might have other ideas in mind. In the meantime, there’s a work meeting with people from the US and France, where they discuss microorganism technology along with cultured meat technology. Apparently, it’s a field that Blood Free does not plan on venturing into, but Ja-Yu has some ideas in mind. 

Ja-Yu finally returns to Chae-Woon’s home the next day and feeds his cat in the same way that she remembers him doing. I guess it’s a sign of how observant she is, or maybe of how much she’s starting to care about this man. I’m not quite certain. In the meantime, Chae-Woon wakes up in the lab when On San has fallen asleep and manually opens the bed. What he finds is shocking, and he feels nauseous. Around him are cultured organs, and he thinks they’re animal organs, but when he calls Ja-Yu and asks her about them, her answers reveal that they’re human organs. Chae-Woon thinks one of these organs has been transplanted in him, but Ja-Yu assures him that it’s not true. 

What’s New in Chae-Woon’s Body?

Repulsed by the thought of Ja-Yu’s business mind, Chae-Woon leaves the lab half-recovered. He should be spending more time in bed, but he can’t stand the thought of what these people can do to him and simply leaves in his bloody clothes with no exit wound. He also notices that there’s something wrong with his ear, and when his phone rings, his ear rings too. Something that didn’t happen earlier with his hearing aid. Chae-Woon gets a call from the PM, and when he visits him, he thinks he’s meant to be talking with the man’s grandfather, but that is not the case. The PM is simply trying to understand the situation and see if Chae-Woon is actually okay so soon after knowing he was fatally injured. Additionally, they discuss the old incident yet again, and the PM asks Chae-Woon if he truly believes there’s another terrorist who hasn’t been caught yet. In truth, the guy thinks Chae-Woon is delusional, but he challenges him to bring evidence regarding this other person who is the actual culprit. 

On the other hand, Seonu Gun talks to an NBA player about a treatment he’s offered him. He plans on making it possible for humans to live for thousands of years and not get old. I suppose that’s why he’s after Ja-Yu’s lab; he knows what she’s actually experimenting with. 

At the end of Blood Free episode 5, Seonu Gun and the PM discuss the fact that the attack was a good thing for them because now they know that they need whatever BF has to progress in their research. It is also revealed that Chae-Woon has illegal artificial blood in him, which can cause a heart attack and is still in the experimental stage. He gets furious with San, who is the one who decided to “fix” his ear. Chae-Woon is able to hear the frequencies that only animals can hear at this point. Chae-Woon argues with Ja-Yu and San that they’re going too far with these things simply for money (he thinks the organs are going to be sold) and leaves. San says something like, “You think this is all for money,” which implies that Ja-Yu has other things in mind, but Chae-Woon doesn’t care to listen. At the end of the episode, Ja-Yu is standing in front of a door with the words “BG Grade A” written on it. 

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