‘Perfect Addiction’ Ending, Explained: Did Sienna Get Her Revenge From Jax?


Castille Landon’s “Perfect Addiction”, based on the book of the same name, revolves around a girl in a toxic relationship who moves on to a much healthier relationship as she works on the perfect revenge against her toxic ex with her current boyfriend. The movie is unnecessarily erotic with little to no depth. My girl Sienna jumps into the arms of another boyfriend instead of investing in therapy. Her motive for revenge is clear, as she wants to beat Jax at his own game. She was a very successful boxing trainer, and due to Jax, she had never thought of going professional, even after defeating another champion and the fighters she trained on a regular basis. The movie is okayish; however, as the name suggests, the plot could have had Sienna returning to Jax even after everything he’d done to her, which it did not, and Sienna realized how toxic Jax was and thus ended things. Although the characters lacked depth, the movie turned out alright.

 Spoilers Ahead

‘Perfect Addiction’ Plot Summary: What Is The Film About?

“Perfect Addiction” begins with a toxic romance between an MMA fighter named Jax and his trainer, Sienna. Eventually, they break up as Jax cheats on her with her sister Beth. Sienna leaves the apartment they shared as her friend Brent recommends his adopted brother Kayden’s flat. She swings by only to be rejected; however, after finding out that Kayden would be fighting Jax, she resolves to train him to be better than Jax as a condition for letting her stay. She trains him day and night for the rematch as sparks fly, and she finds herself falling for another fighter yet again. 

Why Did Sienna Break Up With Jax?

The movie started with what seemed to be a perfect romantic story between a fighter and a trainer. Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA, is a sport that incorporates intense training with skills for fighting. This is why there was a mix of heady emotions that could make it harder to fight the attraction. Sienna had been riding on that high pretty much since the time she began training Jax. This ultimately led her to think that this could last forever; however, once the magic broke, Sienna had to face a very harsh reality. She met Jax at the gym owned by her coach and trainer, Julian, who was also a father figure to Sienna.

Sienna had trained Jax and also helped with his rehabilitation after the car crash. She trained him to be the best fighter, while Jax slowly chipped away at her confidence as a fighter during the entire duration of their relationship. The rose-tinted glasses fell from her eyes when she found out Jax had cheated on her with her sister, Beth. She left the apartment they lived in together and spent the night at the gym as she confronted some pretty questionable issues. She realized how emotionally manipulative and toxic Jax had been to her. Jax had slowly taken over her entire life and had begun controlling her while he used her weaknesses against him. She also realized that she had been changing herself to suit his needs, a change she noticed in her sister, as well as Beth, who continued to date Jax. She gradually understood how terrible Jax had been to her, but this was only after she met Kayden.

Were Sienna And Kayden The Endgame?

Sienna had been focused on her anger as she let Jax get to her. She decided to get the perfect revenge by beating Jax at his own game by training a better fighter. The idea took root in her head only after she met Kayden. Kayden had owned a flat in the basement with a room to spare, and coincidentally, he had been looking for a roommate. Brent, Sienna’s best friend, recommended Sienna check out Kayden’s place for a roof over her head. She went over only to be rejected by Kayden; however, as her luck would have it, Julian told her about the fight between Kayden and Jax, which led Sienna to scout Kayden. He had been losing that match, and the police raid had stopped Jax from pummeling him. Sienna sought him out and decided to train him for a rematch. She took him on and trained him until she could teach him no more. She relied on Julian to help them out; however, Julian had been dead set against training underground players and had only agreed to help Kayden because of Sienna.

Sienna and Kayden gradually fell in love, and even after Sienna beat Athena, the three-time champion, in a practice match, he supported her, unlike Jax. However, due to her emotional scars, Sienna could never think of going pro. After Jax had unintentionally hit her during his losing match against Kayden and had sent her to the hospital, Kayden took it as a sign to help Sienna focus more on herself. He stayed till she was out of danger, however, and left behind a letter addressed to her. At that time, Kayden considered it the best way forward, but he quickly realized he had been a coward. He returned to school and retired from UFG while he also helped Sienna get over her insecurities so they could start a new chapter in their lives together.

‘Perfect Addiction’ Ending Explained: How Did Sienna Get Her Revenge From Jax?

It not only turns out to be a perfect revenge story but also the story where Sienna finally uses her drive to focus on herself. With Julian slowly chipping away at her insecurities about going pro and Kayden’s final push to force her to think about her own decisions, Sienna really turned the story around and got the perfect revenge by investing in herself. She decided to fight for herself, not for Jax or for Kayden but for herself. At the end of the movie, she jots down her name on the entry card for professional mixed martial arts fighters as she considers making a career out of it before she retires and helps Julian with his gym.

Jax had emotionally manipulated her and had been utterly toxic to her, while Kayden had been encouraging and supportive to her, which was what Sienna needed to get herself on track. Her family, friends, Julian, and Kayden’s support helped her gain much-needed confidence as she finally decided to be the champion herself instead of simply training and raising another fighter to become the champion. Beth comes around too as Sienna forgives her after Beth realizes the grave she had been digging for herself. Jax, too, comes around to apologize, and Sienna forgives him and asks him to work on himself and not use others to make himself feel whole again. Sienna, after forgiving others, forgave herself in the process as she realized the anger she had held in herself, which had ultimately been directed toward her.

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