‘Fake Profile’ Season 2: Is It Renewed Or Canceled? What Can We Expect Next?


Though there hasn’t been an official announcement yet, there were a few loose ends in the season finale of Fake Profile, which means that a second season might be expected. But we wonder whether anybody is really looking forward to it. With Season 1 being a soulless, convoluted mystery that was unnecessarily orchestrated by the primary antagonist, Pedro, the thought of a Fake Profile Season 2 causes us literal physical pain. It is not a tight storyline by any means, but there is one major plot hole that makes the entire thing extremely irrelevant.

Spoilers Alert

Why on earth did Pedro have to hire Camila to destroy Angela and Miguel’s marriage? All Pedro needed to do was show Camila’s photographs with Miguel to his daughter, and that would have been enough. Maybe he could have asked her to cause a scene and confront Miguel in front of Angela to remove any trace of a doubt, but what was the point of her moving in as the couple’s neighbor? The reason we are bringing it up is that whatever we are expecting to see in Fake Profile Season 2 will be based on the said loose ends and some sound logic, as much as this storyline can afford. We cannot bring ourselves to imagine absurdities like this. This also makes us wonder why Pedro had to hide the fact that Cristobal was Adrian’s half-brother. From the looks of it, his children knew of his cheating ways, so he might as well have admitted it. Also, why wait two years to break up the couple when Inti could have been introduced into that equation way earlier? We cannot forget how insufferable the episodes got towards the end. They were so intent on filling them up with intimate scenes that any actual storyline just went for a toss. If Season 2 is also going to be like that, why should we care about it?

Either way, we would like some things clarified. At the end of Fake Profile, we see that Camila is happy at her job, with David and her mother, and even Miguel seems to be a part of her life. What is the relationship between Miguel and Camila? Why are they still around each other if Camila is dating David? Miguel had gone on and on about the chemistry that the two of them shared, so it is possible that they still “feel it.” Camila had been madly in love with Miguel, and she still seemed to have those feelings for him. As for him, we never understood what he wanted except to not take any accountability for his actions. He wanted to be with Camila, and he also wanted to stay married to his wife. He wanted the best for his children and wouldn’t make a career for himself, but he was constantly trying to throw Pedro under the bus. It is not a question of whether Pedro deserved it or not, but that Miguel really had no purpose or direction.

Camila is still in love with the good-looking and charming illusion he had created of himself for four months, and we don’t think she cares for reality. David is a good choice, a safe one, but Camila wants the excitement and exhilaration that she felt with Miguel. This also reminds us that we saw no relationship development between David and Camila. Has he moved to Vegas for her? Are they just friends, or is there really something more? The tensions within this love triangle are going to be very high. David stayed out of Camila and Miguel’s business in Season 1 because he understood that he had no right to get involved. However, if he really is Camila’s boyfriend now, things are going to look different. We don’t think the writers will make him take the jealousy-filled route of Camila’s ex, but there might be the introduction of another love interest for him.

Also, we know that Camila’s mother was serving a life sentence, so her crime hints at murder. There might be a catfishing, fake profile angle to that background as well. It would truly make it telenovela-style messy if it is somehow connected to Miguel’s past. That would explain some of his purposelessness. What if he had approached Camila to get to her mother or to take some sort of revenge, but it had all been derailed or delayed because of Pedro’s meddling? Or worse yet, is Camila’s mother connected to David or Pedro? If it is David, we don’t know the can of worms that is going to open, but if it is Pedro, we can expect Angela to take revenge for it. She has just been the angry woman in the series Fake Profile, and we expect that the writers will continue with that, in true telenovela fashion. She said that she wanted to make everyone pay for their ungratefulness. Of course, she would start with her husband and Camila.

We also don’t know what happened to Inti. He swore revenge on Adrian and Cris, and we don’t doubt his viciousness. He has shown a particular lack of conscience throughout the episodes of Fake Profile, and we expect that to return. Of course, Cristobal is also part of the equation. If he comes back into Adrian’s life, it will mean that they both must deal with the incestuous part of the relationship. If they don’t get back together, he might want a share of the property, whatever belonged to his mother, so that he may sustain himself or his drug addiction. Or Adrian might start looking for love all over again.

However, none of it changes the fact that we are not looking forward to season 2 of Fake Profile. If you want to watch something soapy, there are better things out there, even better telenovelas. Season 1 was fine if you just wanted some mildly interesting white noise in the background. Otherwise, we would recommend that this be a serious skip and don’t bother with season 2.

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Divya Malladi
Divya Malladi
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