‘Burning Betrayal’ Ending Explained & Film Summary: Are Caio And Thiago Dead?


Burning Betrayal, the Spanish thriller, is directed by Diego Freitas and based on a novel, “O Lado Bom De Ser Traida,” written by Sue Hecker. The narrative is as predictable as it could get, and though the cinematography and the execution of scenes are done in a stylized manner, there is absolutely nothing in the film that can hold your attention. The only thing that works for the film is its brisk pace, and though the performances are good, the actors aren’t given a lot to play with. So, let’s find out what happens in Burning Betrayal and if our protagonist is able to figure out who is trying to take her life.

Spoiler Alert

What happened between Caio and Babi?

Caio and Babi had been in a relationship for quite some time now, and they had decided to finally get married. Babi was very excited about her wedding, and she was enthusiastically making all sorts of arrangements. Caio, Babi, and their common friend Thiago worked together, and their import business was flourishing of late. There were some hiccups in between, but Caio always figured out a way and made sure that the company was profitable. Caio had been summoned to the prosecutor’s office, and he told Babi that one of their clients, named Marigold Constructions, was involved in a money laundering case. and he was just being called to testify, and the matter wasn’t so serious. Babi loved him and she didn’t have any reason to not trust him. He was the man she had decided to spend her entire life with, and she had the utmost faith in his integrity. But Caio was cheating on Babi, and it was pretty evident that, under the pretext of business trips, he was meeting other women.

Babi was completely oblivious to this reality, and she was living in her own tinseltown. Reality came like a storm, and it destroyed the castle of dreams that Babi had created in her mind. At her bachelorette party, someone sent her pictures of Caio getting intimate with other girls. She felt like her life was ruined, and she locked herself in the washroom because she didn’t have the courage to face the world. Patty, Babi’s best friend, called Thiago, as she knew that only he could console her. The next few days were terrible for Babi, and she didn’t know how to escape that claustrophobic feeling. Her entire life had been turned over, and she just wanted to confront Caio and ask him why he broke her heart. The good thing was that Thiago and Patty were always there for her, and they made Babi realize that it was not the end of the world and that she should start afresh. Babi knew that it was not going to be easy from here on, but she was ready to move on as she realized that the man was just not worth it.

Was Marco cheating on Babi?

Babi met Judge Marco Ladeia by chance, as during the court proceedings where Caio had to testify, she had accidentally left her folder in the courtroom itself. Marco’s assistant gave her a call and asked her to collect it from the judge’s office. Both Judge Marco and Babi felt a strange connection, and though they didn’t make any advancement, they knew that they would cross paths again very soon. As expected, in Burning Betrayal, Babi did bump into Marco when she went on a road trip with the biker club she had joined after her breakup. Babi always loved motorbikes, but Caio probably didn’t like them, and she had sold her bike as she knew that she would never get a chance to ride it after marriage. But now she was free of that toxic relationship, and the first thing she did was to buy a bike and join the club.

Marco and Babi spent a beautiful time at the resort, though she noticed that Marco acted very strangely at certain times. He had a knack for leaving her stranded, and she didn’t understand what he was up to. Babi thought that she was never going to contact Marco after the road trip, but he called her once again, apologized for leaving her so suddenly, and said that he would make it up to her. They started meeting every day, and Babi loved his company. She gave it some thought to see if she could have a future with him, but the unexpected happened and once again Babi’s trust was broken. Babi came to know that Marco was married, and she didn’t understand why she kept getting such men who did not have an ounce of integrity and honesty.

But later, Marco came and told Babi the truth, and that’s when she realized that she had been hasty in making her judgment, as Marco was not a dishonest man. It was a fact that Marco was married to Paula, but things were not going great between them, and he was on the verge of getting a divorce from her. Paula had been suffering from mental health issues for a long time, and when she got pregnant, it got even worse. Their girl child was born with a lot of health issues, and she had to be kept under observation in the hospital. One time, Paula tried to take her daughter and run away from the hospital, and that’s when Marco realized that he would have to file a restraining order against Paula as she didn’t know what she might end up doing next. Marco supported Paula in every way he could, but she showed no signs of improvement. Marco wanted to move on now, and he had told Paula about it, but obviously, she was in no state to accept the reality. After listening to his story, Babi decided to give Marco another chance because she realized that he was not a bad man.

Who Was Trying To Kill Babi?

Around this time, when Babi was seeing Marco, she had an accident, and she had this feeling that the car driver intentionally wanted to hit her. Additionally, someone had recorded her when she was with Marco in that resort during her road trip ,and she had no clue what was the intention of the perpetrator. When Marco heard about it, he used his sources to get the CCTV footage from the signal where Babi had met with an accident, and he got the license plate checked. He grew suspicious when he got to know that the license plate was stolen, and that’s when he realized that Babi’s intuition was probably not wrong. Babi, at the beginning of Burning Betrayal, had broken into Caio’s office and taken his laptop, through which she had gotten to know that he was lying when he had told her that he was not involved in the money laundering case. She wanted to give that laptop to Marco and initiate legal proceedings, but Thiago told her that first, they should consult their own lawyers and then make any move because it could hamper the image of the company.

In the end, we came to know that Thiago, Babi’s best friend, and Caio were involved in the money laundering case together. It was Thiago, who had sent her the photographs of Caio getting intimate with other girls, because he wanted her to stay out of their business and not poke her nose in everything. Thiago had intentionally hit her vehicle so that it would scare her, but that, too, didn’t work, and Babi still wanted to expose Caio. Thiago decided that they would have to kill Babi, as otherwise, their entire money laundering scam would get exposed, and they would have to face jail time. He took Babi to a secluded area where Caio was waiting for them. They had dug a grave, and they had planned to kill her and bury her there. Thiago wanted Caio to take the shot and kill Babi, but he just couldn’t do it.

How Did Caio And Thiago Die?

During Burning Betrayal‘s ending, Thiago shot Caio and he died on the spot. However, before Thiago could shoot Babi, Marco reached the scene as he had planted a tracker on Thiago. Thiago and Marco entered into a scuffle, and at the end, a police officer came and shot Thiago dead. Marco had already informed the authorities while he was on his way, as he knew that he would need all the support that he could get. The nightmare ended, and Babi realized that she could spend her entire life with Marco, as he truly loved and cared for her. Marco’s daughter was released from the hospital as the doctors were of the opinion that she was out of danger. Marco would have been relieved because all this time he had prayed day and night for his daughter to get well.  It all ended well for Babi, and she knew that this time, she had found a man who would never betray her and would always keep her happy.

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