Si Hyeong In ‘Celebrity,’ Explained: Why Did She Break Up With Jun Kyeong?


For the longest time, we just did not know what to make of Si Hyeong in Celebrity. She was a little too perfect for this narrative and always did all the right things, to the point that she seemed like an impossible person. At one point, we even suspected whether she was bbbfamous, simply because it did not seem possible that her only purpose in the series was to be the “good” person.

Yoon Si Hyeong came from a well-to-do, politically connected family, and she was married to the owner of a law firm, along with the many charitable activities and organizations that she was involved in. As the Gabin society in Celebrity says, she had a pull of her own that did not depend on the attention of brands and the possession of the latest items. Yet she was always dissatisfied and sad as if she were carrying some secrets that no one could know about. At first, we thought that she might still be in love with Jun Kyeong, but we realized that this was far from the case. In fact, the way she walked away from the relationship was commendable. There was always pressure on her to make her decisions according to her family’s wishes. This was probably the one limitation of being rich and influential: you cannot marry for love but only for the furtherance of social status.

Si Hyeong may have fought for her love and gone against her family’s wishes if she believed that Jun Kyeong was just as dedicated to her. They had been together for a while, and they deeply cared for each other. But Jun Kyeong had always maintained a distance from her, which was the result of his belief that she would have to marry according to her family’s demands. He never got possessive over her, and not once did he ask her to at least think of a future with the two of them. That means that though he was caring and loyal enough, he had never let his feelings grow to the extent that he thought of her as a part of his life forever.

We believe that it was different for Si Hyeong. If she had thought the same way as Jun Kyeong, she would have had a proper discussion with him before the breakup. But she just got up and left without any explanation whatsoever. The only reason for such behavior could have been that it was too painful for her to discuss the reasons, which means that she was much more invested in the relationship than Jun Kyeong was. Years later, when he asked her for her reasons for doing that, she refused, saying that it was too late for those words and that they would only derail their lives at this point. But given the right opportunity, Si Hyeon tells Jun Kyeong exactly where things went wrong. They both had long moved on, but this was an important moment for her because she understood the relief that comes with speaking your mind and going after what you want. She did not want to be with Jun Kyeong in Celebrity, but she wanted freedom for herself where she could make her own choices.

While married to Tae Joon, Si Hyeong’s number one job was to keep up his public image. This is why she took care of Chae Hee as much as she did because everything she did affected the family. Si Hyeong constantly told her to act better, and when she was doing that, she was not just protecting others from her wrath but trying to teach Chae Hee to be a better person. This left Si Hyeong with very few friends and literally no one who understood the kind of person she was. She had no one to share her fears and frustrations with. It was a very dark place to be in this flashy world. Tae Joon treated her as a trophy wife. He was good to her for the most part, and he had wanted to marry her due to her familial background and the kind of social grace that she carried within herself. But he rarely cared about her feelings and had next to no sense of right or wrong.

When the man died of an overdose due to Chae Hee’s negligence, the best thing to do would have been to handsomely compensate the family and get them to sign an NDA instead of trying to cover up the whole matter. It was rather stupid to not let the man have proper medical care and rope in a plastic surgeon for him. The matter could have been handled a little differently and still been kept under wraps. It is not like Tae Joon did not have the kind of money to do that. In fact, if he had done this instead, both Si Hyeong and A Ri would not have gone against him. Yet he chose to be callous. We don’t know if this was just bad writing or a way to show Tae Joon as brash and stupid, but either way, this was a little too much for Si Hyeon to make peace with. She was also steadily finding it intolerable to hang out with the Gabin society, which was just getting more vindictive and shallow by the day. Everything they did and said went against whatever Si Hyeong stood for, and she couldn’t patiently tolerate that anymore. Especially after she saw what happened to Jun Kyeong and Mr Park, Si Hyeong knew that she couldn’t be around these people. If she had to be lonely, it would be on her own terms and not because people only cared about the trophy aspect of her.

Si Hyeong knew that divorcing Tae Joon would mean that her parents might not accept her back. She had married Tae Joon because, as a lawyer, he could cover up Si Hyeong’s father’s crimes in Celebrity. This is also why her parents coerced her to marry him. If she divorced him, all of her father’s crimes would come to light. Tae Joon was vindictive enough to take everyone down with him, and when that happened, Si Hyeong would probably be left alone. But that was already the case for her, considering that no one ever understood what she thought about or why she believed in some things. Family and friends were never there for her, nor were they true to her. So, she might as well go her own way in Celebrity

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Divya Malladi
Divya Malladi
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