‘Now And Then’ Episode 6: Recap And Ending, Explained – Who Is The Mysterious Woman Who Visited Daniela?


“Now And Then” Episode 5 ended with Sophia visiting Daniela two months before the alumni party. We also see a woman visit Daniela on the night she decides to tell Hugo everything about her past. Episode 6 shows the separation with Isabel taking a toll on Marcos. Pedro is still trying to comprehend Ernesto’s arrest. Sophia looks for a way to get back the money she took from Bernie. Sergeant Flora is removed from the case. Daniela’s secret visitor is revealed.

“Now And Then” Episode 6 revolves around the night of Thanksgiving. Thus, both the past and the present show Thanksgiving. However, underneath all the happiness and mirth looms a quiet dirty secret that is slowly making its way to the top.

The Past

Alejandro’s whole family has come together for a feast. His father raises a toast to his son’s achievements, something he wanted to achieve but never could. Pedro watches the celebration from the kitchen. Marcos is also having a feast at his home with his family. Sophia and Daniela celebrate Thanksgiving in their own little way, just the two of them together under the night sky. Ana has also come home for Thanksgiving, although reluctantly following her mother’s orders.

Pedro’s mother finds a blood mark on his shoe and asks him about the truth. He tells his mother everything. His mother decides to take him to the police station because the truth has to be told. The dead woman’s husband has the right to know. Alejandro’s family, the family they work for and who pays them, has the right to know. She says that they will understand, but Pedro begs her mother to not do so, as he doesn’t want to go to jail.

Sergeant Flora has asked for a new analysis of the accident. She believes that there has to be some evidence that will lead to the killer. After all, the fact is that someone did kill Jessica Thompson. She even calls all the paramedics, cops, and other people who touched Jessica Thompson’s car to get their fingerprints and compare them with the ones gathered on the night of the accident. That night, on Thanksgiving night, Flora arrives at Sullivan’s home and hands him a report. There is an extra set of fingerprints they have found in the car that neither belongs to the cops and others nor Jessica Thompson. Thus, it can only be of the killer.

In Episode 4, we saw a hand reach out and pull Jessica Thompson’s phone out of her hand, an action that led to her death. In “Now And Then,” Episode 6, we see that the person who snatched her phone is none other than Pedro.

The Present

Pedro visits Ernesto, who is behind bars. Ernesto is broken, and more so because he has done nothing wrong. It was Pedro who promised to get him out, and nothing has been done yet. Pedro gives the same promise again and leaves. Ana picks him up, and when he mentions how Ernesto sacrificed for him, Ana tells him that had it not been for her, it would have been Pedro behind bars. This would cost them the campaign, their house, and their family.

Marwen and Ana are planning to spend Thanksgiving at the Entrepreneurs’ Association Party, something that will help propel Pedro’s campaign. But Pedro wants to have Thanksgiving at home with his children. Marwen then hands him a speech that he will deliver at his next event at a homeless shelter. The speech states that Pedro’s party has cut all ties with Ernesto Diaz, and they will let justice have its way. This is completely against Pedro’s wishes. Thus, at the homeless shelter, Pedro gives his own speech and tells the reporters that he believes that there is a “plausible explanation” for whatever has happened. After the speech, when Marwen tries to remind him of the strategy, he retaliates that he is the “boss” and he will take the final call. He also disapproves of the Entrepreneurs’ Association Party that night for Thanksgiving and wants Ana to join him at home with their children. At the table, too, Pedro has an emotional breakdown in front of his kids and Ana, yelling at them, then apologizing and finally giving thanks for having his family by his side. After dinner, Pedro tells Ana that Ernesto is his “right-hand man.” But Ana knows that for Pedro, Ernesto is much more. This means that she knows that they are intimate, but it doesn’t matter to her. But she clearly states that Pedro doesn’t have the right to put anyone else above her in his life. Later on, Pedro approaches a sad Ana, thanks her for always being there for him, and asks her out for a few drinks together “like old times.” Allison, the babysitter, arrives and tells Pedro that her previous payment is not yet clear, the one after the alumni party. But Pedro has no idea about it. Apparently, on one night that he was out, Ana too returned home “pretty late,” so she called Allison up to babysit. Pedro finds this questionable.

