‘The Clearing’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending, Explained: Was Carrie Kidnapped By The Kindred?


After watching an entire episode (The Clearing Episode 5) dedicated to Maitreya’s past, the focus is back on the present scenario. In episode 4, Freya traveled to Blackmarsh and found out that Carrie (the girl who had been recently kidnapped) was kept at the Kindred’s house. Freya was confident that Anton played an important role in the kidnapping, and in The Clearing episode 6, she walked up to him and directly questioned him about his involvement. Anton denied Freya’s allegations, and Adrienne intervened to protect him. Anton was clearly hiding a secret, but is it possible that Adrienne is unaware of the kidnapping? Maybe Anton and Bryce kept her out of the loop, knowing that she would be disappointed in them. Freya did not get answers from Anton, but she could sense that something really wrong was going on.

Spoilers Alert

Who Had Sent The Flute For Billy?

One morning, after returning home from swimming, Freya was horrified to hear Billy play the flute. The sound brought back memories from her Kindred days. She was surprised to learn that Billy found the flute on the table after they returned. Freya’s worst nightmare had come true; someone had entered their home while they were away. She called Joe for help, and even though he checked every entry point, Freya felt restless. She guessed Anton was trying to make an impression on Billy, and the flute was part of the process. Anton seemed to be clueless about the flute, and to Freya’s surprise, he revealed that he was now a father to a little boy. Anton introduced Freya to his son, Tyler, and his partner, Ebonie. The song that they were singing haunted Freya; perhaps it was another reminder of her traumatic childhood. Anton stated that, as a father, he would never think about hurting a little kid. It was Tamsin who had involved him in Sara’s kidnapping, but as a grown man now, he wanted Freya to believe that he was not capable of harming someone. He knew that Freya was searching for answers, and he diverted her attention toward Henrik. He indirectly suggested that Henrik was the one who had gifted Billy the flute.

Upon arriving at the guest house Henrik was staying in, Freya learned that he had left with his belongings a while back. But shockingly, there were wood shavings on the table, indicating that he had made the flute while staying there. In The Clearing episode 5, it was indicated that Henrik and Hannah were Freya’s biological parents. Perhaps Henrik wanted to connect with his grandson and decided to leave him a gift. Or, it is also possible that Anton left clues to make Freya doubt Henrik.

Henrik was released from prison after twenty-two years, but sadly, no one came to receive him. While he was walking to his temporary stay, Joe offered him a lift. He hoped that Henrik would give away details about Sara McFetridge’s kidnapping, but he stayed tight-lipped about it. Joe followed Henrik every day and realized that the man had nowhere to go and no one to meet. He visited the cemetery where Hannah was buried, but there was barely any movement apart from that. Henrik does not seem to have any connection with the Kindred. Maybe he accepted a large amount of money to maintain silence. But after all the injustice he had to live through, will he forgive Adrienne? Henrik has answers to most of Joe and Freya’s questions, but will he ever dare to reveal the truth to them?

How Did The Police Arrest Adrienne?

After spending six years living at a French chateau, Adrienne was arrested by Interpol. Joe was asked to build a strong case to convince Interpol to extradite Adrienne, and it took six years for Joe to finally feel a sense of success. Joe and his colleagues anxiously waited for confirmation from a policeman masquerading as a postman. The moment Adrienne stepped out to receive her parcel, she was handcuffed. The entire police station celebrated their success, but Colin was afraid of them finding out his truth. Adrienne was brought to Melbourne, and she finally had to face trial for child abuse and welfare fraud. Freya was pregnant with Max when Adrienne was arrested. She agreed to be a witness for the state, but she soon realized that there was no way to get away from Adrienne and her influence.

Bryce Latham blackmailed Colin to work for them, but instead of succumbing to the threats, Colin decided to speak for himself. He came clean about his sexuality to Inspector Wilkes. It seems Colin was not involved in helping Adrienne, but Maitreya had many devoted followers willing to help her out. The Kindred influenced the jury selection, and Adrienne’s driver, Rowan Tavister, was on the jury. After the declaration of a mistrial due to a rigged jury, Adrienne was granted bail in exchange for a hefty fine and her passport. In the meantime, a new trial date was being negotiated between the DPP (Director of Public Prosecutions) and Adrienne’s lawyer. Even though Joe tried to convince Freya that the fight was not over, she knew that it was impossible to get rid of Adrienne. They proved their influence once again, and Freya was afraid that her life would be destroyed.

Was Carrie Kidnapped By The Kindred? 

Freya was desperately looking for answers and thus she decided to meet Carrie and question her about Anton. She drove up to the hospital, where Carrie was admitted, and entered her room. Carrie reminded her of Asha (Sara), and after finding the toys and food in the basement of the Blackmarsh home, she was afraid that the little girl went through the same torture Sara once did. She woke Carrie from her sleep and showed her pictures of Anton. While Carrie did not confirm Anton’s involvement, to Freya’s horror, Carrie said, “The light shines on you.” The phrase repeated by Carrie confirmed that her kidnapping had something to do with the Kindred.

Carrie’s kidnapping, Anton’s new family, and Henrik’s parole suggested that something sinister was going on under the surface, and Freya decided to find the truth. At the end of episode 6 of The Clearing, Freya drove to Blackmarsh once again. She was shocked to find out that the Kindred had reunited. There were new and old members; Adrienne was dressed in her shiny robes; and Anton was attending the meeting with his family. All this time, Freya was kept away from the truth, perhaps because they knew that she would never approve of it. As Freya tried to make a run, Bryce noticed her and called out her name.

What To Expect From ‘The Clearing’ Episode 7?

The Kindred will surely try to get hold of Freya. Hopefully, she will be able to contact Joe before the Kindred start controlling every aspect of her life. It will be all the more shocking for Freya when she discovers that her daughter is being groomed by Anton and Adrienne. The one thing that Max fears the most is a broken family, and that is exactly what Adrienne uses to her advantage. She wants to convince Max that her family was destroyed by external forces and that she was not the villain the world accused her of being. Max might join the Kindred under the influence of Anton and Adrienne. She is young and belongs to the family, and that is possibly why Adrienne targeted her.

We noticed something interesting in The Clearing episode 6: Tamsin. Tamsin was clearly not happy when Adrienne returned home on bail. We can assume that she eventually realized that Adrienne simply took advantage of her husband and her. She encouraged Tamsin to study nursing not to liberate her but to use her degree and position to her advantage. Everything that she did was for her own benefit, and Bryce and Tamsin were simply her mediums. It seems Tamsin kept a close watch on the Kindred, and we can expect her to return and change the course of the series.

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