‘Cal Stone’ In Manifest Season 4, Explained: Did Cal Get His Memory Back In The End?


Cal Stone had been called many names throughout Manifest Universe. Major Kathryn Fitz considered him to be the Holy Grail because she believed that Cal was the key to solving the mysterious disappearance of Flight 828. And in some ways, she was indeed correct. In the entire batch of 191 passengers, Cal was the only kid, and thus, unlike others, his consciousness was not tormented by guilt. Cal had a pure heart, and the strongest connection with the divine consciousness. Additionally, Cal was the first person to witness the Glow from the flight window, and later he became the first person to get visions of Mount Ararat, which can be called the ultimate place of judgment. Hence, we can safely assume that Cal knew everything that was going to happen in the Manifest Universe, but being a child, he wasn’t able to decipher the meaning of these symbols. 

In Manifest Season 1, Cal had the strongest connection with the callings, which helped him draw those symbols so that his father and Aunt Mick could solve them. It was Cal who predicted the return of Zeke Landon, who later played an integral role in the series. Additionally, Cal was the one who got the calling about the missing tailfin that was later recovered from Cuba. Perhaps Flight No. 828 was the mystical vessel that carried 191 souls who were going to be judged for their sins in the divine realm, but Cal was never considered a passenger. Instead, he was the messenger of God, or the divine consciousness, who aided the passengers throughout their journey and delivered their callings so that they could redeem themselves. It is important to note here that none of the callings were about Cal’s redemption of any past mistakes because, being a child, he didn’t have any. His heart was already free of burden when the plane disappeared, and maybe that’s why the divine consciousness had considered him to be its messenger. 

If we compare Cal with the prophets of the world, then he could be an embodiment of Christ. Like Christ, Cal delivered God’s message and, in the end, sacrificed himself for the sake of humanity. As we had already witnessed, Cal sacrificed himself to bring Flight No. 828 to Earth so that these passengers could be judged on the death date and survive it if they really deserved it. This theory is not surprising to us because the creators of Manifest have incorporated a lot of biblical references throughout the show.

We believe Cal also had the ability to travel to the realm of divine consciousness, but these powers weren’t activated until Cal touched the sapphire on the lost tailfin. In Manifest Season 3, he was transported back to Flight 828, which was probably stuck in the divine realm along with Captain Daly and Fiona Clark. Now, we are not sure about this one, but we believe Cal and the others, who got stuck in the divine realm, were able to witness the actions of people on Earth. This particular phenomenon was also explained by Zeke, who told Mick that he had received infinite knowledge of the past and the present in the Glow and could tell everything that was going to happen, which he obviously didn’t reveal to save us from the spoilers. So yes, flight no. 828 exploded midair on the day it disappeared, but then God or the divine consciousness intervened and decided to give these people a second chance in life and thus, created a simulation, an exact replica of Earth, where they could make amends so that their report cards could be assessed on the judgment day. 

Nevertheless, if we consider Cal the son or messenger of God, then based on this assumption, Angelina Meyer could be considered the fallen angel or Lucifer, who perceived all the messages of God in the wrong way. It was evident to us from the beginning that Angelina was mentally unstable. She was looking for love and validation, which she didn’t receive from her strict parents. Angelina even had visions of the dark angel, which she believed to be her guardian angel. Additionally, while Cal was trying to save the world from destruction, Angelina, on the other hand, wanted to destroy it so she could create a new one, which again, couldn’t be considered Holy. It can only be the philosophy of a psychopath to destroy things in order to create “better” ones.

After Cal received the dragon scar from Henry Kim and a second life from Zeke Landon, he was able to transport himself to the plane, or probably the divine realm, because of which he was able to hear the callings of other passengers. Here, Cal indeed became the messenger because the passengers weren’t able to hear their own callings. In the end, Cal sacrificed himself to summon the plane so that he could save the passengers; however, we are certain that Cal was never judged on the scales of judgment, as he was the one who had to tip the scales. In simple words, he was the person who initiated the judgment process through his sacrifice so that the passengers could get a second chance at life. And because Cal was never meant to be judged on his death date, he should not have any memory of the entire incident because those experiences were only going to burden his childhood and ruin the natural flow of his life.

Throughout the Manifest series, Ben Stone had been quite worried about the fact that the disappearance of the flight had taken away his children’s childhood. He would have done anything to get it back, and perhaps the divine consciousness heard his prayer. When the plane returned to 2013 at the end of the series, Cal had no memory of the entire journey so that he could spend his future gathering his own experiences instead of having the baggage from events that never happened in the real world. However, for the other passengers, this baggage of memories was important because, without it, they were bound to repeat the same mistakes in life, and hence the second chance given to them wouldn’t have meant anything at all. Therefore, we do understand why such an exception was made for Cal’s part and not the others. I guess this is the best possible explanation we can come up with right now, but if you have any other theories regarding this phenomenon, then please do share them with us, as they are surely going to change some narratives.

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Shikhar Agrawal
Shikhar Agrawal
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