‘Boy In The Walls’ Ending, Explained: Who Was Hiding In The House?


Directed by Constant Zimmer, Boy in the Walls has absolutely nothing new to offer, and we don’t know why the project was funded when the writers brought that same predictable storyline without any kind of authenticity. The screenplay is as banal as it could get, and the characters are way too stereotypical and superficial. The creators aren’t able to build up any kind of suspense, and even the big reveal at the end falls flat, and you can actually see it coming from a mile away. So, let’s look into the story of Boy in the Walls and find out what all happens with its major character.

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Why Did Maya Have Issues With Alisa?

Alisa and Chris had moved to a new house in a remote location, and they believed that it would be the start of a new chapter in their lives. Chris was earlier married to a woman named Rachel, and he had two children with her: Theo and Maya. After Rachel’s untimely demise, Chris’s life had turned upside down, and he didn’t know if he would ever be able to find any happiness in his life. Chris was fortunate to have found love a second time, but the problem was that the children were having a hard time accepting Alisa in their lives. They felt that Alisa was trying to take their mother’s place, and they didn’t like that. Alisa, too, was having a hard time, especially with Maya, who just refused to talk to her in a civilized manner.

Alisa was trying her best to appease the children, but the rebellion of youth and the grief of losing their mother were just too much for the children to cope with. Chris believed that with time things would be fine, but Maya was not easy to deal with, and Chris probably knew that. Chris was often out on business trips, and Alisa dreaded being in the same house with Maya. She knew that no matter what she did, Maya would find a way to get irritated with her. There were times when Alisa, too, felt like replying back to Maya, but she knew that the girl was having a hard time, and she was not so condescending in her approach in reality.

Maya was also insecure about the fact that her father and Alisa had been trying to have a baby for the longest time. She was scared that her father would give the newborn more importance, and somewhere she would become an outcast in her own house. That anger, insecurity, and frustration came out on Alisa at times, but she never took it to heart, as she knew that Maya was probably going through the toughest phase of her life. One day, in Boy in the Walls, Maya found her doll in the dustbin, and she blamed Alisa for doing that. Alisa knew that either it was Theo who was doing it or, worse, there was someone else in the house who was keeping an eye on them. Strange things started happening in the house, and Alisa felt an eerie presence that she couldn’t describe in words. She tried telling this to Chris, but he never believed her, and he thought that it was just the stress that was having an impact on her subconscious mind. Alisa also didn’t push much, as she was not sure what was happening in the house and whether what she was hearing and feeling were figments of her imagination.

Who Was Hiding In The House?

From the floorboard creaking to catching a glimpse of someone in the woods, there were a lot of things that hinted at the possibility of someone keeping an eye on Alisa’s family. Someone had taken Maya’s doll yet again, and this time they had made markings on its face. Chris was still in denial, and even when so much evidence was in front of him, he was not ready to accept Alisa’s theory that someone was there in the house.

Once, Alisa was going somewhere in her car when she saw someone literally running in the woods. She decided that she would have to go and check for herself because she was done feeling scared all the time. She went and found that all the little things that had been missing from the house were dumped there, and she also saw the footprints of a grown human nearby, on the wet ground. When Chris came back from his business trip, Alisa took him to the same spot to make him believe that whatever she was saying was right. But to her surprise, everything had vanished, and even the footprints were not visible.

Alisa also told Chris about that one time when she had come back home and found music playing from all the speakers kept in the house. Chris was sure, more than ever, that Alisa was hallucinating, and he told her to see a psychiatrist as stress was not good for her pregnancy. Maya overheard this conversation, and she refrained from telling her father about her own experiences, as she was scared that he would tell her too that she was delusional.

The next day, Maya went to talk to Alisa and told her that she heard strange noises in the night and that she did feel that there was someone in the house. Alisa told Maya that when Chris comes, she will tell him that they are moving out of the house, and she won’t listen to anything he says. But before that could happen, Alisa got stuck in a situation, and she didn’t know if she would be able to come out of it alive or not. Alisa noticed that there was a passage behind the walls that diverged to a hidden room where a boy named Joe was staying. Joe had been keeping an eye on the family all this time. It was Joe’s mother who had died in the house, and the incident had a deep impact on him. Joe’s mother had committed suicide, and ever since Alisa and Chris had moved into the house, he started seeing Alisa as his mother. He wanted to make the others leave, and he told Alisa that he wanted her to stay back. Joe didn’t like how badly Maya behaved with her, and he told her that he would kill her eventually. Joe was not mentally stable, and from what he said, we realized that his mother used to abuse him.

During Boy in the Walls‘s ending, Alisa pushes Joe, and he gets severely injured and is unable to get back on his feet. The police arrive, but Alisa refuses to press charges, knowing that what had happened to Joe was very unfortunate and it was not his fault. The boy had been deprived of love his entire life, and he was just seeking that. The incident made Maya realize that she had been very rude to Alisa and that it was not her intention to take her mother’s position. The debacle brought the family together, and Alisa was more than grateful for that.

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