Shows Like ‘Ragnarok’ To Stream After Season 3’s Disappointing Ending


It can really be surprising why we end up liking or hating some shows or movies. It could be because of the content or the way the matter was dealt with. It could be because of one’s opinions about the actors, or maybe it is just not what one is looking for. We always want to see more of what we like, and if it hasn’t met our expectations, then we look for something that will. Therefore, whatever you may feel about Ragnarok, here are some shows that would help you through it.

1. The Vampire Diaries

This cult classic may seem like a highly unusual choice to place first in this list of recommendations, but we love this teenage cringe fest because of its meticulous world-building. The attention to detail, be it those of circumstances or the characters’ emotions, made it an elite show that is still relevant and entertaining after all this time. We have the good and the bad brothers, the all-powerful family (Jutuls vs. the Mikaelsons), and a boring protagonist (Magne vs. Elena) all in one place. There’s plenty of action and some truly dangerous circumstances that test the characters. In fact, we see proper transformation arcs in many of them, be it Caroline, Tyler, or even Elena, for that matter. It might be funny to say this, but vampires from a decade ago had better stories to tell than the Norse gods of today. And if you are giving The Vampire Diaries another chance, it is not a bad idea to dive into the Twilight franchise.

2. Lucifer

This may be a more apt recommendation, and this is how an adaptation should work. Lucifer may have a soapy quality to it, but it understands the way to write imperfect characters and their personal struggles. Also, this is how the relationship between a therapist and a supernatural being should unfold. One can also never underestimate the power of an interesting protagonist and how they can have us coming back for more, despite the obvious lags in the story. It also helps to do away with the Madonna-mistress complex (Signy and Saxa) and focus on women as more complex beings than those who use men to gain material benefits in life. This one aspect can single-handedly raise the quality of any show. Lucifer is an entertaining watch-through and through, and Tom Ellis adds something extra to the character that makes it truly iconic. This is a must-watch.

3. Supernatural

This mammoth show covering so many seasons has its heart in the right place. It definitely gets tiresome at a point, but there is something about Sam and Dean that makes you forgive the fact that they overstayed their welcome. One of the reasons we love Supernatural is because of its immaculate world-building. Even though it gets wonky in the later seasons because of how stretched out it all is, the effort and the dedication show, which is more than what we can say for Ragnarok. The banter between the brothers just keeps getting better with each season, and Dean Winchester will always be our favorite. If you are not in the mood to commit to so many seasons, we would recommend that you stick with the first five of them, which cover the original plot of Supernatural.

4. The Sandman

While the show is stunning, the comic has a special place in our hearts. Tom Sturridge really did something there with his cold yet passionate portrayal of Morpheus. He is what we mean when we talk about protagonists being charming. Morpheus talks very little during the entire show, but his presence is commanding, and the micro-expressions actually have the audience invested in his emotions. The entire show is visually stunning, and the way things are changed and adapted to modern sensibilities is exemplary.

5. The Witcher

Netflix loves recreating its formulas with big names, and The Witcher is exactly that. But we are here because we want to watch stuff like Ragnarok and not something different, so this is a good recommendation for that. If for nothing else, this show is still worth watching to see Geralt of Rivia, aka Henry Cavill, looking all rugged and slashing his sword around the “rough terrain,” finding his purpose in some elusive sense of justice. We are very selective about the men we like to see brooding over nothing, and Henry Cavill is right up there on the list, along with Liam Hemsworth, who is going to take over his role in season 4 of the show.

6. Vikings

We have put this recommendation here for geographical purposes. Like Ragnarok, this is also set in the Nordic regions, though in old times. While it doesn’t have any supernatural elements, it still follows a major power struggle, much like Ragnarok was supposed to but didn’t. The politics, the fights, and the petty and serious emotions all come together in this multi-season show. In fact, we sincerely believe that unless a show takes its world-building seriously, it shouldn’t be allowed more seasons.

7. Shadow and Bone

While the series is good enough, we would recommend you give the books a chance first. As for the series, we must say that Ben Barnes’ voice is the main character more than any of the others. He and Alina Starkov should have had a real chance, no matter what anyone says. But all the charm comes from Nikolai Lantsov, played by Patrick Gibson. Watching Shadow and Bone means tolerating another boring protagonist, but that is compensated for by amazing supporting characters who bring a lot of attitude and spark to the storyline. This is worth checking out.

8. Blood of Zeus

This show is a fight between the gods in their natural habitat if that is something you would like to see after watching the gods and giants “hide their true selves” for the sake of the humans. It would also be a nice change to watch the Greek gods fight amongst themselves after watching the Norse gods do the same. This is a rather short series, and it works if you don’t want to commit to anything long-running after watching three seasons of Ragnarok.

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Divya Malladi
Divya Malladi
Divya spends way more time on Netflix and regrets most of what she watches. Hence she has too many opinions that she tries to put to productive spin through her writings. Her New Year resolution is to know that her opinions are validated.

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