‘Fatal Seduction’ Season 2 Theories: What Can We Expect Next?


The way Fatal Seduction Season 1 has ended, we don’t know whether to expect comedy or thrills in the upcoming season. A second season has not been announced yet, but Netflix has left room for it. Fatal Seduction, which is a remake of a Mexican telenovela named Dark Desire, brought absolutely nothing new to the table, but since it had an awareness of that, it managed to be engaging. This means that season 2 will also be something similar, though we hope that this time, they manage to present it in 10 short episodes instead of dragging it out for 14 long episodes released in two parts. That will keep it interesting throughout instead of only picking up in the latter half.

But coming back to how Part 2 of Fatal Seduction ended, the most obvious question is: what happened to the little girl all those years ago? Let us suppose that the Minister was the one forcing Leonard to orchestrate a case where Benjamin Jiba or someone else was falsely accused. In that case, was the Minister the real culprit? He was the child’s father, so should we say that he knew the culprit, or was he a part of whatever organization that the Minister and his Secretary seemed to be a part of? The series is named Fatal Seduction, after all, and it seems to have enough of both to justify its name so far. Why would Season 2 be any different?

On another note, something about the last two minutes of Part 2 of Fatal Seduction felt rather cringeworthy to us. Don’t get us wrong; we are not shaming, but a vibe is a vibe, and it was cringe-worthy. But now that we understand the dynamics of the relationship between the Secretary and the Minister, we already know who is going to get objectified in the next season. We only wish that the topic the writers are seeking to explore is handled with sensitivity. People who seek that representation already protest enough about the stigma and misinformation that has become especially widespread after Fifty Shades of Grey. It would be nice if the writers listened to those people and tried to take a better approach that would not leave us cringing.

Basically, the Secretary had called Vuyo and told him to get the police to back off. But Vuyo was not doing anything at all, which meant that someone had started picking up the pieces of the mess he had left behind. Jacob is probably back in town, and since he claims that he loves Nandi and is obsessed with her, he will want to help her at any cost. We are simply speculating here, but Jacob’s father spent some time in prison before he died. Maybe he made some friends there who are now out and helping Jacob. This would mean that Jacob has hidden some facts from them or manipulated them to a certain degree because why would they want to help Nandi, whose husband is the reason for Benjamin’s incarceration and subsequent death? Or it could be a totally different thing, and Nandi has done someone a favor in prison that they are repaying in the real world. Fatal Seduction Season 2 cannot be without a fresh batch of characters, and friends from prison could make up some of them. How would that work when they cross paths with the Minister and his Secretary, who seem to like putting people in bonds (we apologize for the joke)?

When talking about friends, we cannot rule out enemies. Leonard was a corrupt judge, and he put good and bad people in jail. They are going to meet Nandi there, and she will further discover what a bad man her husband was. People might try to bully her, and Nandi will have quite an uphill battle unless she meets someone who is ready to fight for her. We have not considered that she would fight for herself because Nandi has only gone with the flow, no matter how murky, for the entirety of Season 1, so we don’t see what her standing up for herself looks like.

Coming to her daughter, Zinhle, it was suggested in Season 1 of Fatal Seduction that she should seek some mental health advice. Since Vuyo has her best interests at heart, he may allow that, or he might think that her progress would mean that she would want to give her mother another chance, ultimately revealing his secret. Zinhle might try again to confess the truth, and we suspect the inspector will start listening after a while. She has some really tough times ahead of her because things are going to get particularly nasty when she finds out that her real father is Vuyo. Literally, everyone has lied to this girl, and her entire life is looking like a sham, with her mother in jail, her father in a coma after being stabbed by her, and her uncle turning out to be her biological dad. She might once again turn to her best friend, who tried to do the right thing last time by not taking advantage of Zee’s vulnerability, but we don’t know if that resolve will last in Fatal Seduction Season 2. This was the one healthy relationship on a platter full of unhealthy ones. Coming together when Zee is in a mentally fragile state doesn’t automatically make their relationship toxic but it leaves open the possibility of that.

Lastly, there is the matter of Jacob. He has a lot of pieces to juggle in Season 2. First of all, he has to help Nandi, the woman he loves, who is in prison. That would involve meeting Zee, who certainly wants nothing to do with him. It might also mean lending some protection to Leonard so that Vuyo is not able to harm him further. How would he feel about protecting the man who shot his life to hell? Once Jacob learns about the Minister, he must realize that he is his real culprit. Will Jacob try to infiltrate their organization, and what secrets would that reveal? We suspect that painting Benjamin Jiba as the culprit was not a random decision but a deliberate choice by the Minister and his entourage. What reason could that be, and how would it affect the way Jacob sees his past and the current condition of his mother, who tried to drown him as a baby? There is a significant emotional mess here, and we can only hope that Fatal Seduction Season 2 does a good job of handling it.

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Divya Malladi
Divya Malladi
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