‘I Woke Up A Vampire’ Season 3 Theories: Will Carmie Find Her Calling?


I Woke Up A Vampire is a cute little tween show about being different and trying to find your spot in society. It’s a fantasy show, yet it’s got very real feelings to discuss for those watching. What I mean is, it’s got a lot of heart, and that’s what makes it super fun to watch at any age. Additionally, the world-building and lore are quite fascinating and will keep you interested from start to finish. The actors are also very affable, and each character has something goofy about it that is very cute to see. I guess it’s nice to see young kids be young, is what I’m trying to say. Season 1 followed Carmie’s journey to discovering her Vampling abilities. On the other hand, season 2 took it one step further, where Carmie struggled between her two identities, trying to choose one. However, in the end, she realized both sides were important because they made her who she is. There were obvious questions left behind at the end of season 1 for season 2 to answer. But I can’t say the same about season 2. There’s no official announcement about season 3 just yet, but there are a lot of things Carmie has yet to do. Plus, she isn’t even 16 yet.

Spoiler Alert

Though we don’t know if there will be another season of the entertaining tween show, we can try and speculate what may come in the next season. All of season 2, Carmie was distant from her real friends and family. By the end, she learned that she needed to slow down and sometimes listen to them because they wanted only what was best for her. At the end of the season, she gathers her new and old friends to defeat the bad guy, Tristan. 

Will Tristan Come Back? 

There’s a chance that if there’s I Woke Up A Vampire season 3, Tristan will return as the leader of a rebel group of Mythics who want to destroy humans and take over. In the false hope of doing the same, the Shapeshifter got Tristan to work for her to get Carmie to meet her; however, in the end, she revealed that Carmie’s role is to stop the war and bring peace between humans and Mythics. Carmie and her new Mythic friends from Fan Con defeat Tristan, but we don’t really see what happens to him. There’s a chance he got sucked into a poster in Fan Con or he’s returned to Mythic Land (we don’t know much about this) to recuperate and return with his own set of friends. 

What about Carmie’s Friends? 

Carmie’s friends will obviously be returning to the show because they’re just as important as she is. Each storyline is unique and exciting. Kev and Leanna will probably get together because they’re both quite interested in each other. Plus, as they get older, I suppose there’ll be some romance involved too. On the other hand, Dylan will probably be less confused about what he wants to do thanks to everything he managed in the second season. He’s definitely coming into his own really well, though his skills are those of a hunter, so what exactly he will do is beyond me. In the meantime, the Collector will be living with his family, so there’ll be a new kid in town, Jewel. I think Jewel will get along really well with Carmie’s group, and together they’ll come up with a plan to end the war. Because Leanna is pretty much a popular influencer right now and Kev is also a famous comic book artist, they’ll probably work together to spread the news about the Mythics being real. Most youngsters will be easy to convince regarding the fantastical beings; however, it might be the older generations that take some time to accept them because of their fear of the unknown. 

Carmie finally learns that her father died at the hands of human hunters, so there’s a chance the Shapeshifter will have some problems with Dylan, but Carmie will probably fix things up there. Maybe in the next season, Carmie will get her friends to reveal to the humans what they are, the first step to a world for all, so Madison might return to civilization because it would mean not hiding what she really is. Carmie’s new friends will probably have a bigger role in the new season, and we’ll get to see some more types of Blendeds with interesting new powers. 

What about the Shapeshifter? 

The Shapeshifter has only just been introduced by Carmie to her human family, and while in that moment it seemed like the situation was solved, there’s a chance it’s going to get complicated as time goes by. I guess it’ll finally be time for Carmie to reveal to her adoptive parents that she’s a Vampling and will have to choose a side later. It’s possible that Carmie will be one of the first Mythics not to forget her human life. Is it possible that Carmie’s father is actually alive? I’m not sure, but I feel like there’s a chance we’ll get more information about him at least, if not find him alive. 

Though things are relaxed now, it seems Carmie’s responsibilities have doubled since she found out that she has to basically save the world, but who better to do it with than her friends and family (found and blood)? I suppose the next season will be about the war, and we’ll get to see more of the Mythic world. I’m not sure if they’ll skip a year and jump straight into Carmie’s 16th birthday, so Carmie can choose and things can progress faster. Anyway, at the end of the day, nothing’s confirmed, and we don’t know if I Woke Up A Vampire will return, but if it does, I’ll surely be tuning in to see how many of these predictions will come true or how drastically different the show will end up being. You can catch I Woke Up A Vampire season 1 and 2 on Netflix. 

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