‘Inside Man’ (2023) Ending, Explained: Is It Based On A True Story? What Happens To Roy Demeo?


Directed by Danny Abeckaser, Inside Man is based on real-life events that took place in New York City in the 1980s. Danny Abeckaser plays the character of Roy Demeo, the real-life mobster whose gang popularized the Gemini method, in which they killed and disposed of the body of a person in the most efficient manner. It came out in the forensic report that Demeo’s gang had killed almost 200 people in an apartment using the Gemini method, and the law enforcement authorities were never able to get any sort of evidence. So let’s find out what our protagonist, Bobby Belucci, was up to and if he was able to find any evidence against the Demeo gang and put the mobsters behind bars.

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Why Did Bobby Want To Become An Undercover Agent?

As Inside Man began, Bobby was removed from the field and given a desk job as he had assaulted and gravely injured the man who was having an affair with his wife. Captain Rick Callahan told him that he was lucky that he was not fired from the job and that he should be thankful for the mercy shown by his superior. But Bobby did not like sitting behind the desk, even for a bit. He wanted to go to the field, solve real cases, make a difference, and, most importantly, show his wife that he was ready to do anything to change her mind. Mary did not want to stay with Bobby any longer because he had ceased to be the man he once used to be.

When Mary needed him the most, he was nowhere to be found. Things were taking a toll on Bobby; he was wrecked from within, and he was running out of options. That’s when he accidentally bumped into a guy named Chris Rosenberg. Everything that had been happening in Bobby’s life had an adverse impact on him, and it reflected clearly in his behavior that he was not doing well mentally. He lost his temper more often, and one day, he saw that two people were fighting with each other in a public restroom. Something snapped inside Bobby, and he almost beat the guy to death.

The man Bobby saved was none other than Chris Rosenberg, the right-hand man of Roy Demeo, a dangerous mobster. Bobby didn’t have any clue as to who Chris was at the time he had saved his life. But once Bobby got the hang of things, he realized that by saving Chris, he had won his trust, and he could build upon it and try to gather evidence that could be used to put mobsters like Demeo behind bars. Rick didn’t agree at first, but then Bobby actually paid a visit to the Gemini Bar, and Chris offered him to work with them.

When Rick heard about it, he realized that Bobby had actually made a breakthrough, and that’s when he gave the green light to the mission. Rick told Boby that James Curtis was going to be his partner in the mission and would handle everything at the backend. Bobby agreed, and he started working with Chris Rosenberg, and that’s when he met the entire team of Demeo, which consisted of: Freddy Dinome, the exceptional mechanic who was in charge of the grand theft auto conducted by the gang; Louis Russo and Gianni Russo, the assassins; and Joseph Guglielmo, who was often referred to as the Dracula. Bobby was skeptical about stealing cars, hurting people, and doing all sorts of illegal activities, and he didn’t know how he would pull it off, but strangely, after a point in time, he started enjoying the life of a gangster. It was strange even for his body to find a justification for what he was feeling for himself. He couldn’t explain to James, Rick, or anybody else that beating somebody felt really cathartic, threatening somebody made him feel really powerful, and bagging all that cash at the end of the day made him feel very happy.

Was Bobby Able To Put Roy Demeo Behind Bars?

Freddy taught Bobby how to unlock the doors of cars and how to start them without a key. Bobby was a quick learner, and soon, he was called with others to the apartment adjacent to the Gemini Lounge, where Demeo generally killed people and conducted meetings. Bobby went to Demeo’s apartment, and for the first time, he felt extremely nervous. He was scared that they would find out that he was wearing a wire and execute him there and then. But nothing of that sort happened, and Body kept winning the trust of Demeo to the point that he was now getting to be a part of the most confidential conversations.

When Demeo had enough trust in Bobby, he took him to kill that same guy, who had beaten Chris back in the day and who got assaulted by Bobby after that. Bobby shot that man, and he later destroyed the tape recording when he went back to his flat. James Curtis asked him questions about where the recording was, but Bobby asked him to forget about it and not report it to Rick. But James did report, and Rick came to warn Bobby that he was getting way too involved with everything. Things went haywire when Chris’ Colombian deal went bad, and he ended up killing the girlfriend and the cousin of the leader of the cartel.

A bounty was put on Chris’ head, and he went into hiding. Demeo knew that until he found Chris and handed him over to the Colombians, he was not safe. A manhunt was conducted, but Chris was nowhere to be found. One day, in Inside Man, Chris finally turned up at Bobby’s Joe and found out that he was an undercover agent. Chris killed James Curtis, and then he called Demeo and told him that he knew about something that would make him forget everything about the Columbians. Chris, at gunpoint, took Bobby to Demeo’s house, and before he could say anything, he killed him. Demeo asked Bobby why Chris was pointing a gun at him, and Bobby made some excuse, which Demeo believed in. Bobby had a near escape, and he knew that had Chris told Demeo about him on the phone itself, he would have been lying in a pool of blood.

Chris and Rick had to bear the consequences of getting an officer killed, though the department showed little leniency as they had collected a lot of strong evidence against the mobsters. But the sad part was that the department didn’t do anything to put the mobsters behind bars, even though the FBI started keeping an eye on Roy Demeo. The head of the Gambino crime family, Paul Castellano, got Roy Demeo killed, and his body was sent in a patented manner in a car truck. As for Bobby, he gave all the evidence to a man named Garo Balikian, who was probably from the FBI and who had been keeping a watch on Demeo and his gang for quite some time now. Bobby didn’t want his hard work to go in vain, and he gave all the evidence he had to Garo. Garo asked Bobby to become the state witness, but he declined, saying he didn’t want anything to do with the system now. During Inside Man‘s ending, Bobby decides that he will part ways with Mary, and though he still loves her, he knows that she deserves somebody better.

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