‘The Gentlemen’ Season 2 Theories: What To Expect From Eddie & Susie’s Partnership?


The Gentlemen was largely centered around Eddie Horniman’s efforts to sever the Halstead estate’s ties with the Glasses’ weed empire while ensuring that his family, which included the gamekeeper, attained a self-sustainable lifestyle. However, since the Glasses’ business was deeply embedded in the Halstead estate (quite literally), Eddie had to get his hands really, really dirty to uproot them. There were a lot of ups and downs, a lot of backstabbing, and a lot of miscommunication, which almost led to the deaths of Eddie, Susie, and Freddy. But when Bobby Glass announced that he was going to give away his empire to the highest bidder, Eddie and Susie teamed up and wiped off every potential buyer and tried to take over the reins. That was when Bobby revealed that he wasn’t going anywhere and that he was just checking out if he could trust his own daughter and the Duke of Halstead to be at the helm. Even though Eddie and Susie were ready to ease into a laidback lifestyle, this whole endeavor made them realize that they were meant to prowl in the proverbial jungle and expand their empire. Now, at the time of writing this article, Netflix hasn’t greenlit The Gentlemen Season 2, even though there’s a lot to explore in Guy Ritchie’s wacky world of weed and wars. All we can do is speculate based on what we’ve seen in Season 1. So, let’s get on with it.

Spoiler Alert

Will Mercy’s associates make an appearance?

Mercy came into the picture in The Gentlemen because of Toni Blair (not that one). Blair wanted to steal a Lamborghini Huracan that was filled with drugs. Since his guy failed and Eddie and Susie owed him weed, he got Eddie to steal the Lamborghini. But during the heist, Freddy got captured. So, in order to free Freddy, Eddie and Susie returned the Lambo and gave Toni Blair to Mercy. It seemed like the end of Eddie’s ties with Mercy. However, when Bobby Glass said that he was going to sell his empire, Eddie asked Mercy to bid for it and then got her killed via Henry Collins. That also seemed like the end of Eddie’s ties with Mercy, and it might as well be. That said, Mercy wasn’t going to buy the Glass Empire; her associates from Bogota were going to do that. Apparently, they were on their way to the United Kingdom when the deal was canceled. If these “associates” of Mercy’s have any idea of what they were buying, I don’t think they will catch a flight back to South America without complaining about how their time has been wasted by Eddie. And if they learn about Mercy’s death, there’s a good chance they are going to turn Eddie’s little town upside down and make him pay by giving them what they were promised: the Glass Weed Empire. 

What Will Happen to Freddy’s Business Venture?

Freddy was a liability throughout the course of The Gentlemen Season 1. Is he going to change in Season 2? I very much doubt it, especially because he and Jimmy have crafted a special kind of cocaine-infused weed, which he thought was going to change the game. Yes, Freddy said that he was going to improve and accept his place in the business, which essentially meant that he would take a backseat and let Eddie take care of things. He apologized for even thinking about eliminating Eddie. But I have a feeling that Freddy’s ego issues, alcoholism, and drug addiction aren’t going to just vanish in Season 2. Pretty much everyone knows that he is the weak link in Eddie’s personal and professional lives. So, I think we can trust someone to say something to him that’ll force him to act out in the stupidest way imaginable. To be specific, I think he’s going to pitch his cocaine-infused weed business idea to someone, and they’re going to use it to hurt Eddie or take over his business. Freddy is a tragic character, and that’s why I feel that he’ll never get better. If he didn’t learn anything after his first foray into the world of crime (which was proven by the fact that he stole a bag of cocaine and made a special variety of weed out of it), he’s not going to act responsibly in the future. Who knows? Maybe we’ll see Eddie permanently sever his ties to Freddy somewhere down the line.

Will Gospel John forgive Freddy and Eddie?

Gospel John’s main issue with the Hornimans was that the brothers were involved in the murder of his brother, Tommy Dixon. So, he wanted revenge. Susie gave him that opportunity. But since Bobby Glass had taken a liking to Eddie, he wanted him to stay alive. Bobby called up Gospel John and averted a horrible shootout. It does seem like Gospel John has gone back to his old ways and is going to leave Eddie and Freddy alone because they are under Bobby Glass’ umbrella. He is the sentimental kind. So, there’s a possibility that he has given Freddy and Eddie (especially Freddy) a pass because of Bobby. However, if Freddy so much as dips his toe into the world of cocaine with his cocaine-infused weed, and if Gospel John sees that as Freddy’s way of hurting his well-oiled business, he will probably go Biblical on his rear end. And if Bobby notices that Freddy’s connection to Gospel John is becoming a recurring issue, maybe he is the one who is going to tell Eddie to sacrifice Freddy to Gospel John and call it even. The balance of the jungle will rest on what Eddie decides to do in that case. I won’t be surprised if Eddie ends up massacring Gospel John and his little cult so that he doesn’t bother Freddy again.

