‘Fatal Seduction’ Volume 2 Theories: Did Leonard Kill Brenda?


Predictability has really seeped deep into the consciousness of all movies and series being released these days, and there is seldom an element of surprise. Yet, for a second, it felt like Fatal Seduction was really geared to surprise us and would have done that had it not chosen to be a tiresome 14-episode series that was unnecessarily released in two parts. Now that we are here anyway, we expect some things to unfold in Season 1, Part 2 of Fatal Seduction.

When the series started revealing that Leonard had something to do with Brenda’s student’s disappearance, we suspected that he might just be the culprit. After all, he was the prosecutor in the case, which ended up being career-defining. There was also the investigating officer who had taken a promotion after solving it. But it had sent the accused’s family and even Brenda down a path of destruction. We know that there was another suspect, the Minister’s driver. The Minister was the child’s father, and he protected his driver, despite him being the one present at the crime scene instead of Benjamin. In fact, there was an obvious attempt to frame Benjamin, and Brenda had lied to do that as well. She must have been convinced that he was the killer to do that.

We think Leonard coerced her into it by having an affair with her. This could be why she was so insistent that Nandi end her marriage with him. We don’t think that their relationship continued to the present day, but there was a bitter shadow of it. The way Brenda had behaved toward Nandi and Leonard ten years ago is already an indication that she was either still involved with Leonard at that point or was getting over him. Nandi had often said that Leonard and Brenda couldn’t stand each other, so this was probably the reason: Leonard had betrayed his wife and Brenda, her best friend, just for something that could never materialize. On that note, were Brenda and the Minister involved? Was Brenda simply the teacher of the Minister’s daughter or was she more than that? What caused her to be so deeply affected by the child’s disappearance when there were so many more people at the school? Who is the child’s mother? Why did the Minister try so hard to protect his driver? Was it because it would have reflected badly on his political ambitions, or was something else the reason?

On another note, it felt like Brenda had recognized Jacob when she and Nandi first ran into him. It could be his resemblance to his father, or it could have been his name, meaning that Brenda kept tabs on Benjamin all these years, implying that she never stopped suspecting that justice had not been served in the case. In the first episode, right before Brenda’s death, she lets a man into her house, and she says to him that she thought he wasn’t going to come. Brenda had been crying, and we couldn’t think of anything that would make her cry except the possible injustice of the case that she was a crucial part of.

The man was wearing a T-shirt, which could be gray or light blue depending on the lighting, and that is what Leonard had been wearing in a previous scene. Maybe he is the one who killed her when Brenda called him to discuss the case of her student. In that scenario, did she not get the chance to mention Jacob because Leonard seemed fine with the boy when they met? Maybe Brenda did not recognize Jacob after all, but it just set the alarm bells ringing in her head, which led to this. That means that we also need to know whether Leonard will find out who his wife is having an affair with. Currently, he thinks it is Vuyo, but maybe he will spill the truth. On the other hand, maybe Vuyo will just be as petty as Leonard and refuse to tell him anything unless he shows his cards first. That would be a tricky deal to navigate since Vuyo and Nandi used to be involved once upon a time, and that could be the reason for Leonard’s conclusion that he was the culprit.

Meanwhile, Zinhle is texting away with “Pokeboi,” aka Jacob. Her friend, Laura, is equally obsessed with her. Though they have decided to be best friends, there is no telling what Laura will do, especially since she has been so steadfast by Zee’s side. Zinhle is bound to discover who Pokeboi is and what his real intentions are. This can either mean that Laura will act mature and be with her as a friend or try to make a pass at her in her vulnerable state, causing a fight and the eventual fallout of their friendship. We don’t know why, but we are not optimistic regarding these two.

Finally, there is the case of Jacob himself. He must still crave revenge, but he claims to be in love with Nandi. The man is obsessed, and we don’t know whether he will give more preference to his revenge or his love. If Leonard doesn’t already know that Jacob is the man Nandi is having an affair with, this means that he will continue to integrate himself into the family’s life. Maybe he will take that internship or start dating Zinhle, all so that he can be around Nandi. We also have the nagging doubt that Nandi is going to be pregnant once again.

Of course, she won’t know whether the father is Jacob or Leonard, and they are both going to get annoyingly possessive, leaving Nandi unable to make a decision, just like she has been throughout Season 1. This reminds us that Nandi doesn’t conclusively know whether Jacob has killed Brenda or not. He has not proved himself innocent, but once Vuyo tells Nandi that Leonard may have had something to do with Brenda’s student and, subsequently, Brenda herself, Nandi might start considering things differently. Or it could be that Leonard ends up killing Vuyo for real, and Nandi has to do her own investigations. There is a lot to unpack when it comes to Part 2 of Fatal Seduction. Despite all the questions, we have a feeling that once 1-2 episodes pass by, we will know what is going to happen. There is no doubt that the series is extremely watchable, but it is never exciting. As the rest of the story is about to drop, we desperately hope that we are wrong, but it doesn’t seem likely.

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Divya Malladi
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