‘Moving’ Episode 12 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Kim Doosik Alive?


Doosik and Mihyun’s love story gives us so much happiness. Moving Episode 12 is about the unfortunate pause that was put on their story all those years ago and how Mihyun has constructed a life that is aching to resume it. We wish the entire series had been dedicated to them instead of them being just a subplot. It is just proof of how little it takes to make a good love story. You just need some chemistry between the actors and a little bit of sincerity in their characters, and the magic makes itself. We cannot rave about them enough, and we can only hope that we see more of them beyond the conflicts that they have to face. Until then, here is a recap of Moving episode 12.

Spoiler Alert 

What Happens To Doosik And Mihyun?

It is a given that when top agents like Mihyun and Doosik are in love, there won’t be many misunderstandings between them, and they will always stay one step ahead of others. We are taken back to the end of episode 9 when Doosik comes to meet Mihyun on her balcony. Only these two could have topped Romeo and Juliet’s balcony scene. Regardless, Doosik is aware that there are agents all around them, and Mihyun is bound by Min Yongjun to capture Doosik since her father’s life is threatened.

Doosik is there with a plan, and when Mihyun is in his arms, he tells her to take the gun from his jacket so that she can create the illusion that she is completely on the agency’s side. When Doosik is captured by the agents, he drops his knife on the ground. This is the second step of the plan, one that needs Juwon’s help. Whenever Doosik and Juwon used to go on their missions, the former would lend his knife to Juwon to take out the bullets from his wounds. It is assumed that he carried the knife for this very purpose since he never made use of it in combat. Earlier at the shooting range, Doosik had dropped a hint for Juwon, and when Mihyun gave the knife to him, he understood what Doosik was asking him to do.

When meeting with Deputy Director Min Yongjun, Doosik is adamant about not revealing what went down on the mission he had been sent on. It was a covert operation that even the Blue House was not aware of, which implies that it might not have been in the national interest as much as it was on the director’s personal agenda of sorts. The little bit of back and forth between the director and Doosik leads nowhere, except that Doosik ends up overpowering everyone in the room and flies out of the window with the director. As a last show of not having any ties with Mihyun, he shoots at her, only for Juwon to get in the way, as planned before. That was the last time Juwon saw him.

As for Yongjun and the ANSP organization, Doosik’s actions revealed the inherent corruption within and the fact that ANSP was acting outside of the Blue House’s sanctions. This led to Yongjun getting a demotion and ANSP getting downsized. Mihyun gets transferred to another department, where she gets the kind of work environment she had always longed for. The people are nice, and even the place was full of flowers and colors, something Mihyun used to crave when working at ANSP. She was still waiting for Doosik and never stopped looking out of the window or drinking coffee from the vending machine while doing that. One day, he finally returned, and Mihyun and Doosik were able to start their new life together. We suppose that when you see something this sweet, the mind inadvertently goes to lighter places, and we start thinking that Mihyun feels like she must be a Virgo. Doosik feels like a Pisces, and we have heard that this is supposed to be an emotionally sensitive combination.

Is Kim Doosik Alive?

Fast forward a few years, and Doosik and Mihyun start a life of their own with their newborn son on their apple farm. Doosik has stopped flying so as not to attract unwanted attention, as they cannot be sure whether the agency people are still on their trail. Remember the scene where Bongseok had been crying while his father flew towards him in the clouds? That core memory was formed because Bongseok had flown out of the house while chasing a butterfly. It was perhaps that incident, or probably something entirely else, that led the agents to the family once again.

Min Yongjun may have lost a lot, but the man’s perseverance did not allow him to give up. He rejoined the National Intelligence Agency as the Section Chief, and he wants to start it all over again. This once again makes us think that he had been running some covert mission of his, which is why Doosik had been sent and which he had probably dealt with in 1992 with the help of Juwon. Starting again could also mean the elimination of the agents, not with the sanction of the Blue House but as a personal mission. Yongjun is careful to keep Juwon out of it for now.

When the agents surround Doosik’s house in the middle of the night, he asks Mihyun to take away Bongseok and keep him hidden at all costs. He asks her to make sure that Bongseok lives a life unlike that of his father. When we heard Mihyun say that to Bongseok at the end of episode 7, we assumed that it was her anger and disappointment speaking through. However, right now, we know that she is echoing her husband’s wishes. Doosik fights with the agents, creating a distraction so that his wife and child have room to escape. These were the agents we saw getting murdered by Frank in the first few episodes of Moving.

Right now, as soon as Mihyun leaves, Doosik stops fighting and silently agrees to follow the agents. We don’t think he’s dead. The fact that Mihyun has set up a donkatsu shop on the outskirts of Seoul, just like she used to discuss with Doosik, is proof that she is still looking out of the window and waiting for him to find them. But it has been a long time, and her sadness is making us think that she has probably started losing hope. Only the coming episodes of Moving will tell us what the fate of this family will be.

Final Thoughts

It is really going to be the best family reunion in Korean drama land, with not only Mihyun and Bongseok meeting Doosik but all of them meeting Juwon. We also hope that we start getting clues as to what this secret mission is all about that has wrecked so many lives. And what was Doosik doing when he was hiding? What are the secrets he has discovered and is protecting? Finally, isn’t it high time we learned how all these agents gained their powers to begin with? There has to be some connection between that and whatever plot is running between North and South Korea. We are getting impatient for the answers, and we want them soon.

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