‘End Of The Line’ Season 2 Theories: Will Ivandro Get Married To His Girlfriend?


End of the Line season 1 did not end on a cliffhanger, but like most sitcoms, the story will continue as long as there is an audience. The first season saw the misadventures of Ivan as he struggled unsuccessfully to save his marriage and got what he wanted in the end, but not because of his credentials but because of the writers’ desire for a happy ending. End of the Line season 2 may toe a similar line or break away from it to explore what more the characters have to offer.

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Will Ivan and Sandra remain together?

Technically speaking, since Ivan has failed to pay the property tax on the house, and they are in a mountain of debt, Ivan and Sandra will have to solve the problem together since the house was initially in Sandra’s name. If they had divorced, Sandra would have had some peace of mind and a guarantee that there wouldn’t be more trouble after this financial hurdle was passed. But she has chosen to be with Ivan, who is probably the only one who benefits from this arrangement and marriage. Regardless, if we imagine that they give their marriage another chance and work towards a good life, things would still be on shaky ground. Ivan has a lot to prove to Sandra, and she should also not be lenient. Since season 1 ended with them getting back together, season 2 may end with them finally separating. Perhaps Ivan’s immaturity gets to be too much for Sandra, and she decides that she doesn’t want to deal with it anymore, no matter how much in love she is. If season 2 is slated for another happy ending, it should involve the couple finding some financial stability. The running gag of them always being broke will get old very fast if that is the only struggle in their life.

It is likely that Ivandro’s father-in-law will invest in Ivan’s van business, and they will become successful in season 2. That would create a certain relationship between the couples that would be far from healthy. After all, Ivan’s main talent has been the ability to think on his feet, and so far, Ivandro’s talent has been the way he can spin elaborate lies and deceptions. Would these two be able to run a business at all? Sandra may step in to take care of things, but that could create some personal discord since Ivan doesn’t like answering anyone unless he is in trouble.

Will Ivandro Get Married To His Girlfriend?

The ending of season 1 indicated that Ivandro got married, and nobody had any problem with his lies, including his in-laws. However, sometimes, in sitcoms, characters take sharp turns from their previously established traits to give rise to a different plot. Ivandro’s in-laws may not have complained about his lies, but they would never be okay with him not working or making something of himself after the wedding. After all, Ivandro’s father-in-law may have lied, but he definitely had the street smarts to become rich later on in life. It would be a different case if it was his wife’s wealth that they were still living on. In such a case, we might see a cranky father-in-law with an indulgent mother-in-law who lives to pamper her daughter and son-in-law. The opposite is also possible. Maybe the father-in-law will be more happy-go-lucky, earning plenty of jibes from his wife, prompting him to stay on his feet.

If they actually end up helping Ivan and Sandra get back on their feet, as previously speculated, both sets of parents may have some tension between them. It is unclear whether Ivan and Sandra are too proud of their help or just too desperate and cornered that they have to take it while they arrange funds for the debts they have to pay. As long as Ivandro’s in-laws are nice about it, things will remain great. Otherwise, there may be a few fistfights over the casual insults thrown in. Basically, Ivandro’s girlfriend has nothing to gain from this marriage. Even love has to be tainted by mistrust and the shadow of the lies told before. Therefore, along with Ivan, his son may also have the task of proving that he is worthy of her.

What will happen to the other characters?

The others were pretty much just ‘extras’ in the show and worked as aids to Ivan’s harebrained schemes. But they deserve storylines of their own. Ale could fall in love for real and ask for her friends’ help the way she has always done for them. The cafe owner and the ‘hustler’ already have an affair going on. Maybe they will get serious about each other and want to take it to the next level. Finally, is Robson really going to let Sandra be? He was obsessed with her, and End of the Line has shown that it is not averse to toxicity in the name of a supposed ‘happy’ ending. Therefore, he may turn out to be some form of stalker who will be shown in a comedic light. Perhaps Ivan’s ex-girlfriend will make a reappearance and want to tear the couple apart? At one point in the show, Ivan mentioned having affairs. It was unclear whether he meant that he was cheating in his marriage or before he was with Sandra. Maybe that is the reason for their separation, and it will come back to haunt them right when their relationship is at its most vulnerable. Mr. Amoral may make a reappearance. He had initially threatened Ivan and Sandra with their jobs, but since they are now the in-laws of the person he has sold his business to, the social status is a little more tricky. He probably doesn’t respect them, but he doesn’t want to lose favor with his business partners. Ivan and Sandra are no fools and will realize this soon enough. But they need money and can’t ask for it from their relatives, so perhaps there will be tentative employment where they are mutually beneficial to each other.

If End of the Line season 2 does happen, there are multiple ways for the story to move forward. The only hope is that like most sitcoms, it doesn’t render its characters one-dimensional and allows them to be more than their comic element.

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