‘Fallout’ Season 2 Theories: Why Did Hank MacLean Go To New Vegas?


The first season of Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan’s adaptation of the popular video game franchise, Fallout, largely followed three characters: Lucy MacLean, Maximus, and Cooper Howard (who is also known as The Ghoul). Lucy’s father was abducted by Moldaver and kept at the Griffith Observatory. As soon as she learned that she needed a bargaining chip to get to Moldaver, she came across Dr. Siggi Wilzig and his dog, CX404. Eventually, she was left with just his head, which had a literal chip that would ideally help Lucy free her father from Moldaver’s clutches. Maximus was tasked with getting Wilzig by the Brotherhood of Steel. And since Cooper knew that getting to Moldaver would allow him to get to Hank MacLean (Lucy’s father), he started collecting information about the rebellious leader’s whereabouts. At the time of writing this article, Deadline has reported that a second season of the show is on the horizon. So, it’s safe to theorize what’s going to happen based on what we saw at the end of Fallout Season 1.

Spoiler Alert

Will Norm MacLean escape Vault 31?

While most of the central characters were left with some kind of open road before them, Norm found himself locked in Vault 31 with the disembodied brain of Bud Askins and the frozen members of the Vault-Tec Corporation. He had his Pip-Boy wearable computer with him that he could use to access various doors and contact his friends in Vaults 32 and 33. There’s a chance that Bud has severed all forms of communication, and that will prevent Norm from getting in touch with anyone and asking for help. On top of that, if he asks for help, he’ll be charged with impersonation because he got into Vault 31 while pretending to be Betty. Given how it has been proven that Betty is capable of poisoning the prisoners over a prolonged period of time or all of a sudden, there’s a good chance that’s what she’ll do to Norm if she gets her hands on him. 

The only bargaining chip that Norm does have at his disposal is jeopardizing the frozen bodies stored in Vault 31. If he dangles the threat of harming them before Bud, maybe he’ll allow Norm to walk away unscathed. However, since Norm is such a good guy, the task of lying about killing a whole lot of people in their sleep will be an uphill one for him. Even if he somehow returns to Vault 33, he won’t have anyone to rely on. Chet has been somehow brainwashed by Stephanie. His sister, Lucy, isn’t there to back him up. So, that leaves him with one option: escaping Vault 31 and then going out in the open. Hence, maybe Norm’s arc in Fallout Season 2 will be about his survival and somehow holding Betty and her minions accountable for conducting such a horrid experiment on the human race.

Will Maximus become a Knight of the Brotherhood of Steel?

Maximus began his journey as a squire to Knight Titus. Then he pretended to be Knight Titus. And after that, he was given the title of Knight Maximus because of the lie that he killed Moldaver and for finding out what she was powering with the help of the Cold Fusion experiment. But since he had come to the realization that he had been working for the villains (the Brotherhood of Steel) all this while and Moldaver was the real hero for probably securing the future of New California, he has to decide which path he must choose. 

It was his dream to be a Knight, but now he knows that it’s possible that Vault-Tec Corporation and the Brotherhood of Steel were behind the destruction of his home in Shady Sands. If he continues to support the work of the Brotherhood of Steel, he probably would have to watch the destruction of Shady Sands for a second time. If he chooses to side with Moldaver’s Raiders, he’ll be disowned by the evil cult and probably beheaded by one of the Knights. Given how he is in love with Lucy, I guess he wants to reunite with her too and get his “happily ever after” ending. However, like Dane said, there’s no happy ending in store for them. Regardless of what Maximus chooses to do, it’s probably going to end badly. 

So, in Season 2 of Fallout, I think he’ll pretend to side with the Brotherhood so that he’s able to save the survivors of New California. Detoxifying the mentality of the Brotherhood will be high on his list of priorities. It’s only after he is convinced that New California is safe that he is going to go out into the wild again to look for Lucy. Hank was seen wearing a Knight suit. Therefore, all he has to do is track that. However, there’s a conflict of interest. Hank is the one responsible for the death of Maximus’ family. Hank is the father of the girl that Maximus loves. If Maximus has revenge on his mind, then, even if he reunites with Lucy, it’s possible that they won’t end up together. If Lucy is okay with Hank being killed, then there’s a chance. That said, what kind of relationship will that be?

Why Did Hank MacLean Go To New Vegas?

I guess Cooper and Lucy’s mission in Fallout Season 2 will be somewhat straightforward. They have to get to New Vegas and stop Hank and the people he is working with from setting off any more nuclear weapons. Additionally, Cooper will probably have to force them to reveal the whereabouts of his wife and kid. I am not saying that the journey won’t be complicated. I am just saying that we know that we have an idea of their destination for now. We don’t have to worry about them wandering aimlessly to get a hold of Hank. It’ll be interesting to see how the duo’s bond is fleshed out because both of them have been affected by Hank’s horrendous actions.

I am scared and intrigued to know what they’ll find out in New Vegas. It has been teased that there were many other corporations that were working with Vault-Tec to nuke the hell out of the surface of the Earth for their personal capitalistic needs (which will probably be highlighted via flashbacks). Hence, it’s possible we’ll come face-to-face with all, some, or at least one of them. Maybe Barb Howard will turn out to be the villain of the second season. Cooper and Lucy are fighters, and there’s no doubt about that. But will it be enough to take on the might of whoever is sitting in New Vegas? I don’t think so, and I have a feeling that the dynamic duo is aware of that. They’ll need some support. So, here’s hoping that they make some resourceful friends along the way who’ll help them fight Hank and his friends.

What Will Happen to Thaddeus?

Yes, I know that Thaddeus is a very minor character in Fallout. But he is an open thread in the grand scheme of things. Also, he is a bit of a superhero (he is a ghoul). He owes one to Maximus for allowing him to go on the run. He won’t be able to return to the Brotherhood. However, he has to figure out that he needs more of that potion to keep him from turning into a zombie. If he becomes a feral monster, he won’t be of any help to Maximus, who is in a bit of a pickle in Season 2. If Thaddeus plays his cards right, he’ll be as helpful to Maximus as Cooper is to Lucy. There’s apparently a market for that drug that ghouls need to stay sentient. He has to find some shady sellers, ensure that he is a superhero and not a liability, and then reunite with Maximus to deal with the fascist Brotherhood. So, yes, I guess that’ll be his arc in Fallout Season 2. With all that said, what you’ve read is just my theory. Please feel free to watch the show, form your own theories, and then share them with us.

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