‘Di4ries’ Season 2 Part 2 Ending Explained & Series Summary: Is Pietro With Livia?


Di4ries season 2 part 2 can just be described as ‘simple’. The kids continue with the trials and tribulations of middle school, and as far as inducing nostalgia in the show’s adult audience goes, it gets a little too real, especially at the end with the primary love triangle. The seven episodes of Part 2 were good, but considering how easily they resolved the issues of Part 1, they failed to give rise to the required angst and anticipation. It also seems a little troubling that all the issues facing the kids revolve around their dating lives. They literally have nothing else to worry about, and that rings quite hollow. However, the series remains entertaining, and the following is the recap and ending of Di4ries Part 2.

Spoiler Alert

How are Katia and Sara taken care of?

Katia and Sara were the bullies who had been giving Arianna a hard time since the beginning of the school year. But this time, Livia finally caught on to them. Livia put two and two together when she saw Katia wearing Arianna’s coat, and Bianca also told her about how the latter was getting bullied. To check her suspicions, Livia followed Arianna one day and saw her leaving behind money for Katia. When asked about it, Arianna reveals why she has been doing this. She was afraid of the video coming out, and to prevent further embarrassment for herself, she just gave in to Katia and Sara. Livia promises to take care of the matter, and she asks Katia and Sara to go shopping with her. Livia secretly records them shoplifting and shows it to them, saying that unless they stopped with the bullying, she was going to release the video. That worked, and finally, Arianna was free. But this wasn’t the end for the bullies. They couldn’t stand the fact that Livia no longer wanted to be friends with them. Therefore, they made her their next target and got into a fight, which ended up injuring Livia’s hand severely. Livia initially did not want to say anything, but when Pietro pointed out that she had always done the right thing, Livia decided to step up. She encourages Arianna, and together with their friends, they report the bullying and harassment being caused by Katia and Sara, leading to disciplinary measures being taken against them.

However, this wasn’t the end of it. Isa broke up with Roby because she realized that she did not feel like herself around him. Initially, Roby was friends with them, but it turned out to be a farce. He told the kids that they had to come dressed up in their pajamas while leaving for the Paris trip, and that is what the class from Marina Piccola did. But that was a violation of the code of conduct, and the principal punished them by canceling the trip for them. The kids wanted revenge; therefore, they planned their own prank. They challenged Roby, Katia, and Sara to a race, and when they showed up, they trapped them in the classroom and made them apologize, which they recorded on their phones. This is supposed to make things even for all, but knowing the three bullies, they will find another way to get back at the kids from Marina Piccola.

What is happening with the other kids?

Pietro is quite angry with Giulio for breaking the Pact of the Bonfire, especially since Giulio is giving in to his father’s wish for him to pursue hospitality rather than gaming. But Giulio comes through when he presents his father with a game he has created, proving his talent and getting his permission. Giulio also shows that game to Pietro and tells him how it is supposed to be played by everyone, ultimately earning his forgiveness and friendship. Giulio ends up liking a girl in his class, Monica, who has a long-distance boyfriend. Monica is considering breaking up with him because he is not exciting enough. Around this time, she comes to know how Giulio had deliberately tampered with her test so that the results would make her break up with her boyfriend. It is surprising that Monica wasn’t angry with this more, and she decided to forgive Giulio and be with him instead. However, she still hasn’t broken up with her previous boyfriend, so that is an uncomfortable situation. Meanwhile, Mirko and Bianca break up, and Mirko starts dating Daniele, like he has wanted to do for a while now.

Is Pietro with Livia?

This love triangle was the most unsatisfying part of Di4ries season 2, part 2. The entire Part 1 was dedicated to showing how Livia and Pietro were growing apart and why Isa being with Pietro may be a better idea. That whole thing was just flipped on its back in Part 2, with none of the story or emotion building that Part 1 invested in. 

When the narrative of Part 2 starts, Livia is still confused about her feelings for Pietro while he continues to hang out with Isa as a friend. But people (Giulio) who see them spending time alone know that there is more to their relationship than they are admitting. After a while, Isa’s emotions were stronger than she could deal with, so she confessed to Pietro, and that was the start of their relationship. Before revealing it to everyone, Isa had a private talk with Livia, where she told her about herself and Pietro. Frankly speaking, Isa did the right thing, but some would say that she should have spoken to Livia before dating Pietro, when she felt like pursuing things with him. That would have been more true to the sisters’ code.

Pietro and Isa are happy in their own bubble, but Livia is having trouble accepting them together. She talks to Isa and admits that she just needs time, and this is her problem, which she will overcome by herself. That should have been it, except that Pietro is also confused about his feelings. When Pietro knew Livia in Season 1, he saw her as a caring person who thrived on discipline and planning. But in season 2, he started seeing her differently. Livia had become more fun and unpredictable, and Pietro felt attracted to that in a way he hadn’t been before. This is very similar to when Monica said that she wanted to break up with Manuel because of his predictability.

When the kids are stuck on the island, Livia and Pietro end up having a moment, though they don’t actually kiss. However, the moment Isa sees them together, she realizes that something must have happened. So far, Isa has been insecure about them because the chemistry they shared was rather evident. But she wasn’t ready for her suspicions to be confirmed this way. When Pietro admits that he and Livia were about to kiss, Isa breaks down. She spends the whole night crying while the kids wait for the storm to pass.

During Di4ries Season 2’s ending, Isa has made peace with the situation. She talks to Livia, who apologizes and says that her feelings got the better of her. Even Isa steps back and says that Livia should be with Pietro, since the two seemed to be made for each other. And just like that, these two were reunited. They made it back in time for their exams and were fully prepared for the next phase of their lives, which would be high school.

Final Thoughts

Livia and Pietro ended up together just for the sake of it and for no other reason. The character developments of Part 1 have been completely thrown out the window, and because of this one factor, the series has not ended on the high it could have. Maybe that will be fixed in Di4ries season 3. 

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