‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ Episode 7 & 8: Recap And Ending- Who Is Woo Young-woo’s Mother?


Previously, in ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo,’ Young Woo and Su Yeon solved a difficult case of a North Korean Defector and gained her probation from the court. Su Yeon and Young Woo make a good team not only on the court but also as friends. As soon as Su Yeon realized that Jun Ho liked Young Woo, she told him to confess to her if he really liked her. Jun Ho couldn’t tell Young Woo his feelings, but Young Woo initiated to find out if she liked Jun Ho or not.

Why Are Sodeok-dong Residents Opposing The Haengbok-ro Project?

A construction company has planned to build a road between two small towns, Gyeonghae-do and Sodeok-dong. However, the Haengbok-ro project is harmful to the residents of Sodeok-dong as most of the people from the town will be forced to relocate without enough compensation. The town head has come to Hanbada to file a case to stop the construction of the road, but Myung Seok thinks that it will be challenging to win the case and declines to take it.

The town head invites all the lawyers to their town and makes them meet with the kind hearted townspeople. He also shows them the oldest tree in the town, the hackberry tree on top of the hill. Myung Seok understands their concern and accepts the case. Jun Ho has been looking out for Young Woo throughout their trip to Sodeok-dong, and Su Yeon gives a glaring look to Jun Ho and makes Young Woo sit in Jun Ho’s car on their way back. Young Woo can’t help but notice Jun Ho but doesn’t understand why she is looking at him like that.

On the first day at court, the Hanbada lawyers are surprised to see Tae Su Mi, the owner of Taesan Law Firm, herself, at the hearing. She is witty and has her own unique way of convincing a judge in such civil cases. She easily refuted Hanbada’s claims with a 3D presentation on why the proposed road is the only way to do the project and how much loss it will cause if the project is canceled now. The judge postpones the hearing until the plaintiff brings enough evidence to cancel the construction, but Myung Seok appeals to the judge for an on-site verification as he believes that the beauty of the town will affect the judge’s perception of the case.

Geurami had told Young Woo to touch Jun Ho, and if her heartbeats increase, that means she likes her. Young Woo asks Jun Ho for permission to touch him and also tells him the reason. Jun Ho gets closer to her and asks her if touching is the only way to find out if she likes him and says that he is disappointed if that is the case. Young Woo’s heartbeats do increase, but she runs away, which again leaves Jun Ho flustered and confused. While getting off work, Young Woo sees her father in her office. She had told her father that she wanted to be like Tae Sumi, which her father didn’t like, and that’s why he asked the CEO of Hanbada if she did that on purpose.

Min Woo also meets Young Woo’s father and realizes that Young Woo has gotten the job through a connection. He writes an anonymous article on the company’s bulletin board about the unfair employment practice. Young Woo asks her father about his relationship with the CEO and gets disappointed that she got a job through nepotism.

Why Does Su-mi Offer A Job To Young-woo?

Young Woo spends the night at Geurami’s house because she is angry at her father for using his influence to get her the job. She tells Geurami that she will move out of her father’s house, but for that, she needs more money. Young Woo follows her routine and goes to the office, and doesn’t notice all the eyes on her. Her teammates have read the bulletin, and Su Yeon calls out Min Woo in front of Myung Seok for the post. However, Young Woo arrives, and they start the work meeting. Their CEO intervenes in their meeting and talks about tackling the case politically and also subtly calls out the bulletin board case as she has an idea that it is someone from Young Woo’s team who has posted it.

During the on-site verification, the rain starts falling, which hinders the purpose of requesting the verification. The visit is more of a nuisance than a pleasure for the judge. Nevertheless, the town head still tries his best to win the judge’s favor but gets shocked by an unexpected revelation. Some of his trusted friends in the town have signed the consent form agreeing to the construction of the road because the Taesan firm has lured them with the promise of double compensation. Meeting people won’t be of any use now, and hence, Myung Seok tells the town head to take the judge to the Hackberry tree. Climbing the hill only adds to the judge’s annoyance, and he tells them that he will make a decision based on the consent forms.

The judge leaves the town, and the Taesan firm has already brought part-timers to go to every household in Sodeok-dong and make them sign the consent form. The word has already spread that Taesan is offering double compensation, which makes it easy for them to get the forms signed. The town head and the lawyers try everything in their power to get the sign, but they know that it is not going to be enough. While in the town, Tae Su Mi offers Young Woo to join her firm after this case ends because she thinks that Young Woo is too good for Hanbada.

Young Woo is still mad at her father and decides to move in with Geurami for the time being. She tells her father that she is going to switch firms and join Taesan. That’s when her father reveals the biggest secret that he had kept from Young Woo: that Tae Su Mi is her mother. He tells her how he begged Tae Su Mi to keep the baby and disappeared from her life with Young Woo after she was born, as he had promised her. Even though she is in the middle of a conversation with her father, she realizes a major issue with her ongoing case.

‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ Episode 8: Ending

Young Woo’s CEO and her father both told her that everything in life includes politics, which makes her doubt the case of the Hackberry tree in Sodeok-dong. She takes Jun Ho with her to meet with Park Yu Jin, who works in the government office and had applied to make the tree a natural monument. Both Jun Ho and Young Woo interrogate Yu Jin, but he tries to run away from them. In the end, he admits that he never really applied to the government agency because his friends thought that it was funny to make a tree a natural monument. That’s why Yu Jin faked getting a rejection from the government agency.

Yu Jin applies for real this time, and the Hackberry tree gets accepted as a natural monument. Also, Young Woo notices that the umbrella that the judge used during his visit to the town is the one that the new building in Sodeok-dong had gifted to their prospective customers. Myung Seok raises an objection to the unfair ruling, and the case gets transferred to another judge. These two small observations helped Hanbada win a case that had a negligible chance of winning.

Young Woo visits Taesan law firm after the case ends as she had promised to Tae Su Mi. However, she rejects the offer and tells Su Mi the reason bluntly. She reveals that she is Woo Gwang Ho’s daughter and cannot work with her mother, who has abandoned her. Tae Su Mi asks her if she hates her, but Young Woo only answers that she enjoyed talking with her when she didn’t know she was her mother.

Young Woo has dealt with her mother’s revelation calmly, but what will be Tae Su Mi’s next action now that she has found her abandoned daughter? We will know in the upcoming episodes of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo.”

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