Sophia visits Hugo at the hospital. Access is not allowed, so she sees him through the glass. As she stares at him, we are taken back in time to a moment where she is having a debate with Daniela after finding out that Daniela has told her son Hugo about the whole blackmailing thing. Sophia was worried if Hugo would tell someone else about it, while Daniela said that she had to tell him because he was her son. Sophia reminded her that he wasn’t her son but of the woman they killed.

Sophia is woken up by Sergeant Flora, who was sleeping on a waiting chair in the hospital. She tells Sophia that Hugo is in a coma but stable and “has a lot to tell me.” And once he wakes up, his words will clear up a lot of things. Flora walks to Hugo’s chamber while Flora leaves the hospital. Flora is about to enter the chamber when she receives a call from Lieutenant Willis. The word about her wiring a house without a warrant is out. She and Belinda are called for by Willis, who is about to take their badges away. However, Flora saves Belinda from being suspended by saying that she had no idea that the wiring had no warrant. While Willis says that he will open an internal investigation into the matter, he suspends Flora from duty. That night, Belinda visits Flora at her house to see if she had brought home any documents related to Daniela Marini’s case. Flora had, and she gives them back to her but tells her that being suspended won’t stop her from working on the case. But Belinda wants her to stay away from the case and blames her for almost costing her job. Saying this, she leaves. Flora remains silent. On another night, Sullivan visits her to try to bring her back to her senses and make her understand that she has to “play by the rules, even if you don’t like them.” We also see her not feeling well, which is a reminder of her potential breast cancer diagnosis. Later that night, she receives a call from the hospital where Hugo is admitted. He has come out of his coma.

Sophia returns to her room in the motel where she is staying for the time being. Upon entering, she finds Bernie staring at her. He is there to take his money back, but Sophia doesn’t have it. He gives her five days to get it, but only after she assures him that Marcos is “on the verge of telling me” the location of his father’s “dirty” money. Bernie then leaves. Then we see Sophia at a joint about to have her “thanksgiving dinner,” where her phone rings. It is Marcos.

Marcos has been trying to contact his wife, Isabel, but her phone is out of service. He isn’t replying to Sophia’s texts and is back at his clinic, where his father tells him that he has spoken to Isabel. Despite what Marcos did to her, she still loves him a lot. And there is still time for Marcos to work things out with his wife. But Marcos has no idea what to do and has been taking drugs off and on. He returns to his apartment only to find Isabel, who is there to collect her remaining belongings. She charges him with sleeping with Sophia, but he denies it straightaway, unaware of the fact that she has heard their recordings. She warns him about Sophia and leaves. That night, during the thanksgiving dinner at his father’s place, he is unable to get his mind straight and leaves the table, excusing himself. He comes to a rooftop restaurant, gets completely drunk, and finally calls the only person he can talk to.

Marcos’s name flashes on Sophia’s phone at the joint. She picks it up, hears his voice, realizes that he is not in his senses, and rushes to his place. He tells her that everything was fine in his life until she came in and ripped it apart, and yet no matter how much he tried to forget her and not think about her, he couldn’t. Sophia seizes the opportunity and tells him that they should leave everything and go to Colombia. This is just a way for her to find out about Marcos’s father’s money. Marcos stands to leave with Sophia but falls unconscious.

‘Now And Then’ Episode 6 Ending Explained – Who Killed Daniela?

Allison, the babysitter, tells Pedro about the night Ana returned home late; we are taken back to an event in Episode 5 where we saw a mysterious woman arrive at Daniela’s place. This mysterious woman was Ana. After she returned home late that night from Daniela’s, she, along with us, observed something red on her right hand only to realize later on, when she washed it off, that it was blood. “Now And Then” Episode 6 ends with Ana washing blood off her hands. 

It seems that Ana is the one who killed Daniela. But we do not know why she would kill her. Did she find out that Daniela was the blackmailer? If so, how? Did someone tell her? If not, then why did she personally visit Daniela after all these years? All these questions remain to be answered in Episode 7.

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