‘Hell House LLC Origins: How Is ‘The Carmichael Manor’ Connected To The Abbadon Hotel?


If, like us, Hell House LLC Origins: The Carmichael Manor is the first film you have seen in the franchise, with no knowledge of the other three, you may have found yourself seeking some clarity as to the real mystery of the Carmichael Manor, which is where the protagonists met their untimely fate. Essentially, the Carmichaels were extremely wealthy, and they lived in a manor that was completely cut off from civilization and was deep in the woods, which they owned. The family consisted of five members: Arthur and Eleanor, who were the parents, and Patrick, Margaret, and Catherine, who were the children. The story goes that Patrick and Margaret had been in a car accident, which killed the sister and left Patrick unable to use one of his arms. In October of that year, Eleanor and Catherine were found murdered in their beds, and Patrick and Arthur were nowhere to be found. The police thought that Arthur must be the murderer since Patrick must have been unable to use both his hands to commit the horrific act. But the real mystery of the situation is that after the tragedy, only one set of footprints was seen leaving the house and not coming back in, but there are two members missing from the family.

A year later, a reporter named Tom Wheeler had gone to the house to cover the story but had been immediately spooked by the noises and the obvious signs of paranormal activity in the house. Even after decades, interest in the house has never really died down, and people continue to wonder about what really happened there, including whether it is haunted or not. People outside the family were never given permission to get into the house for long periods of time, but Margot Bentley managed the impossible. She went there with her brother, Chase, and her girlfriend, Rebecca Vickers. They all spent four nights there before the house took their lives. Of the three Carmichael children, Margaret was the oldest, Patrick was the middle child, and Catherine, the youngest, wanted to be a filmmaker and used to keep shooting around the house.

At first glance, there is absolutely no connection between the Abbadon Hotel and the Carmichael house. The hotel was in a different town, and it had been burned to the ground a few years earlier. But an antique store nearby had some recovered stuff from there, and Margot and Rebecca were interested in that. They find a hidden compartment in a clock from the hotel and send a film to be developed that shows that the Carmichaels used to visit the hotel or had some ties to it. At this point, we are guessing that they might have been the owners of it or were a part of its clientele in its early days. Additionally, a clock and the clowns that are in the Carmichael manor were also in the hotel many years ago. The house and the hotel are connected, and Patrick was the key to that.

A look into the past reveals that Pat used to work at the Abbadon Hotel. We are not sure in which capacity he was employed, but that was the connection between the manor and the hotel. After Margaret’s death, Pat had become depressed and was losing touch with reality. He had brought back Margaret’s bloodstained dress with him and insisted that it not be thrown away. The clowns and the trunks in the attic were from his employers, meaning the Abbadon hotel, and they had asked Pat to store them for him. Pat says that someone told him that they could bring back Margaret from the dead. We are guessing that it was the employers. Catherine also finds a song that tells her to stay with someone, leave the place, and never come back. In hindsight, it must have been referring to Pat and asking her to leave the manor immediately, because, by that time, the curse had already arrived there with the clowns. The explanation is that Patrick had joined a cult, and sadly, this was the real deal brought together by a bunch of delusional men, the first of which were Andrew Tully, Thomas Rollins, and Freddy Perkins. Andrew Tully was a religious man, and we suspect that he killed his daughter. The reason is not known, nor is the crime confirmed, but an arrest warrant was issued against him, and he was fleeing them when he met the others, who were playing clowns as a livelihood.

The theory is that the three of them formed a cult. It is entirely possible that Andrew Tully was not the killer of his daughter and had been wrongfully accused. His deeply religious beliefs made him chase her resurrection as his way of coping with the entire thing, and that is what he told the others, including Patrick. Their clown business and the Abbadon Hotel were a cover for the workings of their cult, and when Patrick started working there, he was pulled into it. The cult must have given him some proof of their legitimacy, and we are positive that through their devil worship or whatever they were doing, they healed Pat’s arm. He became a part of their cult, and from what we could gather, the cult completely went over into the supernatural realm with a mass suicide. The entire town was affected in the weeks leading up to that, and our guess is that the cult was opening the gates of the underworld so that they could go back and forth for some other absurd reason. Patrick was supposed to die in the mass suicide, but for reasons we don’t know, he survives and comes back home with his arm healed. That is also the night Catherine records a ghostly figure in the house, and we think it is probably her sister Margaret. Catherine and Eleanor were killed that night. We did not see the parents in the recordings even once, so we had no idea what they were thinking or feeling throughout. We also don’t know if it was the ghost that killed Catherine or the clowns that did it at night.

As for what happened to Patrick, there is a clip of him wearing the clown costume and saying that he had no choice but to do what he did. We suspect this may be a clue for one of the earlier films. But if it had to be for Hell House LLC Origins: The Carmichael Manor, maybe Patrick was talking about the mass suicide. The baby’s voice could have been the devil’s child, whom Patrick was being forced to serve and who is still out there. Overall, we suspect that the pair of footprints that left the house belonged to Patrick’s father, Arthur, who was trying to escape from the madness and lost his life in the woods, with his body never getting discovered. Otherwise, it could be one of the clowns that simply killed people, took Arthur’s body into itself, and left the place, which would mean that Patrick is still in the mansion. Perhaps watching the other movies in the franchise will give us more clarity as to what could have really transpired.

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Divya Malladi
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