Will Stan Johnston and Bobby Glass Forge Friendships?

Bobby Glass was in his open prison, and Stan Johnston was in his palatial men’s club. Both of them were keeping tabs on each other. And while Glass wasn’t all that interested in Johnston or his business, Johnston went after Glass’ business and Eddie’s estate. When the (fake) opportunity to buy Glass’ empire arrived, Johnston jumped on it and got caught in Eddie’s net, and he was expeditiously shipped away to Bobby’s prison. Going by the brief conversation between Bobby and Johnston, it did seem like Johnston’s story was done. It doesn’t look like he has any chance of recovering from the damage that Eddie has caused. However, we have seen in The Gentlemen Season 1 that Johnston has a way with words. So, if he manages to somehow persuade Bobby to let him do business again, it’s possible that that’ll allow him to spread his tentacles again. I’m sure he’ll initially try to “help” the Glasses and Eddie by sharing his connections and expertise with them. Eventually, when they start trusting him too much, he’ll strike and try to get his revenge by taking over the Glass Weed Empire. Once he does that, it’ll be the end of him because neither Bobby, Eddie, nor Susie are idiots. They’ll see it coming. Even if they don’t, I’m sure they’ll find some way to get back at Stan and finish him once and for all.

What Can We Expect From Eddie and Susie’s Partnership?

Eddie and Susie’s relationship was the most interesting aspect of The Gentlemen Season 1. It was clear that they were somewhat romantically interested in each other, as seen during the party with the Gypsies. But they never crossed that line. And since they have a bigger responsibility on their shoulders now, I think they’ll try even harder to not go there at all and strictly focus on their business. In addition to that, it does seem like Eddie and Susie have ironed out all their kinks in this season, and it’ll be smooth sailing in the yet-to-be-announced Season 2. However, I won’t put all my eggs in that particular basket because we don’t know what lies on the horizon for them and their business venture. It’s totally possible that something or someone will come their way and make them doubt each other again. Now, it remains to be seen if the foundation they’ve established is strong enough to withstand that attack or not. As for the romantic angle, I’m totally fine if Guy Ritchie and his team keep their relationship in the “will they won’t they” zone all the way to Season 15. So many romantic relationships jump the gun and go straight to bed that it has become boring. Edge the audience a little bit. Give them that feeling of catharsis when the tension between Eddie and Susie is unbearable. That’ll be satisfying.

Will there be a crossover between the film and the show?

There aren’t any explicit connections between The Gentlemen (the film) and The Gentlemen (the show). You can say that Guy Ritchie echoes scenes from the film in the series to show that the gangsters we’ve seen in the film are similar to the gangsters we are seeing in the series. Here are some of the things that I noticed. Mickey Pearson had 12 weed farms. So did Bobby Glass. Mickey had a fishing business. Tommy Dixon had a fishing business, too. Mickey became wealthy by buying the estates of the royals, who were in debt. Bobby Glass was kind of doing the same thing until Eddie pushed back against that practice. Dixon and Coach both loved wearing printed jumpsuits. Pearson was described as someone who was really good at tackling people who hailed from the upper class as well as the working class. Susie said something similar about Eddie because he was great at dealing with thugs and royals. The characters from the film and series referred to their world as the jungle. Pearson used freezing as an intimidation technique on Matthew, and Dixon did the same with Freddy. Mickey’s underground weed farms looked exactly like the ones the Glasses owned. Eddie and Susie poisoned De Groot, just like Mickey poisoned Lord George. And the list goes on. 

So, yes, there is definitely a connective tissue between the film and the series. But, you know, since the cast of the film and the cast of the show are different kinds of beasts and contracts are a pain in the butt, expecting a crossover so soon is a little foolish. Maybe if the show gets big (and I mean really big), we’ll get to see Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam, Michell Dockery, Colin Farrell, and Hugh Grant alongside Theo James, Kaya Scodelario, Daniel Ings, Joely Richardson, Giancarlo Esposito, Ray Winstone, and Vinnie Jones. By the way, I do hope that in a potential second season of The Gentlemen, Guy Ritchie brings over the film-history-heavy, meta style of storytelling that he used in the movie and applies it to the series. It was such a great way of meditating on Ritchie’s knowledge of filmmaking, and I want to see him deconstruct his work even more. With all that said, what you’ve read is made of speculation and blind hope. If Netflix doesn’t greenlight a second season of the show, all this will be for nothing. Therefore, go and watch the show so that we can witness more shenanigans from Guy Ritchie’s wacky world of weed and wars.

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