‘Palm Royale’ Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Maxine Hosting The Beach Ball?


I don’t think anybody could’ve done a better job than Kristen Wiig as Maxine, trying to make her way into the A-list while simultaneously digging her own grave. It’s true that Palm Royale is massively unserious and doesn’t really have a moment of silence; every episode is pumped with information, like a gym bro on coke, ripping from the seams, sweating till his knees buckle. And buckle, they will. Still, it’s highly entertaining, and I suppose in a world of grays and blues, Maxine’s bright yellows are truly eye-catching. Episode 2 ended with Maxine auctioning an important cat-shaped statue at Mary’s Fibs charity event. However, when she learns the importance of said stone, she ends up bidding 75,000 dollars herself. She then proceeds to have a heart-to-heart with Linda, who wishes her good luck in high society and bids her farewell. As expected, Maxine doesn’t quite like saying goodbye, and she’s back at Linda’s doorstep in a beat. Let’s get into episode 3 of Palm Royale to know why.

Spoiler Alert

Who Is Next in Line For The Throne?

In Palm Royale episode 1, when Maxine introduces us to the Palm Beach residents, she talks about how, when one arrives, they think they’re the oldest and richest in town, but they’re probably the youngest and poorest. This holds true for Maxine, but it seems the oldest and richest for a long time has been her relative, Norma. Episode 3 begins with Maxine talking about all the women of Palm Beach and who is the most relevant to be the queen bee next. It is, of course, Evelyn, for good reason, and everyone knows it. After putting on a fancy show for the uber-rich of Palm Beach, Maxine finds herself thrown out of the motel, her clothes and “unmentionables” in the pool for all to see. She thinks the best thing for her to do at this moment is get her nails done because, you know, perfect nails equals perfect life. There, a melancholic Mitzy tells her that she’s just been broken up with; however, Maxine’s life is looking fantastic from the outside because she’s the cover story of the Shiny Sheet (woohoo). 

Now, a desolate Maxine is suddenly glowing with ripe ideas and makes her way to Grayman’s, where a fashion showcase is taking place. Amidst the shimmery silk chiffons and the long tunics, Maxine shuffles her way in, telling the ladies that she’s going to be hosting the beach ball in honor of Norma. Dinah doesn’t miss any opportunities to strike, and she muses out loud that everyone would like to see where Maxine lives. Maxine invites the gang to a cocktail night at the Delacorte estate, only to regret it about 5 seconds later. 

How does Maxine manage to host the women of Palm Beach? 

In a fleeting moment, Maxine moves into the Delacorte estate and tries to dismiss a shirtless Robert in his tiny shorts. Robert, of course, doesn’t plan on going anywhere; he’s meant to be looking after Norma’s estate until she returns. Maxine makes herself at home and notices that Norma’s room hasn’t been touched since her embolism. Robert finally cleans it up. On the other hand, Maxine gets a word in with her loving husband, informing him of the situation. He fears she’s overstepping too soon, considering the house doesn’t really belong to them just yet, but Maxine is certain she can manage. Amidst the chaos, Maxine gets a visit from Ann, who at first appeared to be a friend but now seems to be more interested in ripping Maxine apart for the local gossip column. Say, it’s like she wants to be an influencer, but all her videos have been lies. Ann asks Maxine some deep questions, but being a pageant girl, she’s able to evade them with ease, always giving a safe answer, never the juicy details. The ultimate question is who will host the Beach Ball’s 50th anniversary after 49 years of unwavering performance. Immediately, Maxine finds herself panicking and decides to say that she will host the ball. She’s like a little cat, trying to climb into a spot she’ll get stuck in and then cry for help. 

Who helps Maxine set up the tablescape? 

Anything for the sisterhood, no? Maxine is a genius when it comes to using misogyny to her benefit and that of her friends. See, I told you she’d be back for Linda, just as her friend Virginia was sure. Maxine’s not allowed to talk to Linda until they finish the circle, thanks to Virginia’s resolution. We learn that Linda was left at the altar on her wedding day, and then that somehow turns into a conversation about Vietnam and America, where South Vietnam is the bride, and America is the groom. Maxine calls it a failed engagement and then proceeds to talk about how marriages are meant to be about living for the other person, completely neglecting the progressive conversation of the circle and making it about the man (whoops). Now, Linda has no choice but to take her away and help her with a gorgeous tablescape for the cocktail gathering. 

Linda’s still a good friend to Maxine; she reminds her that the ladies aren’t interested in befriending her; they want one thing only—the Beach Ball. But, just like Dinah did with Maxine, Maxine dismisses Linda just when it’s time for the ladies to arrive (ugh, that was hard to watch). Linda’s already befriended Robert in the house, though, and as she’s sent out of the backdoor, she decides to stop by for a drink, or too many, with the bar boy. While the women chew Maxine to the bone, Linda and Robert discuss how they might be choking on the bones. The ladies basically bombard Maxine with questions regarding how she’ll manage to host the ball when it’s quite evident she has no idea how to make her way around the place. On the other hand, Robert and Linda discuss their relationship with Norma but keep a safe distance from bringing out the closeted skeletons; whatever they may be, we don’t know just yet. Eventually, Maxine has to write the 75,000-dollar check to the Fibs, which will probably bounce, and the ladies leave without taking a look at the tablescape. See, food is simply a decoration for the uber-wealthy. 

Apparently, the place that Norma’s been staying at is a facility that looks like a fancy hotel room with a walk-in closet and everything. Linda’s father is also in the same place, and she confesses to Robert that she’s actually very sad and needs a hug. While they try to comfort each other, Linda stumbles upon something on one of the shelves in Robert’s poolhouse. Maybe it’s a key that Maxine will soon be desperate to find. 

Does Evelyn get to Maxine? 

At the end of Palm Royale episode 3, it’s only Maxine and Evelyn, and now the honesty cards are at play. Evelyn is certain that Maxine has no money at all, and she tells her that there’s going to be no inheritance for Douglas because Norma told her before going into a coma that she wouldn’t give him anything, even if he was the last Delacorte in the world. So Evelyn says she’ll host the gala in honor of Norma, while Maxine can quietly step into the shadows and save face. However, Maxine is not one to be stepped on like a doormat, and she reminds Evelyn that if she wants to stick with tradition and host the party on the Delacorte estate, she’d have to partner up with Maxine. I suppose this is because by the next day, Ann’s article about Maxine would be out, and the whole world would know who she is. Evelyn ultimately agrees to join forces with Maxine under one condition: she has to find the key to Norma’s most important riches, including a crown and her precious Rolodex. Maxine spends the rest of the night looking for the key but doesn’t find anything. When Douglas arrives, he finds a drunk Maxine in a complete mess. Yet somehow, their love still glows with passion (if you know what I mean). I suppose Evelyn and Maxine are actually quite similar. When Linda and Robert were talking, Robert mentioned that he heard from Norma that Linda thought Evelyn married her father because she was a golddigger (not very feminist of her, I might say). But Linda’s definitely hiding some big secret, possibly including Norma, but we’ll find out later. 

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