‘My Demon’ Episode 14 Recap & Ending Explained: Do Do Hee And Gu Won Break Up?


The cursed breakup episode of Korean dramas has moved to the finale week in recent times. This entire episode of My Demon was spent laying the foundation of the breakup, which will be explored in the next episode, before the happy ending. This is a recap of My Demon Episode 14.

Spoiler Alert

What actually happened in the past with Gu Won and Cheon Suk?

Cheon Suk did not make any deal with Gu Won, but it is true that she met him. Just like Suk Min had told Do Hee, Cheon Suk was making some sweeping changes with the company that placed many of the workers’ lives at risk. Do Hee’s father was against it, and he planned on bringing the misdeeds to light. Throughout this, Do Hee’s mother kept telling her father that they were running out of time. Do Hee’s father claims that he would still be able to meet Do Hee before leaving, and we finally come to know what that means. They have a car accident due to a certain bend in the road, and Do Hee’s mother dies almost instantly. That is when Gu Won comes there. Do Hee’s father asks him to save his wife, but Gu Won doesn’t agree because he is there to collect his soul in exchange for a deal that he made ten years ago. That day, Do Hee’s father died of a heart attack. Cheon Suk witnessed the whole thing, and she was in shock. Gu Won tells her that he can make a deal with her, but she backs away in fear. Cheon Suk doesn’t make a deal that day, but this experience changes her entire outlook on life. In the words of the pastor, seeing the actual devil made Cheon Suk leave behind her own devilish ways.

Do Do Hee and Gu Won know the truth?

Gu Won cannot kill Suk Min, but he is prepared to torture him. However, Suk Min says that he would prefer to go to hell and jumps to his death. Suk Min’s body is not found, though it is speculated that he has committed suicide, and all his misdeeds are out in the public. His wife has turned witness, and Suk Min’s truth is out. Gu Won says that Suk Min must be dead because if he were alive, he would have found him. However, we suspect that Gu Won is missing something. Suk Min had the Demon’s book for a long time, and he must have studied the manual, something that Gu Won has probably not done in forever. When Suk Min said that he would rather go to hell, maybe he had already taken some measures to become more powerful than the average human. Maybe Gu Won is unable to see him because of some spell that Suk Min is using that he got from the book.

As for Do Hee, Suk Min’s words about Cheon Suk are stuck in her mind, and she goes to meet the Father, whom her grandmother regularly saw for her confessions. The Father had been instructed by Cheon Suk to tell Do Hee the truth if she wasn’t able to, and that is when he revealed everything. When the Father talks about Cheon Suk having seen the real devil, Do Hee understands what he was referring to. She knows that her parents’ deaths were linked to Gu Won. Technically, she knew everything about the nature of his job, but seeing it affect her personally had shaken her up.

Gu Won meets the Father later, who recognized him the moment he saw him. The Father reminds Gu Won of his encounter with Cheon Suk, and Gu Won finally understands how he was connected to Do Hee. While she is wondering whether she would have fallen in love with Gu Won if she knew the truth from the start, he is thinking about how he can stop her from being more miserable.

Do Do Hee and Gu Won break up?

Do Hee says that the people she loved the most were the ones causing her to turn away from them? Do Hee has a point. It started with Cheon Suk, who may not have killed Do Hee’s parents, but she had been a bad person before. If she had been better, Do Hee’s father would not have needed to confront her at such a delicate time, and he could have spent that time with his daughter. Secondly, Do Hee’s father was the one to make the deal. If they had not been speeding at that time, Do Hee’s mother could have been alive. However, they were not speeding because of Cheon Suk but because they needed to get things done before Do Hee’s father’s time ran out, and Gu Won was responsible for it.

To be fair, Gu Won was just doing his job, and Do Hee had already judged him in the past for it. As for Cheon Suk, she was no different from any other businessman who became profit-hungry and greedy because of their ambition and entitlement. In the later years, she had more than made up for it, enough to not think of her as a bad person, and she was also someone that Do Hee loved a lot. We must also remember that Do Hee blamed herself all her life for hurrying her parents to come over. Knowing that the said ‘hurry’ was because of Cheon Suk and Gu Won must be infuriating.

Do Hee wants to address this in a rational way, but once again, she sees Gu Won take the life of a woman he had made a contract with. It was at this moment that she realized what the clocks in his study signified. They were keeping track of each contract, and Do Hee’s father must also have once been a name on the wall.

At the end of My Demon episode 14, Do Hee and Gu Won know that all the secrets are out. Do Hee doesn’t want to break up, or maybe she needs more time to reconcile practicality with her emotions. But Gu Won thinks differently. In his human life, he lost Do Hee because of his faith. In this life, he had taken her parents away because of his job, which was a result of his new faith, which was born out of anger for God. Do Hee had always carried the burden of her parents’ deaths, and to this day, she says that the time she spent was the happiest of her life. Gu Won had taken that away from her. He says that they should break up so that Do Hee is not dragged to hell with him for what he did and how he lived. This was the only thing left that he could do for her.

Final Thoughts

It is a sad breakup and an impossible situation indeed. But if we had to guess, we would say that Do Hee’s father made the deal for his daughter’s sake. Gu Won collected his soul on Do Hee’s birthday, meaning that whatever drove the man to such desperation was linked to Do Hee’s birthday. Since she was eleven when her parents died, she must have been one year old when the deal was made. Perhaps Do Hee’s father made a deal to save her life? This would bring back the girl’s guilt in a new form. How she reconciles that with her love for Gu Won and her understanding of his job remains to be seen. 

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