‘Jee Karda’ Ending, Explained: Will Lavanya & Rishabh Get Back Together? What Happens To Shahid?


Jee Karda deals with friendship, relationships, trauma, and a lot of drama. Dabbling between the past and the present, the Amazon Prime series narrates the tale of seven childhood friends who grew up together. A fortune teller predicted when they were young that in the year 2022, something would happen that would destroy Lavanya’s life, and strangely, that was the year her long-term boyfriend, Rishabh, decided to propose to her. They both were drunk, and he did it to make a grand gesture, and Lavanya accepted his proposal. The next morning, Lavanya regretted it, but Rishabh did not feel the same way. She did not protest when Rishabh preponed their wedding to impress his parents, but as she prepared for the event, she started to doubt her decision. According to the prediction, each of them has reasons to suffer, and it all somehow unfolds at the same time.

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‘Jee Karda’ Plot Summary: What Is The Series About?

Arjun Gill returned home after learning about Rishabh and Lavanya’s wedding. Arjun and Rishabh were childhood best friends, and even though Arjun was a celebrated Punjabi singer now, he continued to be a loyal friend. While Lavanya and Rishabh were having a hard time deciding the wedding location, Arjun got the best deal for them. Unlike his best friend, Arjun did not care about love. He wanted to focus on his career and believed that love was overrated. Preet had a crush on Arjun since childhood, and even as an adult, every time she met Arjun, her heart skipped a beat. But Arjun did not feel the same way. Preet was a little disheartened to learn that Arjun never cared to follow her on social media, even though they were friends.

Sheetal was the only married person in the group, but her marriage was far from perfect. She and Sameer looked like a happy married couple on the outside, but there were conflicts within. They barely had any privacy inside the house. They slept in the living room, making it all the more difficult to express themselves. Sheetal valued Sameer’s family, and she did not wish to take him away from them. She simply wanted to have her own space, but Sameer was unsure about it. He was afraid that he would not get his rightful share of his father’s property if he moved out. Sheetal was frustrated by their constant quarrels and ultimately decided to take a step. Shahid Ansar, the only poor kid in the group, grew up to become a schoolteacher. It was not easy for Shahid to adjust to the lifestyle of his rich friends. At times, Shahid could sense that he did not belong with them. Preet cared about Shahid and sympathized with his situation. When it came to love, Melroy was unlucky. His boyfriend, Yavar, was a closeted gay man with anger issues. They shared a toxic relationship, but Melroy confused it for love.

Why Did Sheetal Leave Sameer?

Sheetal met Sameer during her school trip to Mussoorie. She asked him for directions, and he suggested a place to visit. Sheetal found a friend in the mountains, and the fact that he was a Gujarati guy made it a sweeter deal. We later learn that Sheetal’s father used to be an affluent finance trader, but he lost all his wealth in the blink of an eye. After marriage, Sheetal did not have her father’s financial support to fall back on. She had to adjust to the two-bedroom apartment of her in-laws. Sameer’s family ran a sweet shop, and he was deeply invested in it. He wanted to contribute to the business and created new sweet flavors along with refreshments. He found it impossible to leave his father’s house and stay in a separate apartment. Sameer did not wish to disrespect his parents and lose his share of the business. He, too, experienced the need for space, but he was ready to adjust to it.

On the other hand, Sheetal was tired of making adjustments. She believed she was a talented designer who could accomplish more than stitch knockoff designer clothes for her neighbors. She wanted Sameer to take a chance on her, but he refused to do it. After trying to convince Sameer for months, Sheetal gave up. She decided to leave the house and figure out her life alone. Sheetal was close to her mother-in-law, and she sympathized with her situation. She was the only person Sheetal discussed her pregnancy with. With a baby on the way, Sheetal knew that she had to do better. Her mother-in-law did not object to Sheetal’s decision to move to a nearby apartment with Sameer; all she cared about was that the family ties remained intact. Sheetal decided to distance herself from Sameer to give him space to think over her suggestion.

What Happened To Melroy And Yavar?

Melroy had a disturbed childhood, which in a way, explained his tainted understanding of love. At the brink of his teenage years, when he was discovering his sexuality, his stepfather started to abuse him. Whenever his mother was away, he would force himself on Melroy. After he missed classes in school, his friends started to investigate to find out what had happened to their dear friend. When they found him, he confided in them. The friends devised a plan together to expose his stepfather. One morning, when Melroy’s mother stepped out of the house, his friends sneaked into the residence and recorded him. The video was submitted to the police, and the man was arrested. Soon after, his stepfather committed suicide, and the entire incident kept haunting Melroy.

As an adult, Melroy fell in love with an emotionally unavailable man. Yavar was embarrassed about his sexuality and pretended to be a straight man in public places. At times, Melroy struggled to put up with his behavior and called him out for who he was. Melroy wanted a serious relationship with a partner he could introduce to his mother and his friends, and Yavar was not that guy. One night, when Melroy returned home, he found Yavar in his apartment. He informed Melroy that his family was getting him married against his wishes. Yavar felt helpless, and he hoped for Melroy to show him sympathy. While Yavar was mostly unavailable, he assumed that it was Melroy’s duty to make him feel better about the situation. Melroy spat the truth in his face, and Yavar could not take it. He was a weak man who could not stand up to his parents and own his sexuality, so he chose to abuse Melroy to assert his power. Melroy constantly reminded him of his truth, and Yavar hated it.

