‘Squared Love Everlasting’ Ending, Explained: Do Enzo And Monika Get Married?


Truth be told, we were not expecting a third movie in the Squared Love franchise, and in all honesty, we don’t see the purpose of it. Enzo and Monika are far from a couple in love or even people who have the right priorities or a method of communication. What looks like a generic happy ending for them is the beginning of a tragedy, for sure, because we don’t think these two will last at all. Here is a recap and ending of Squared Love Everlasting for you to make up your mind.

Spoiler Alert

Monika and Enzo’s careers

Their career complications were what brought these two together in the first movie (from what we have heard), yet now that they are in love, they have just been relegated to a blip in the background. Enzo has found success talking about the safety of automobiles on his livestreams, and since he has a sizable subscriber base, a company wants to sign him on. But Enzo has still not come onboard with it, and when he finds a boost in his numbers due to Antek’s cute presence, the company is all the more eager due to the potential brand sponsorships that Enzo will bring in. Monika had been a little concerned about using a child’s presence on live streams this way, but seeing Ewa and Enzo’s acceptance of it, she held back her opinions.

At the end of the film, we don’t know whether Antek will continue to be a part of Enzo’s live streams, but Enzo refuses to join the company because he wants to keep his creative freedom, aka, continue to talk about mufflers and whatnot. Even Monika is going through troubles of her own. She has been promoted to Principal of the school, and she has some targets for the modernization of the institution. But when the old principal tries to get her to fire two of the older teachers, she is in a dilemma. Those teachers have been her friends for a long time, and to be honest, they admit that they are close to retirement, so they offer to step back by themselves so that they don’t add to Monika’s troubles. Monika had been planning to send them on a course to update themselves with the times, but their offer to resign is also not entirely unreasonable. There is an element of loyalty here, and Squared Love Everlasting seems to be about immediate feel-goodness, which is why Monika decides to resign from her post as Principal to become a teacher again. Monika and Enzo may not have any chemistry, but they are compatible in the way they make such terrible career decisions.

Ola and Bazyli

These two were the best part of this movie’s prequel Squared Love All Over Again and it is a shame that their chemistry and relationship were once again denied the appropriate screen time in Squared Love Everlasting. The problem in their relationship in this movie is that Ola has an irritating son. He has decided that Ola is a grandmother, and her ultimate dream is to care for her grandchildren. Additionally, he believes that Bazyli is dating her for her money. When Bazyli hears this, he starts to distance himself from Ola, saying he doesn’t want to interfere with her family decisions. When Ola finally figures out what is happening, she sits down with Bazyli and her son and makes it clear that she wants to continue staying in Warsaw and will visit her son and his family when her time permits. It’s a neat ending, but we wanted to see this couple together, not apart. They look good and this was an unnecessary conflict to show to the audience.

Who is Ewa?

When a false positive on a pregnancy test enters Monika and Enzo’s lives, they realize new priorities for themselves. Monika needs time to embrace motherhood, and Enzo wants to get on that train as fast as possible. This is where some interference happens in their lives from two priests who feel a little queer-coded to us. They tell Enzo that he must resolve some issues with a woman named Ewa from his past, and this command sends him and Ania down a long list of Enzo’s exes, one of whom finally turns out to be the Ewa he might have been looking for, except that she has a son named Antek who she says belongs to Enzo.

As shocked as Enzo is, he immediately develops a bond with Antek, and the mother and son come to live with them in their house. Ewa starts to hijack Monika and Enzo’s lives right away, and it is only Monika who finds that irritating, whereas Enzo has no problem with it. He doesn’t even seek to reprimand Ewa when she irresponsibly leaves Antek with them both before disappearing for a couple of days. Antek tells them both that Ewa has a habit of it, but only Monika is concerned about this behavior. As annoyed as she is, the truth of the matter finally spills out when Bazyli’s assistant hires a private detective to look into the matter.

Do Enzo And Monika Get Married?

Ewa is in a lot of debt, and she has been on the run from creditors for a long time. This is why she doesn’t have a bank account or an address; she doesn’t want to leave a trace of herself for anyone to find. She had even lied to Enzo about Antek being his son, when the truth was that she did not know at all. 

During Squared Love Everlasting’s ending, Ewa gets a paternity test, but Monika and Enzo decide not to look at it because “Antek is their son regardless”. It is by far the stupidest thing we have heard because everyone seems to be deliberately ignoring that Ewa tried to break up Monika and Enzo to insert herself in the former’s place. What does her apology even mean, and why did Enzo blame Monika for it? He wanted Antek to be his so desperately that he did not like Ewa’s truth being exposed. What kind of an insensitive moral compass is that? And finally, why would it have been wrong if Monika decided to get a paternity test? This is something that Enzo should have insisted on the moment he knew that Antek was probably not his. Supposing he still wanted to be a father figure in his life, why did he not take into consideration Monika’s feelings at all? To think that Monika still wanted to marry him after all this!

Both of them instruct their family members to call off their wedding, but they don’t, and they drive them to the church, where they both admit to their differing priorities with parenthood. Isn’t this a discussion they should have had much before? This is the problem with whirlwind romances. Yet, at the end, they still walk into the church, ready to get married. We are assuming that they decided to look after Antek as and when they could until Monika decided when in the future she was ready to have children. Then they could have two children in their lives while Ewa continued to live off them until then.

Final Thoughts

The second part of Squared Love franchise was released around Valentine’s Day this year, which means that a fourth film must have already been in the works. Additionally, we know this movie had the word “everlasting” in it, so it must be the final installment, but the loose threads they have left make it look like an unfortunate fourth film may also be released, which would have the couple contemplating divorce the way they contemplate their breakup in every movie. It’s neither an exciting couple nor an exciting movie, and we would prefer if this was the end of it.

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