‘Blue Beetle’ Ending, Explained: What Happens In The Mid-Credits Scene?


Directed by Angel Manuel Soto, Blue Beetle makes us privy to the story of a normal guy who stumbles onto something that he shouldn’t have and that changes everything. He had never imagined in his wildest dreams that life was going to take such a bizarre yet fascinating turn. So, let’s find out what happened with Jaime Reyes, how that accident changed his life, and if he is able to look after and provide for his family and bring them out of the crisis.

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Why Was Jenny Kord Against Omac Tech?

Jaime Reyes was returning to his hometown after completing his graduation, and he had dreamed of enrolling in a law school after that. But fate had other plans for him, and he didn’t know that while he was away for his studies, his family was facing a lot of financial problems, to the point that Alberto Reyes, Jaime’s father, knew that they would go broke if they didn’t do anything about the situation quickly. To make matters worse, their landlord had tripled the rent on their house, and they had no option other than to vacate the place. Alberto and Rocio, Jaime’s parents, didn’t want to give him the shock of his life as soon as he landed, so they told their daughter, Milagro, to let them speak to him. But Milagro obviously couldn’t hold back, and while Jaime was enjoying his lunch, she told him that they were facing a huge crisis. Jaime couldn’t understand how things had gone downhill so drastically.

Uncle Rudy and Alberto calmed him down and told him that they would figure something out, but Jaime couldn’t help but feel guilty about the entire situation. He felt like he had failed his family, and he was not there for them when they needed him the most. He got angry at them for keeping it all a secret from him, but his parents told him that they did so because they didn’t want him to leave his studies and come back. That night, Jaime sat on the roof with his sister and told her that he believed in his abilities and that very soon, he would make sure that they came out of that crisis. Jaime said that it was just a phase and that things would get better very soon. Milagro believed in her brother, and she felt more hopeful than ever, now that he had come back.

The next day, Milagro and Jaime got a part-time cleaning job at Victoria Kord’s house, but an unprecedented event got them fired on the very first day. Jenny Kord, Victoria’s niece, didn’t like that the company had started producing weaponry, as her father, Ted Kord, was totally against it back in the day. Victoria was in the final stages of developing the OMAC (one-man army corps) technology, which she wanted to sell to the military and law enforcement authorities of different nations. When a person wore the OMAC tech, they basically transformed into something like a cyborg, with the only difference being that the transformation was not permanent, and they could take off the suit whenever they wanted.

Now, Milagro had taken Jaime inside the house, as she wanted to use the private restroom of the Kords, and she had told Jaime to signal her if anybody came. Jaime got too invested in the argument that Victoria and Jenny were having, and unconsciously, he ended up telling Victoria not to get so aggressive. Victoria fired both Jaime and Milagro from the job, and they sat outside contemplating what they should do next. Luckily, Jenny came out at that time, and she felt sympathetic towards them as Jaime had lost his job because he was trying to look out for her. She asked Jaime to come to the Kord Towers, and she promised him to give him a job so that he could support his family. 

Jenny knew that Victoria was able to develop OMAC because she had been able to get her hands on the Scarab. She had decided that she would steal the Scarab so that Victoria and her team would not be able to copy that technology and bring their tech to the market. Jenny knew the kind of havoc that could be wreaked if OMAC fell into the wrong hands. She went and took the Scarab from the lab, but Dr. Sanchez (who specified time and again that it was not his real name) saw it was missing and asked for the entire building to be locked down. Jenny met Jaime, who had come there for his job, and she handed over the Scarab and told him to keep it safely and not look at it no matter what. But obviously, the inquisitive Reyes family was not going to abide by the orders, and they did end up unpacking it and that’s when they realized that they had committed a blunder. 

Was Victoria Able To Get The Code From Jaime?

As soon as the box was opened, the Scarab attached itself to Jaime’s body, and the boy was no longer in control of himself. Jaime realized that the alien AI named Khaji-Da had a will of its own, and he didn’t know how he could get rid of it. Jenny also came to Jaime’s house when she realized that Scarab had chosen him to be the host. Jenny was amazed that out of all the people, the AI had chosen Jaime, and it didn’t make sense to her as to what the rationale behind the selection was.