Even though Melroy had to be admitted to the hospital after the abuse, he chose to protect Yavar from the police and instead blamed an innocent man for robbing him. Melroy struggles to find his worth, and at the end of Jee Karda, when Yavar calls him for help on his wedding day, he visits him. While Yavar wanted to mend their relationship, Melroy was not ready for it. He had not forgiven Yavar; instead, he wanted to give Yavar a chance to choose his destiny. He tried to make Yavar realize that the choice was not between him and the girl; it was between freedom and deceit. Without Melroy, Yavar did not have the courage to run for his freedom; he chose to go back to the wedding ceremony and perform his duty as a son.

How Does ‘Jee Karda’ End?

Rishabh and Lavanya were constantly bickering due to the wedding preparations. Lavanya’s mother, Antara, was a liberal woman, while Rishabh’s parents were conservative. They were completely against serving alcohol and non-vegetarian food, while Lavanya was hellbent on doing so. Lavanya wanted her wedding ceremony to be perfect, and she was not ready to make any adjustments. Lavanya was afraid that she would lose herself by compromising with Rishabh’s family. She agreed to marry him way before she intended to, but when it came to the decor and the food, she aimed for perfection. Rishabh always tried to pacify the situation between Lavanya and his parents, but at times he failed. It was impossible to keep both parties happy, and he was stuck in the chaos. It was not just the food and the decor that bothered Lavanya; deep inside, she was afraid of making the wrong decision by getting married. She had spent all her life with Rishabh, and she was scared of not giving life a chance.

During Sangeet, when Antara’s drunken shenanigans embarrassed the groom’s family, Rishabh tried to solve the issue. Lavanya was not ready to ask her mother to stop enjoying the party to honor the groom’s family. The decision led to an argument, and Lavanya stormed out of the hall. She found Arjun seated outside, and as they briefly discussed Lavanya’s wedding chaos, something sparked between them. Lavanya fell in love with Arjun when she was a teenager, but she decided to move on after she saw him with another girl. Even as adults, there was an underlying sexual tension between the two, which ultimately led to intercourse the night before the wedding. Soon after passionately making out, Lavanya and Arjun realized that they had made a mistake. When Lavanya returned to the party, Rishabh begged for forgiveness, and the two got married the next morning. Arjun had recently learned that his father was alive and a maestro and that he was his illegitimate son. Soon after that revelation, she slept with Lavanya, turning him all the more bitter. During the wedding, he was mostly drunk and frustrated. Arjun, too, had feelings for Lavanya, but he perhaps refrained from expressing himself because she was dating his best friend. (We will never know why he decided that the night before the wedding was the perfect time to express their emotions, but it is what it is.)

Lavanya had spent the entire honeymoon behaving distantly with Rishabh. No matter how romantic he tried to become, Lavanya remained unaffected by it. After returning home one evening, she stated that maybe they both regretted marrying each other because now they were destined to be bored forever. They had been together all their lives, and now that they had married each other, they had tied themselves down even more. Rishabh, on the contrary, believed that he made the best decision by marrying Lavanya because he was madly in love with her. Lavanya had a change of heart, and they finally got intimate.

On Preet’s thirtieth birthday, the group gathered once again. Shahid was visibly irritated since his friends ditched his school’s inaugural function. The event was important to him; he had recently resigned from his private school job to teach underprivileged children, and he wanted his friends to be there for support. He had specially invited Arjun because most of the kids were his fans, and he convinced them to attend school by promising to introduce them to the rockstar. Shahid was tired of how little his friends cared for him, and he vented about being ignored all his life. Even though, as a child, he was physically abused by his father on a regular basis, none of his friends cared enough to intervene. Even now, they do not consider him an equal and simply pity him for his misfortune. Rishabh was hurt by Shahid’s claim; he believed Shahid was suffering from victim complex and stated that he betrayed them by blaming them for his misery.

In the heat of the moment, Shahid revealed that he was not the one who betrayed them; it was Arjun who betrayed his best friend. Rishabh was not ready to believe that Arjun slept with Lavanya, and to make matters worse, a fire started (thanks to Lavanya for carelessly tossing her cigarette bud on a plastic bag). They made it safely out of the pub, and Rishabh confronted Arjun about it. Arjun’s silence confirmed it, and Rishabh punched him out of frustration. Since Rishabh owned the pub, the police took him away for questioning. Not only was his property damaged, but his marriage was ruined as well. He was cheated by his partner and his best friend, and even after earning millions out of an investment, he did not experience any joy. The people who mattered to him destroyed him, and only Melroy followed the police van to support his friend. Lavanya, Preet, and Sheetal left together in a cab.

At the end of Jee Karda, Lavanya stated that the worst part about the whole ordeal was that she enjoyed sleeping with Arjun. This, in a way, confirms that Lavanya and Rishabh might not get back together. Perhaps she has to figure out what she wants from life before jumping on another man. Arjun’s life will never be the same without Rishabh, and he might never forgive himself for destroying their friendship. After the accusations, Shahid might not be welcomed by the group. Though, whether or not the gang will ever reunite is questionable.

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