‘My Demon’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Gu Won In Danger?


There is probably no dull episode of My Demon, though we are not fond of the lady tailing the couple. The audience already knows that she must be some supernatural entity that Gu Won has yet to remember. We will be happy if she is not Doom or Death herself. Let’s take a look at the events of My Demon Episode 7 and find out what happened in the end.

Spoiler Alert

What do Do Hee and Gu Won find out about Do Gyeong?

After suffering through the awkwardness and embarrassment of the kiss, Do Hee and Gu Won find nothing on Do Gyeong. They check the locker, and it is empty. Do Gyeong simply goes back home, so the newly married couple does the same. By this time, Gu Won’s powers are working again, and he is wondering why they keep flickering occasionally. The only explanation he has is that it is related to Do Hee. The last time his powers had not worked was when he was saving her, and they had both fallen into the sea. Later, when Gu Won is watching Ga Young’s performance, he once again remembers his human life, and it strikes him that every time his powers flicker, he has had some recollection of his past. This doubt is solidified when his powers don’t work again, and the goons surround him. Luckily, they are there to pledge their loyalty to him, since they are hugely impressed by his powers.

Why is Ga Young so attached to Gu Won?

We understand that Ga Young’s attachment to Gu Won is supposed to be funny, but it is coming across as tragic. Ga Young first met Gu Won as a child, when the demon came to collect her father’s soul. Gu Won had made a deal with Ga Young’s father where he granted him a lot of money, which the man ended up losing right away. When Gu Won came for the man ten years later, his daughter was in immediate danger of physical abuse, and he had indirectly saved Ga Young’s life. She wanted to go with him immediately, but Gu Won refused. Ga Young spent a long time looking for him before she started working for his foundation. Since then, Ga Young has been in love with him, and she is heartbroken at his marriage to Do Hee. She says that it is enough for her to hear that the marriage is not real, but her attachment is obviously deeper than that. In some ways, Gu Won is responsible for leading her on. He may have never given her attention, but he had to know how she felt. What made him think he could have that around him without repercussions? It is these tiny things that make him a real demon. Either way, he once again ignores her after a performance because he is reminded of his past. Do Hee compliments Ga Young on his behalf, but that is not what the dancer wants to hear.

Why do Do Hee and Gu Won fight?

Gu Won is a hoarder who has never had roommates, and that shows in his marriage with Do Hee. He brings all of his stuff with him, and there is no way that it would fit in Do Hee’s apartment. Do Hee asks him to lose some stuff, but he is adamant that even a tiny compromise would affect his identity and personality. Therefore, Do Hee suggests that he take his stuff and his identity with him outside the house. Evidently, this is the first marital fight between them, and both are sulking in their respective spaces. Gu Won ultimately returns home, and we are sure that he will sneak in his things bit by bit. The alternative is that, at some point, he will convince Do Hee to move into his house, which is much bigger.

Is Seok Hoon suspicious of Gu Won?

Seok Hoon is investigating Gu Won, and he finds an old photo of the foundation that has someone looking exactly like Gu Won in the front. Seok Hoon is baffled by the photo, and when he shows it to Do Hee, she says that it is Gu Won’s grandfather. Seok Hoon is not convinced by this, and he suggests that Gu Won is not human. Of course, a human alternative is that Gu Won is a fraud who has laid out an elaborate scheme with such details, but in the meantime, he is just suspicious. Seok Hoon’s doubts increase when he finds that Do Hee and Gu Won are not in the room he just left. There is no way they could just disappear if not for magic. Essentially, he is onto them.

Is Gu Won in danger?

The new plot against Do Hee, orchestrated by her family, is that they are making gossip sites blame her for the Chairwoman’s death. The channels are saying that since she has the most to gain from her death, she must have murdered her. There is no evidence against her, but the family’s goal is to slander her enough so that the board finds enough reason not to let her become the next chairwoman. While tackling this, Do Hee and Gu Won find that it is highly likely that the Chairwoman’s son killed the man in his past deliberately instead of in a drunken accident. With Gu Won’s powers, they also trace the owner of the gossip channel and convince him to take back his words. But the fight is far more dangerous than that.

The killer plants a listening device in Gu Won’s study to understand the man’s secret. He also steals a book, which is the manual on demons. When Gu Won, his butler, and Do Hee are looking for that, the killer overhears their conversation and realizes what he is dealing with. He also has the book in hand, so he knows how to fight Gu Won at this point. The person that the killer is working with, who is most likely Do Gyeong, reviews that video on the night of the tango fight and realizes that Gu Won’s powers come from Do Hee. That is why he decides to separate them, which would make them both powerless.

At the end of “My Demon,” episode 7, Do Hee is arrested on suspicion of killing the Chairwoman. This is just a scheme to slander her and to effectively separate her from Gu Won. She would never be able to reach him from jail. While she is being arrested, Gu Won is stabbed by the killer. Since Gu Won doesn’t have his powers, he is as vulnerable as a human and is lying down in pain. The killer was told that killing Gu Won would make him the next demon, and perhaps he is anticipating that transfer of powers.

Final Thoughts

Gu Won is safe and in the hospital, but Ga Yeong is hell-bent on blaming Do Hee for his state. Additionally, Do Hee has to gear up to fight the inheritance war. She is not one to let go of things because of temporary grievances, so she definitely has a plan up her sleeve. Do Hee and Gu Won will hit back hard at whoever tried to sabotage them. After all, their marriage was not for nothing.

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