Shows & Films Like ‘6ixtynin9’ If You Liked Netflix Thai Series


6ixtynin9 is over, and we got the impression that it is the kind of show that people will either love or hate, with no middle ground. In either case, here is a list of similar shows dealing with genres that 6ixtynin9 tried to cover. If you loved it, you would want more of it. If not, then give these shows and movies a chance to discover some of the finer things about the genres.

Delhi Belly

It is an Indian movie that came out almost a decade ago and is still extremely relevant if you are looking for a good laugh. We say this because, though 6ixtynin9 had some comedy, it wasn’t the laugh-out-loud kind, but it is there in Delhi Belly. Saying more would give away some spoilers, but there are plenty of similarities that can be drawn between the series and the movie, except that the latter is a little more out there. We would also recommend giving the music in the film a proper chance. The visuals and the lyrics toe the line dangerously, but in case you do not know the language, even the tunes are great fun. In its time, Delhi Belly did not get the credit it deserved. But now, more than a decade later, it is time to cherish the film for doing what it did.


It is a stretch to call this a comedy, but the premise is to exaggerate the situation to the point of dark absurdity. Nanno is a supernatural being who is on a mission to expose the dark secrets of all schools, and each episode of the series has her dealing with one issue where she turns the tables or brings out the ugliness for all to see. This is comparable to 6ixtynin9 because of the similar dark vibe and the unexplainable supernatural element of it all. This drama has always been popular, and you can either watch it in one go or make it your dark and friendly lunchtime viewing.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

When talking about coincidences and comedy, this show should be at the top of the list. Based on Lemony Snicket’s books of the same name, the series follows the adventures of the Baudelaire kids as they keep trying to escape their murderous uncle, Count Olaf. Despite the comedy, there is a lot of tension and sadness at the core of the show, and that keeps you hooked throughout its seasons, not to mention that the cinematography is excellent and is like a breath of fresh air if you want something not so gray-toned as 6ixtynin9 or Nanno was.


In some ways, this can be considered the natural successor to 6ixtynin9 on your watchlist. While the setting and the plot are grim, the black humor takes precedence in a more verbal way than as a comedy of errors the way it did in 6ixtynin9 The supernatural aspect is a lot heavier in Wednesday, but the development of the protagonist is also way more refined. We never saw or understood Toom for the person she was, but we certainly understand what makes Wednesday tick, be it her love for serial killers or her fascination with dark energies, all the while staying committed to protecting the people she loves and cares about by any means necessary. There is a watchability to this show that has made it the hit that it has become, and we would certainly recommend it to people looking for something more after watching 6ixtynin9.


This show is purely for the love of dark comedy. Headed almost entirely by an Asian American team, Beef does a great job of showing us the various ways in which humans indulge themselves to escape the grief of their existence. This show is definitely not as simple as 6ixtynin9. There are layers to the murders, deaths, and relationships that the characters form with each other. You may laugh throughout the watch time, but by the end of it, you will be left with a much heavier heart than you had when you started. It is almost as if the sadness is to compensate for the light-hearted feeling of the comedy, and could there be a better explanation of what black comedy is than this?

Bojack Horseman

Once again, this show is for lovers of dark comedy. It is not an easy watch at all, and if you are anything like us, we would recommend binge-watching this in one go. That is because if you take a break from it, you will find it hard to come back to it because of the gravity of the subject matter. 6ixtynin9 tried to talk about social issues by playing them on a radio in the background, but Bojack Horseman tackles them head-on from the perspective of different characters. It does not hesitate to dish out the harshest truths in the most insightful language, and in many ways, it can end up altering your perspective on what it means to try and lead a happy life. If nothing else, we would highly recommend that you just watch the episode called “Free Churro” and understand why Bojack Horseman is one of the best shows to ever be produced.

The White Lotus

This recommendation should have been much higher on the list. The absolute madness of this show is TV gold. Season 1 was quite perfect, but season 2 of The White Lotus is what has given it the following it currently enjoys. With season 3 in the works and reportedly set in Thailand, there is no way you can’t catch up on the chaos of the first two seasons. The very careful social commentary that unmasks the classicism of the privileged and the underprivileged around us is what makes this show so good because it doesn’t hesitate to laugh at how absurd money can be. It is not really a show to be missed.


Everyone who was left highly dissatisfied that Toom did not get a proper personality outside of the events around her should check out Fleabag. We are not saying that Fleabag went on a murder spree or was capable of going on one, but the story is about the hilarity that accompanies a person when they are desperately trying to be happy. Fleabag is depressed, but she is trying to be better, and there are successes and failures along the way, which is what makes the show. Everyone loves the second season more because of the introduction of the hot priest, but we prefer the first season because that is a far more raw look at reality. Regardless, this is a must-watch.

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Divya Malladi
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