‘Extraordinary’ Season 2 Ending Explained & Recap: Does Jen Finally Find Her Power?


Gen Zers in a world where everyone is born with superpowers that come to light when one becomes an adult is the exact kind of thing people should be watching on Hulu (or Disney+). Extraordinary is the offbeat show that will leave you feeling exactly how you would if you watched a combination of Sex Education and Heartstopper. It is quite apparent that the show takes inspiration from both of these shows and many more predecessors that found success with younglings through crass humor and emotional instability; however, it still stands out thanks to its specialty—the superpowers. There’s nothing un-weird about this show; for those who get offended easily or don’t appreciate English humor, this one’s a definite skip. However, if you’ve got your eyes out for something silly, fun, and emotional, then look no further, because Extraordinary will give you exactly that! Season 1 ended with Jen getting the money to be able to go to the Discovery Clinic, and Jizzlord learned that he has a family (yikes). Season 2 takes off right at the massive cliffhanger that we left behind in season 1.

Spoiler Alert

Is Jizzlord’s family the right choice for him? 

Before we get to Jen, let’s talk about Jizzlord’s massive discovery. At the nearest Tesco, Jizzlord is shocked when a little boy calls him daddy and runs home in a panic. The same day, the woman who was with the boy put up a poster in Jen’s shop regarding a man she’s searching for—Robert, aka Jizzlord. For more hilarity to ensue, Jen and Jizzlord find it hard to tell each other that they both know he has an existing family. Truth always prevails, though, and Jen and Jizzlord make their way to Robert’s home. Jizzlord wants to get to know Alfie and Nora; however, Jen is quick to realize that Nora is here to steal her man. It is quite evident this season that Jen’s actually quite a child at heart. She quickly tries to jeopardize the old relationship that Nora keeps trying to remind Jizzlord of, but in truth, he doesn’t remember any of it. As much as he wants to get to know his son, Alfie, he really doesn’t care for Nora; however, it takes him quite some time to realize this. Ultimately, it turns out that Jizzlord turned into a cat and ran away because he found Chris, his best friend (at the time), and Nora in bed together (yikes). This means that Alfie is actually not his son, so he’s basically just a married free bird. He reminds Jen that he loves her deeply and that he can’t love anyone else as much. 

What Happens in the Clinic? 

Jen’s counselor is an old man named George, and they immediately hit it off. Carrie’s first to realize that George is kind of hot, you know, for an old man. You probably guessed what this means, and that’s exactly what happens. George’s power is to take people inside their minds, making it appear like a physical space. Jen’s mind is a completely disorganized library. This is a journey of self-discovery, and we dive deeper into Jen’s thoughts, dreams, and ideas. On Alfie’s birthday, Jen and Jizzlord take some macaroons as a sweet gesture. Circumstances lead to Jen wanting to bed Jizzlord the same day, and this leads to Nora finally telling Jizzlord to choose between them. Jizzlord is a terrible decision-maker, and so they go with the idea that his animal instinct will lead him to the right person. This actually doesn’t work because he goes up to Nora in bad form, leaving Jen completely devastated. It’s not like her life isn’t already terrible; this is yet another blow. Jen rushes to George, and one thing leads to another, so they kiss. However, in the time that Jen’s gone to meet George, Jizzlord discovers he isn’t actually a parent and doesn’t have any real responsibilities, so he comes back to the house. Jen is grateful, and she tells him the truth, asking him to cheat on her too. Hilariously, it turns out Jizzlord impregnated a cat in cat form a little while ago and now has to look after some kittens (whom he gives away by the end of the series). So, things between Jen and Jizzlord are perfectly fine. 

On the other hand, on the family side, things aren’t as great. Jen and her mother have a massive falling out when she tries to get her father to talk to her mother (through Carrie, of course), making her furious and leaving her completely disappointed. Vicious words are exchanged, but whenever Jen actually needs her mom, she’s always there for her. For example, when the clinic finds out about Jen and George’s misconduct, they terminate her contract without warning. When Jen’s mom finds out, she threatens the old man with a hockey stick in front of the office. Jen finds them, and they discover the truth behind Jen’s being powerless, but we’ll get to that in a bit. 

Are Carrie and Kash okay? 

Extraordinary season 2 dives deep into both Carrie and Kash as individuals as well. Now that they’ve broken up, they’re each on self-discovery journeys. Kash’s struggling with his power, which is jumping forward in time rather than doing what he wants it to. He also learns that he isn’t only into women, and though he’s supposed to set Carrie up with her work crush Clark, he ends up making out with the dude in the process. They’re quite the cute couple, but this leaves Carrie lonely. Carrie finds her assertive voice by the end of this series, learning that she can’t permanently be a doormat and that she also needs to put her own needs first. She and Kash also realize that they can’t stop being friends. On the other hand, Kash is trying really hard to be perfect, and he uses his powers (which come back to him randomly) to fix a musical that he has directed and stars in (yeah, it was a little bit like that one musical from Sex Education minus all the obscenity). Clark makes Kash realize that his imperfections are actually what make him likeable, and so Kash accepts his imperfect nature and moves on. 

Does Jen discover her power? 

During Extraordinary season 2’s ending, the only conflict that remains is between Jen and her power. Remember how George was being threatened? He tells Jen that what she really needs to do is let go of her past, i.e., stop communicating with her dead father. See, Jen never managed to say goodbye to her dad, and this is hindering her emotional growth. This is why she doesn’t really feel like an adult, so her powers are still not showing. Jen ultimately says bye to her father in a terribly emotional scene and rekindles with her mother. Her mother gives her a microwave for some reason. At home, Jen tries to manifest her powers, but it still doesn’t work. This is when she decides to throw away the phone she used to use to communicate with her dad in the void. Somehow, in the middle of trying to figure out how the microwave door works, Kash accidentally hits Jen in the shin, and Jen falls into the void herself! This leaves us with many possibilities for a second season. In an epilogue, Jen falls onto green grass and looks up. Her exclamation says she’s definitely got something to worry about. 

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