‘My Demon’ Episode 8 Recap & Ending Explained: Why Does Do Hee Give Up The Company?


My Demon has reached the half-way mark of its runtime, which means that it was at the ideal spot for the confession of love by the leads as the world collapsed around them. Korean dramas may be cliche, but they will never stop being entertaining. The following is a recap and ending of My Demon Episode 8.

Spoiler Alert

Does Do Hee save Gu Won?

When Do Hee is in jail, the inspector tells her that he knows she is innocent, but he is being pressured by his superiors to detain her. Do Hee is ready to go through the process when she gets to know that Gu Won has been stabbed. Thanks to the inspector, she is able to leave for a brief period of time.

Gu Won was saved just in time by his Butler, and as the killer was running away, Gu Won got a glimpse of his real face. Gu Won is in the hospital, and his condition is critical when Do Hee comes to visit him. She puts her hand in his, but that only works partially. Gu Won regains consciousness, but he is not back to his previous self. His powers are flickering, and the reason is completely unknown. Meanwhile, Ga Young and Seok Hoon see Gu Won and Do Hee hugging each other, and both feel pangs of jealousy. Ga Young says that she had been happy to just be Gu Won’s human companion, but now Do Hee was closer to Gu Won than her, which she found unacceptable. As for Seok Hoon, his feelings are much simpler. He sees that the first thing Do Hee did upon seeing an unconscious Gu Won was to put her wrist in his hand, and he is doubtful as to what that means.

Since Gu Won was attacked, the slanderous articles against Do Hee have been taken back, and the public opinion against her has completely changed. Since the owner of the YouTube channel has also issued his apology, there is no doubt regarding her anymore, meaning that Do Hee’s path to being the Chairwoman is clear. However, the recent incident with Gu Won has changed a lot of things for Do Hee.

Why are Gu Won’s powers flickering?

The lady at the station says that Do Hee may have saved him, but this is the first step to her life being in danger. As for Gu Won, he has a terrible dream that he is surrounded by flames and is burning up in them. That dream shakes him up, and he cannot understand why it feels so important. Gu Won may need to make a new deal soon to not spontaneously combust, but this was deeper than that. Meanwhile, he is anxiously waiting for Do Hee, and he is not even trying to pretend to be detached anymore. His earnestness means that Do Hee is also melting. Since they have realized that Gu Won’s powers are not as strong as before, they are constantly holding hands and hugging each other to sleep in an effort to figure out what would fix the situation, and all of this is just bringing them closer to each other.

Why Does Do Hee Give Up The Company?

Gu Won is someone that Do Hee cares about. When Ga Young comes to visit Do Hee, she tells her that it is because of her that Gu Won is injured and that she should leave his life if she wants to protect him. Do Hee can’t deny that Gu Won lost his powers after meeting her, and the attempt to take his life had to be linked to her as well. Do Hee has always blamed herself for her parents’ deaths, and since she learned that the chairwoman was murdered, she can’t help blaming herself again. After all, it was because of the company, and the chairwoman had left everything to Do Hee, which had to be why she was harmed. Therefore, Do Hee started to consider giving up the company as per the advice of the late chairwoman. Do Hee wonders whether it would be unfair for her mentor to give up on everything, but the woman tells her that she should think about the living. It is true that the Chairwoman’s last wish was for Do Hee to be happy. If she finds that in the safety of the people she cares about, then so be it. Therefore, at the company meeting, Do Hee announced that she was withdrawing from the race. She also pledges to renounce her inheritance. Her family is happy with that, though the aunt is suspicious as to why this turn of events has occurred.

Gu Won is equally shocked at her announcement, and Do Hee only tells him that she is stepping back because she wants peace. Gu Won is insistent that they can fight for peace together, but Do Hee says that he doesn’t have the ability to fight since he is losing his powers. Gu Won knows that this cannot be the truth, so he decides to ask Seok Hoon, and true to his guess, Seok Hoon lets him know that Do Hee did this for Gu Won’s safety.

Previously, when Ga Young had met Gu Won, she hadn’t hesitated to tell him that he was already in love with Do Hee. This is the worst thing that Ga Young could have done for herself. She says that Gu Won should quit being with Do Hee if he did not want to be human since falling in love was the most human thing ever. Right now, when Gu Won comes to know about Do Hee’s sacrifice, it is not just a matter of setting things right for her but acknowledging that perhaps being human is worth it if he can be in love with someone who would go to such lengths for him. Gu Won finds Do Hee in the Chairwoman’s greenhouse at the end of My Demon episode 8 and announces that he doesn’t want to separate from her. He kisses her, and this time it is not to hide but to tell her exactly what he feels.

Final Thoughts

Someone is keeping tabs on Gu Won, and they tell the killer that the demon has lost his powers, so the latter is safe for now. My Demon Episode 9 preview tells us that Gu Won’s powers are not just flickering but are on the verge of disappearing completely. The stakes are rising in this love story, and we cannot decide if it is moving too fast or too slowly.

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