Jenny took Uncle Rudy and Jaime to the abandoned Kord family estate, where her father had set up his secret lab. They found that Jaime was not the first host that the AI had chosen, as there was a man named Dan Garett who had been chosen before. It came to be known that the Scarab, once attached to the body of the host, didn’t leave them till the person died, and that fact scared Jaime, as he was not ready to live with the Scarab on his back for his entire life. Meanwhile, Victoria Kord came with her soldiers to the Reyes residence, as she thought that Jaime would be hiding there. Though Jaime did come back in time to defend his family, he was not able to save his father. Alberto died of a heart attack, and Jaime was taken into custody by Victoria Kord.

Victoria wanted to copy the code from the Scarab, though she knew that Jaime could die in the process. She wanted the code so that she could make her OMAC technology equally powerful, even when she was well aware of the devastation it could potentially cause if it fell into the wrong hands. Victoria was able to transfer the code, and Lieutenant Carapax, who was being used as a prototype, became powerful beyond any measure. Jaime’s family arrived on the island where Victoria was hiding him, and they waged an all-out attack on the soldiers stationed to guard the fortress. Jaime was able to free himself, but it was still not an easy task to fight Carapax. Jaime knew that he and Khaji-Da had to become one if they wanted to get out of the mess alive. Jaime was able to harness all the power he had inside him, and he was able to get the better of Carapax. Jaime broke the device from which Victoria had taken the code, and he was about to kill Carapax, when something happened that changed his mind.

What Did Jaime Find Out About Carapax?

During Blue Beetle‘s ending, Khaji-Da showed Jaime that Carapax was a victim of his circumstances and that he was also being used by Victoria for her own selfish interests. Carapax was very small when his entire family had been killed, and Victoria had taken him into her custody, portraying that she was a humanitarian whose heart broke when she saw the little boy in such deplorable circumstances. Carapax had believed in this lie for an entire lifetime, and he had no clue that Victoria was the one responsible for his family’s demise. Carapax was shocked when he got to know the truth, and he not only helped Jaime escape but made sure that he took revenge on Victoria Kord. Jaime, Jenny, and others left in the Blue Beetle spaceship, and they saw Carapax jumping into the fire together with Victoria and making sure that they both died together. Jenny announced to the world that Victoria had died in a tragic accident and that she was now going to take charge of the company. Jenny immediately stopped manufacturing weaponry and declared that Kord Industries was never going to indulge in any activity that could potentially hamper peace or bring destruction to the world.

What Happens In The Mid-Credits Scene?

Jaime was finally able to express his feelings and tell Jenny that he loved her. Jenny told the Reyes family that Kord Industries was going to make sure that their house was repaired, and that they were fairly compensated for whatever damages they had incurred because of them. It felt like things would be fine for Jenny and Jaime from here on, but During Blue Beetle‘s mid credits scene brought an unexpected twist, and we realized that there were many mysteries that Jaime, with his newfound powers, had yet to solve.

In the abandoned Kord estate, a voice could be heard coming from the computer system that was installed in the secret lab. It was Ted Kord, Jenny’s father, and he stated explicitly, in plain and clear words, that he was still alive. We had earlier seen Victoria telling Jenny how her father had abandoned the family and gone missing all of a sudden. The family had probably started believing that Ted had died, but the mid-credit scene proved the speculations wrong, if there were any. So, either Ted had gone willingly to some place for some unspecified reason and was now trapped there, or Victoria might have gotten him captured back in the day and lied to the world that he had gone missing of his own accord. Victoria despised her brother, as she thought that their father favored him and never acknowledged her potential.

Blue Beetle ends on this cliffhanger, and in the sequel (if there is one), we will get to know what exactly happened with Ted, what he knew that others didn’t, and if Jaime and Jenny could bring him back.

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