Real-Life Gabriel Pontello & Gabriele Galetta In ‘Supersex’: Is Rocco Siffredi’s Brother Dead?


Gabriel Pontello, aka Gabriella Ponti, and Gabriele Galetta were two people in Supersex with whom Rocco Siffredi collaborated the most in his career. Both the characters were based on real-life people, though the makers took creative liberties and added certain things to the narrative that probably didn’t exist in real life. Where one launched Rocco in the adult film industry, the other collaborated with him on many award-winning films. Gabriel Pontello was a well-known name in the adult film industry, and it was a dream come true for Rocco when he was cast in his film. Gabriele Galetta, on the other hand, was Rocco’s cousin, and he was mesmerized by the fame that his brother got, and that’s what motivated him to make a career in the same field. So, let’s find out the kind of relationship Rocco shared with them and what kinds of conflicts arose between them.

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Did Pontello have issues with Rocco in real life? 

We saw in Netflix’s Supersex that Rocco was, in a way, discovered by Gabriel Pontello, and it was like a dream come true for our protagonist. It is true that in real life too, Pontello spotted Rocco in a swinger’s club, and after that, he introduced him to various producers and directors in the adult film business. We say it was a dream come true for Rocco, as since his childhood, he had been fascinated with the magazine called Supersex, in which Pontello was featured as the protagonist. Even before he started acting in adult films, Pontello was a very famous personality because of the graphic magazine. It was said that Pontello had an eye for talent, and as soon as he saw Rocco in the swinger’s club, he knew that he had a lot of potential. Now we have to say here that a lot of creative liberties have been taken by makers, and it is possible that things wouldn’t have happened as they were shown in the series, though it is a fact that Rocco did idolize the actor, and he was the one who launched him in real life.

We saw in the series that there were a lot of people who didn’t have faith in Rocco’s abilities, and they didn’t understand what Pontello saw in him. But Pontello knew that Rocco was going to become one of the most famous stars in the years to come. Pontello didn’t lose his faith in Rocco, and the latter didn’t disappoint. It was fascinating to see the kind of perspective people like Pontello held for the work they did. They took a lot of pride in the fact that they had complete control over their bodies and, more importantly, over their minds. After a couple of bad performances, Pontello went up to Rocco and told him that if he thought that performing in an adult film was only about his physical abilities, then he was totally wrong. Pontello told him that it was his mind that needed to be under his control. It was the first time Rocco was told such a thing, and that made him realize that he had a lot to learn to become the master of the trade. Pontello worked on himself, and he got another chance to showcase his talent when, one night, he came to the swinger’s club once again. Rocco did his best to impress his idol, and his efforts didn’t go to waste. Pontello decided to take another chance with him, and at that time, Rocco knew exactly what he needed to do. There is no record of the fact that the argument that we were shown in the series between Rocco and Pontello happened in real life. Probably, it is loosely inspired by real events, or maybe it is a total work of fiction included by the makers to create a conflict. In the series, we saw that at one of the lavish parties, the owner of the Supersex magazine was in awe of the work that Rocco had done. He passed a comment wherein he said humorously that he should have taken Rocco as the protagonist instead of Pontello. Gabriel Pontello got really angry when he heard that, and he perceived the entire issue in a very different manner. His insecurities made him believe that Rocco was trying to take his position when, in reality, there was no such thing. 

Is Gabriele Zero dead or alive? 

We saw that Rocco’s real-life cousin, Gabriele, joined him after he became a huge star, and both of them collaborated on many adult films over the years. Gabriele Galetta, aka Gabriele Zero, as he came to be known later, was a fan of his brother. At that time, when Gabriele approached Rocco to work with him, the latter realized how the industry worked, which is why he didn’t want his brother to come into it. But Gabriele was awestruck by the kind of success his brother had, and he just didn’t want to give up on the opportunity. We don’t know if Rocco actually gave that kind of pep talk to Gabriele or not in real life, but he did end up agreeing with him. We saw in Supersex that one day, Gabriel came and expressed to Rocco that he didn’t want to do his bank job and that he wanted to do something in the adult film industry. Rocco told him that he had a family to take care of and he shouldn’t do something as for them it would be very difficult to understand the nature of his job. But Gabriele was persistent, and Rocco finally gave in. 

Gabriele was happily married to his wife, Nayeli, and he had an illustrious career where he wrote the scripts for many award-winning films in which Siffredi acted. On March 2, 2020, Gabriele died of a heart attack in Ortona. Rocco, after the death of his brother, spoke to the media and said that his cousin brother was the kind of man who felt that he was invincible, and he believed that nothing could kill him. He was a chain smoker, which probably contributed to his heart attack. Rocco probably didn’t know the kind of potential that his cousin brother had in the beginning, but as time passed, he realized that he actually had a flair for it, and together they produced some good work. 

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