Lucas In ‘Killer Soup,’ Explained: Was Lucas Apeksha’s Real Father?


Charles Lucas was one of those characters in Killer Soup who had a lot of potential but was not explored as much as I would have wanted it to be. He was a loyal ally, and his fatherly instincts towards Apeksha pointed towards the possibility of a life-altering event that happened in the past. So, let’s find out what Lucas was hiding and whether the truth ever came to light.

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What did Lucas come to know about Swathi?

Charles Lucas was Arvind’s right-hand man, and the former had the utmost faith in his abilities. Lucas was dangerous, and he removed a lot of people from Arvind’s path who tried to sabotage him in any manner. Swathi, Umesh, and Apeksha decided to set a trap for Arvind, as they wanted to extort money from him, and they knew that if they asked him, he would definitely turn down their request. Arvind had no clue that the one he believed to be his brother, Prabhu, was actually Swathi’s past colleague and current love interest, Umesh. Prabhu, back in the day, had embezzled funds of approximately 31 crores, and Arvind had no clue about that fact. When Apeksha started handling the accounts, she came across certain irregularities, and that’s when she realized that it was her uncle and aunt who were behind the scam. Apeksha wanted money to go to Paris, and Arvind, her father, wanted her to stay back and handle his company. With no other options left, Apeksha first decided to blackmail Swathi, but when she realized that they were already bankrupt, she decided to join hands with them and blackmail her own father.

Now Umesh went to Arvind, all the while pretending to be his brother, and told him about the fraud Prabhu had committed back in the day. Arvind wouldn’t have given the money, but he realized that if this news came to light, then people would get to know the huge amount of black money he had in reserves. Manikkam, with whom he was negotiating a deal at that time, also contacted him and asked him to settle the issue before it tarnished his reputation. With such a huge deal at stake, Arvind decided to pay the money to Umesh, thinking that he would give it to the blackmailer. Obviously, Umesh and Swathi were the blackmailers, and they were going to use the funds themselves. Arvind found out about that, but still, he didn’t know that it was Umesh who was pretending to be his brother or what relationship that man shared with Swathi. That’s when Charles Lucas started his background research and found out many shocking things that made him realize what Swathi’s game plan was from the very beginning. Had Lucas been in the police department, he would have been an exceptional officer. Lucas found out about the private investigator whom Prabhu had hired back in the day, and somehow, he got his hands on the intimate pictures of Swathi and Umesh. He realized what the entire game was, and he would have brought the truth to light had Swathi not threatened him to tell Apeksha what she knew about her birth.

Why did Lucas go after Kirtima?

In Killer Soup, we saw that Lucas eventually joined hands with Swathi, but that was not out of free will. He wanted to protect Apeksha from the truth, as he believed that it had the power to ruin everything. Kirtima was blackmailing Swathi to divorce Umesh, believing that he was Prabhu. She had recorded a video of the entire charade that took place when Arvind got to know that Swathi, Apeksha, and Umesh had betrayed him and, in the end, got shot. Swathi went to meet Kirtima, and till then, she had become the kind of person who didn’t hesitate before taking the life of any individual who stood between her and her dreams. Swathi had already asked Lucas to be present there, and as soon as Kirtima was about to leave, he attacked her. Kirtima knew Kalaripayattu, and that’s why she was able to defend herself. Had she not slipped from the floor, she would have been able to escape from there successfully. But Kirtima died as a result of the fall, and then it was Lucas who planted evidence at her place to make it look like she was using the alias Manisha Koirala, and she was the one who was blackmailing Prabhu and Swathi together with Umesh. Lucas was so good at what he did that his effort actually paid off, and apart from Hassan, everybody else in the police department believed in the narrative that he wanted to sell.

What relationship did Lucas and Apeksha share?

Something about the way Lucas treated Apeksha, aka Appu, in Killer Soup told us that there was definitely a thing or two about the entire relationship dynamics that he was hiding. The way he backed off from doing anything when Swathi threatened to tell Apeksha something related to her birth raised suspicions in my mind. After Arvind passed away, Lucas made sure that he handled everything on Apeksha’s behalf and gave her whatever she wanted. Apeksha wanted to go to Paris, but that dream of hers changed, and eventually, it felt like she wanted to be a part of her father’s business. Time and again, Lucas tried to make her understand that the drug business was like a swamp, and once she entered the mess, there was no way to get out of it. But Apeksha had already made up her mind, and she told Lucas upfront that he shouldn’t cross his line and tell her what she should and should not do.

During the ending of Killer Soup, Lucas and Apeksha had a conversation where it became pretty evident why he cared for her so unconditionally. Lucas hinted at the fact that he was her biological father, which meant that Apeksha’s mother had an extramarital affair with him. Arvind probably knew about that fact, but he, too, loved Apeksha so much that he didn’t want to reveal that fact to her. It became clear why Lucas became so defensive in the beginning when Arvind scolded Apeksha for not obeying his orders. I would have personally liked it if the makers had told us a bit more about Lucas’ past. Probably, if there is a second season, we will get to witness what exactly happened in the past and what role Lucas plays after Apeksha takes charge of Arvind’s business.

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