‘Blood Free’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: Why Did Ja-Yu Start Blood Free?


With each passing episode, Blood Free gets more thrilling and apparently funny too. I think episode 6 is quite a funny episode, especially with the serious nature of everything else that occurs in the episode. I suppose Blood Free may join the ranks of the best of Disney+ because it definitely isn’t a senseless story but a smart and thrilling ride. Although what happens throughout this episode, specifically with the character Kim Ho-Seung, makes the ending of the episode quite predictable; however, it’s still entertaining. A lot gets revealed in this episode, and we also see different sides of Ja-Yu, who until now seemed like quite the stone when it came to expressing herself. There were signs of her PTSD and her sadness over the loss of a sister, but in episode 6, we finally get a full picture of exactly what happened.

Spoiler Alert

Why is Ho-Seung mad?

At the beginning of Blood Free episode 6, everyone wants to learn about how Chae-Woon is doing just fine. By everyone, I specifically mean Ho-Seung and Jeong Hae-Dun, Ja-Yu’s assistant. At first, it seems like Ho-Seung is desperate to know what happened to Chae-Woon in the basement because he wants to know the office secrets. On the other hand, Ja-Yu congratulates the team because Chae-Woon is the first survivor of their little experiment. She lets San and Seo leave the room and talks to Hong about Kim Sin-Gu because she worked closely with him. He also tried to kill Hong, so Ja-Yu uses caution while talking to her about him. Ja-Yu wonders if Kim has resented Ja-Yu ever since his wife died in one of those beds. She thinks this whole situation was an elaborate plan of revenge on Ja-Yu for killing his wife; even though it was at Kim’s request, she worked on her in the first place. Hong tells Ja-Yu that there was one strange thing that occurred after Kim’s wife’s death. Apparently, every Wednesday at 6 p.m., Kim used to go to a group meeting with other people who had suffered the loss of a loved one to cancer. Hong claims that Kim changed after these meetings and one day stopped going to them. She wonders how something like that could make one so evil. When she’s walking out, Hae-Dun asks Hong some cryptic questions regarding the basement of the lab. With Hong’s answers, she learns that whatever is happening there has to do with medical science. She’s quite sly like that. 

The bodyguards are invited to try on new bulletproof suits. Actually, they’re not just bulletproof; they’re heat-resistant and basically a full shield of protection. At first, it seems like Chae-Woon will not be returning to work for Ja-Yu, but he shows up and even goes to try on the suit. At that time, Seo is handing over an address for Ho-Seung, but Chae-Woon snatches it from Seo. The address is for Kim’s group meetings. Seeing how Chae-Woon is acting like he knows best ever since he was treated in the basement, Ho-Seung gets mad at him, and they get into a physical fight (I told you it was funny). Seo gets hurt trying to stop them and warns them never to do it again, or at least wear their suits to test them out in the process. Finally, we understand that Ho-Seung was simply concerned about Chae-Woon and wanted to know if he was doing okay because he literally watched him bleed out in front of his eyes. 

Ja-Yu pays a visit to the PM, and he’s trying to gauge her reaction to the whole situation. She promotes her products even then, and this makes him believe that she’s doing just fine and is quite cold-hearted. I still can’t figure out what the PM wants from Ja-Yu. Ja-Yu tells him that she thinks there’s a mole in the country trying to jeopardize BF’s work. I do think the PM is sick himself, so he wants help from Ja-Yu, but we’ll learn about that a bit later. In the meantime, Chae-Woon visits the ex-president to ask him how exactly he got the job at BF. He thinks the PM was involved, but the ex-president doesn’t like the sound of what Chae-Woon is bringing up. Now Chae-Woon thinks that the terrorist attack was actually on Ja-Yu, not the president, and it was meant for the downfall of BF. 

How did Ja-Yu’s sister die? 

Ja-Yu gets an unexpected visit from Chae-Woon in the middle of the night, which frightens her. He tells her a story about a man who suffered from PTSD 30 years after the Second World War. He then tells her that he knows how BF came to be. Ja-Yu, Kim, and San witnessed atrocities inflicted on pigs, which made them have an aversion to meat at first, but for Ja-Yu, it was more. She realized that despite humans being a dominant species, we are dependent on animals and plants for survival, so she decided it was time to break that line that connected us with them for true perfection. Chae-Woon learns this from San; however, Ja-Yu continues the story. She tells him that it would’ve been a great story if that were it, but it was more than that. 

Ja-Yu’s sister was affected by mad cow disease during her study abroad. Ja-Yu had watched her smart and healthy twin’s health deteriorate and lead to her death. All Ja-Yu could think at the time was that if she were able to change her sister’s organs as they died one by one, she could’ve given her new life. Hence the idea of cultured organs. Chae-Woon finally thanks Ja-Yu for saving his life. 

At the end of Blood Free episode 6, Ho-Seung and Chae-Woon go to the address where the group meetings took place and find out about Kim’s friend. It’s the same scar-faced man who was seen around the corner in the first episode when a man fell from the sky onto Ja-Yu’s car. It seems Kim’s death was planned from the beginning. The bodyguards go to find the man and eventually end up chasing him through the city. Ho-Sung and Chae-Woon get separated when they have to chase the guy on foot, and Ho-Seung ends up fighting the guy alone. He ends up removing the safety coat because it’s quite heavy, but he still manages to put up a good fight. However, ultimately, he gets stabbed in the spinal cord. In the meantime, Chae-Woon removes his hearing aid and tries to listen for their sounds. The fight is quite far from him, but he still hears them; however, he arrives too late. Before he passes out, Ho-Seung tells Chae-Woon about a scar. The police arrive, and Chae-Woon tries to run, but he’s caught, and when he looks at a lifeless Ho-Seung as he’s being handcuffed with his face on the road, Chae-Woon is reminded of a dead man during the bombing with the president. 

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