Shows & Films Like ‘Surviving Summer’ That Should Be On Your Watchlist


Adventure, sports, and friendship set against beautiful beaches were what made us love Surviving Summer so much. Season 3 of the show hasn’t been announced yet, and we doubt there will be one, but that doesn’t stop us from wanting more of Summer’s journey with her friends and the sea. Therefore, we have compiled a list of shows and movies that we can watch to fill the void until we have more news about the future of Surviving Summer

1. Outer Banks

Another show set on the beaches with plenty of adventure to go around, Outer Banks makes for a great watch. It may get slightly tiring towards the end, but that is negligible when compared to the rest of the show. We see some wonderful character development in the people, and though it gets a little too soapy with a few of them, overall, the friendship of the group is what makes the story stand out. The love story at the center of the show has you invested in it, and the treasure hunt, though not as Dan Brown-esque as we would have liked it to be, is still quite thrilling and packed with action. This is a great show for this genre.

2. The Summer I Turned Pretty

We are not just citing this show because of its similarity in name to Surviving Summer. We are citing this because of the feelings and the adventure and the way these two mixed up in the protagonists’ lives. You still get your pretty beaches and people having fun, but this show is all about the love between three people and the way they let their relationships unfold over time. Despite the difference in pace between both shows, it is quite gripping in its own way, and by the end of it, you would be left with some serious love or hate for the characters and very strong opinions on who should be with whom. It also helps that this is one of the most-watched shows of the year, and to give a slight spoiler, the good guy wins in the end.

3. Spy x Family

At first glance, this anime might feel out of place on this list of recommendations. But remember that we are talking about friendship and adventure, and this anime fits right in when it comes to that, not to mention the unintentional teamwork of the characters, which is a sight for sore eyes that have craved good storytelling for a while now. Whether you have watched Spy x Family or not, we have all heard of Anya, and her pink hair with accessories shaped like horns are pretty much iconic. When the show was airing, it was all anyone could talk about, and that was for good reason. While it is definitely a lighthearted show with none of the tensions of Surviving Summer, it would be wrong to say that it wasn’t thrilling. And the visuals and the comedy make up for the rest, so this anime is not to be missed.

4. True Spirit

This movie, based on the real-life Jessica Watson, is purely about adventure and the absolute highs and lows that come with it. A 16-year-old girl sets out to travel the seas all by herself, and while she has her detractors, they all eventually end up rooting for her. Even when they want her to stop, it is out of concern and not derision, and this story is a testament to how much one’s grit and determination can change the world. Fair warning: this movie has its dull moments, but it is worth sticking through till the end because adventure doesn’t feel like adventure all the time. It has its difficult, monotonous, and demotivating moments, and all of them must be taken together for that one grand trip.

5. Against the Ropes

This is a series where some of the action comes back. There is some family drama, a matter of secret identity, lots of wrestling, and friends supporting each other through all their tough times. When you start watching this series, you don’t expect to get emotional. In fact, the villains and heroes are very clearly defined at the beginning. But as the show progresses, you realize that it is slightly more complicated than that. Of course, the position of the characters doesn’t change, but you find yourself sympathizing with them, which was the case in Surviving Summer seasons 1 and 2, even though it was only for a few seconds.

6. Dream

Here is a movie that once again places the sport at the center of things. Unlike Surviving Summer, none of the characters in Dream are good at their game, and neither do they love it. But the sportsmanship that made Surviving Summer so unique is pointedly present in the film, and that makes it quite the watch. You will also enjoy IU and Park Seo Joon’s camaraderie and easy storytelling. There is something about Park Seo Joon playing a ‘simple’ person in complicated situations that just makes us laugh immediately. All of the characters learn how to stand together for a common purpose, and their adventure lies in how they overcome their limitations to get what they want. It is one of the most popular movies on the platform and should definitely be watched.

7. The Uncanny Counter

A group of misfits who run a noodle shop by day and fight evil spirits by night, evening, or any time they spot one makes for a great show. The Uncanny Counter seasons 1 and 2 are high on laughs, and the characters are so endearing that they stay with you a long time after they leave the screen. The adventure, especially that of season 1, is rather on point, and you can expect to be running high on emotions if you binge-watch this show. Surviving Summer still had a subtle hand with the sentiments, but this Korean show goes all out with them. Luckily, it all looks too good, with the action, visual effects, and scenes from the afterlife, so you will like it. To point out a personal preference, we love the villain from Season 2 far more than the one from Season 1.

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Divya Malladi
Divya Malladi
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