‘Crooks’ Season 2 Theories & Expectations: Will Griselda Go After Charly And Hassan?


Created by Marvin Kren, Crooks takes us to the badlands of France, where the past of a safecracker named Charly Markovic comes back to haunt him. Charly had served time in prison, and he had decided that he would make something out of it and focus on his beautiful partner Samira and her child Jonas. But life had other plans for him. A valuable coin was stolen by the Al-Walid gang, and another crime syndicate was planning to take it from them. They needed somebody who could break any lock in the world, and that’s how Charly’s name popped up. Charly kept getting into trouble one after the other, and it seemed like the gangsters all around the globe had gone against him. On one end, there was Red and his son, Rio, who were under a lot of pressure to procure the coin. They had made a deal with a dreaded Russian gangster named Arkadij Igorevich, and the latter’s men were asking Red to deliver his promise. Hassan, the leader of the Al-Walid gang, didn’t want the coin as much as he wanted revenge from Charly. One of his brothers had been killed when Charly was stealing the coin from their vault. Charly hadn’t killed the man, but Hassan blamed him for the death of his brother.

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At the end of Crooks season 1, there was another twist when we learned that there was a Corsican Gang lord named Griselda Delacroix who ruled over Marseilles. This woman had her own agenda, and so she kidnapped Charly and coerced him to procure her consignment of drugs that was kept in the custody of the law enforcement forces. Charly’s family was in her custody, and he knew that if he didn’t do anything about it, she would surely go ahead and kill them. She killed Rami in front of his eyes, and that’s why he knew what Griselda was capable of. As of now, there hasn’t been any official announcement of Crooks season 2, but the way things ended this season made it very clear that the makers have every intention of taking the story ahead. Also, season 1 left us on a sort of cliffhanger from which a lot of things still have to be ascertained. So, let’s find out where the lives of the different characters lead them and if Charly is able to get rid of his past for good this time. 

Will Nina take revenge on Arkadij Igorevich?

Nina was in Tbilisi with Joseph, and she had every intention of taking revenge on the Russian crime lord Arkadij Igorevich. In 1999, Nina’s father was killed by Arkadij over some dispute as the man used to launder money for the Gang lord. Robert, Nina’s colleague, came to know about it when he found the autopsy report of Nina’s father. Nina was very young when the incident happened, and she probably joined the police because she wanted to take revenge on the man. Robert tried to persuade her to not go ahead with whatever was on her mind, but obviously, Nina was not going to listen to him. Nina never wanted to save Red, but she just wanted to get the coin as she knew that it would give her leverage over the Russian crime lord. Nina killed Rio, took the coin from him, and then later joined forces with Joseph. She played a key role in saving Charly’s family from Griselda’s captivity, and after that, she went on a quest to settle some personal scores. At the end of Crooks season 1, we saw that she and Joseph were in Tbilisi, and they called a man, most probably Arkadij or someone from his group, and asked them to meet. So, if there is season 2, Nina will definitely come face-to-face with the man whom she always believed to be the reason behind her grief. I believe it won’t be as easy as it had been up until now. There was a reason why even people like Red were scared of Arkadij and his gang. They were ruthless mercenaries, and they didn’t leave anybody who went against them. All hell would break loose when Arkadij would realize that Nina had set a bait for him. I believe that in the end, Joseph and Nina will be able to defeat their enemy, but it is going to be an uphill task. 

Will Griselda go after Charly and Hassan? 

Charly made Hassan realize that Griselda was not going to leave him alive, even if he killed him at that moment. Hassan’s perspective was tainted with vengeance, and he could see the truth that was right in front of his eyes. Hassan, fortunately, realized at the very end that what Charly was saying actually made sense. They both jumped from the cliff and later, we saw that they were reunited with their families. First, Griselda’s ego was so hurt that Charly backstabbed her and even got the better of her. Secondly, she didn’t get back her cocaine stash, and so she had to bear a huge amount of loss. If there is a season 2, I don’t think Griselda is just going to sit there without doing anything. Her men will come after Charly, and it could also be possible that she adds obstacles in Nina’s and Joseph’s way. In Crooks season 2, the ghost of Charly’s past life might once again come back to haunt him and his family. Charly knew how everything worked in the mafia world, and he was not so naive as to underestimate what a criminal like Griselda was capable of doing. It could be possible that he had already made some kind of arrangement in case the worst happened. Charly would try his level best in season 2 to avoid any sort of conflict so that Samira and Jonas do not have to go through the same ordeal they did earlier. I believe Griselda is going to come all guns blazing in season 2, as she doesn’t look like a woman who forgave or forgot so easily. It would be interesting to see how things pan out for Joseph, Nina, Hassan, Charly, and others, and once again, whether they cross each other’s paths in life or not.

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